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Naman Sharma IAS Academy was formed by Naman Sharma, who has dedicated over 8 years of his life to training IAS students and has centered his life on their success.

It is a result-oriented institute that is committed to the success of its students. They believe in creating a personalized route for each student entering the dynamic world of UPSC, which is why they are one of the finest IAS coaching institutes in Chandigarh.

We at Naman Sharma IAS Academy strive to give the finest services and study materials to our students by holding interactive inquiry sessions, follow-ups, and deliberately constructed modules that are appropriate for a UPSC candidate. They constantly alter their study material and techniques in response to upcoming events in order to give nothing but the finest.

At their institute, they use a participative approach to teaching, adhering to a specific methodology in order to achieve good outcomes. They mentor their students from day one until they reach the final interview phase, and they work hard to help them get started.

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  • Doubt clearance rate 100%

They specialize in the 'ask us a billion times' tactic. They understand the breadth of the UPSC study module and how easily one might become lost in the sea of information supplied. They want to address every minor or large doubt with the same method and undivided attention until it is thoroughly resolved.

  • The comprehensive and revised study material

They want to give our pupils all of the knowledge covered by the UPSC curriculum. They routinely update their study material to reflect impending events and shifting dynamics in order to meet UPSC criteria.

  • Rational Batch Strength

They do not overcrowd the class, unlike other institutes. They rigorously limit the size of their batches to ensure that each person receives our complete attention and that they may guide the pupils at their own speed.

  • Guaranteed Results

Mr. Naman has been instrumental in the success of many government servants, and we take great delight in the fact that he has delivered a large number of new civil workers throughout the world since 2012.

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