Top 15 CLAT Coaching Centres in Chandigarh

CLAT is the abbreviation for the Common Law Admission Test held annually during the middle of the year by law universities and schools.

This admission test holds both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes’ common entrance test for India.

Aspiring candidates, who had to sit for individual initially, institutional examinations now, have to appear for one common test in order to choose from their preferred universities based on their scores.

A rotating committee of universities whose turns are decided by their seniority conducts the LLM and LLB entrance examinations through CLAT.

Apart from the 21 National Law Universities, 45 other affiliated institutions also avail the admission test to screen in potential candidates for admission.

Once a candidate has scored the mandatory marks required in the Senior Secondary Examination and his respective Bachelor’s Degree, he is eligible to sit for the CLAT LLB and LLM respectively.

Formerly, candidates wishing to advance a career in law would have to sit separately for the individual universities offering the law courses in India.

This stripped the students of their valuable time and caused immense convenience for those who wished to appear in other major all-India examinations.

Often the law dates would clash with those of Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination and All India Pre Medical Test.

Therefore, career choices dwindled, and several students were prone to take year gaps just for the sake of appearing in the entrances.

Best CLAT Coaching Centres in Chandigarh

Chandigarh’s CLAT coaching centres are one of the top-notch private coaching institutes that season their students for the upcoming law admission tests.

Apart from CLAT training, most of the institutions prepare you for SLAT, AILET, LSAT India and MAH Law CET. Here are the topmost 15 coaching centres that are most reputed for their success rate.

IMS Chandigarh

IMS India has spread its coaching centres throughout the country. With its branches spread across Delhi, Kolkata, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad and many more, IMS focuses on installing a competitive edge on their students.

The CLAT Brisk course conducted by the IMS is designed for students to participate in maximum-engaging test preparation. The course prepares students for CLAT, AILET, LSAT, SET and more.

Their cutting-edge technology inserts video teaching, interactive classroom sessions and after-class counselling.

With more than 150 concept videos in 120 hours of classroom coaching, IMS concentrates on doubt-clearing sessions, segregated section-wise mock tests, feedback sessions, interactive parent-teacher sessions, 1,000+ current affairs solving, strategies for student improvement, past test paper and mock paper solving sessions, 30 CLAT home tests and 15 SimCLAT tests, more than 20 IMS tailored mock paper solving, etc.

IMS Chandigarh is also renowned for its non-academic guidance.

best CLAT Coaching Centres in Chandigarh

 Jurist Law Academy

This law academy is one of the few academies to geographically function in preparing their students for the country’s various law examinations.

Jurist Law Academy is based only on the northern part of India, and unlike most of the civil and public coaching centres, the institute focuses only on AILET, CLAT, CET, OCET, SET and other such law examinations.

Fully functioning since 2005, Jurist Law Academy possesses faculty members who are experts in CLAT academic training and guide their students in securing the topmost seats in the reputed NLUs of the country.

The Jurist Law Academy provides three different courses depending on the academic positions of their students:

1. One-year

The one-year programme is designed for students who wish to take a break in their academic career and prepare extensively for the upcoming CLAT.

Immediately after their 12th boards, students enter this programme, which includes a total of 300 tests.

2. Six-month

The six-month programme is generally opted by students who want to invest in additional training while in their final school year or while pursuing a college degree.

Since CLAT itself holds no upper-age limit, the six-month programme can be taken by students of any age who wish to appear for CLAT the next year.

3. Crash Course

For students who have not utilised the time in their final school year mostly opt for this crash course, which lasts for 40 to 45 days.

The crash course offered by Jurist Law Academy is one of the most rigorous ones in all of Chandigarh as its prime goal is to season their students in optimum preparation.

With a goal-centric approach, the crash course is held for 6 hours a day for six days a week prior to a few days of their appearance in CLAT.

Surya Law Academy

Surya Law Academy is another north India functioning private coaching centre that specialises in all the law entrance examinations of the country.

Ranging from AILET and CLAT to SET and SLAT, the Academy provides a diverse collection of courses for candidates from any walk of life.

Its two primary course programmes include the 5-year law entrance exams and the 3-year law entrance exams. The former covers law examinations like CLAT, AILET, PU CET, IPU, Christ University, BLAT, ULSAT, MHCET, BVP-CET and several more.

The 3-year entrance exam course includes preparation for DU LLB, PU LLB, MHCET, BHU LLB, Symbiosis Pune Law Exam and many more.

There are five different types of classroom courses offered by Surya Law Academy in accordance with the needs of its candidates.

Under the 3-year law entrance exams, the 1-year course is designed for students in their final year or their 2nd year of graduation.

The 12-month, 6-month, 3-month and 45-day crash course programmes are for those who are in their final year of graduation or have a Bachelor’s Degree.

Under the 5-year law entrance exams, the 1-year programme is tailored for students yet to appear in their 11th and 12th finals. The 12-month, 6-month, 3-month and 45-day crash courses are for students who are appearing or have appeared in their 12th boards.

Career Launcher Chandigarh

Career Launcher is another franchise-based coaching institute of India with its branches extending to Chandigarh, Bhopal, Delhi, Durgapur, Chennai, Ranchi, Nagpur, Gandhinagar, Lucknow, Udaipur, Bhilai and more.

Their Law School Tutorials are renowned for running 11 successful CLAT coaching sessions since their inception.

Out of the 70 students of Career Launcher who secured positions in the top 100 of CLAT results, 34 were selected in the choicest of Delhi NLUs in 2018.

The classroom coaches offered by Career Launcher includes 2-year course, intensive crash courses, CL-LST-centric courses and more. The programmes are divided into the following categories:

  1. LST plus

For students yet to appear in their 12th boards, LST plus introduces 300+ hours of classroom training, 72 tailored mock tests and all-inclusive study material.

2. LST plus Smart

This is also designed for students yet to appear in their 12th boards. With the 300+ hours of classroom training, the course also adds 151 recorded videos of exclusive strategic learning.

3. IPM LST Plus

This course is IPM-centric and includes 320 hours’ worth of classroom training. The course incorporates over 148 tailored mock tests based on all-India law entrance examinations.

Achiever’s Compitech

Sameer Agarwal’s CLAT coaching institute believes that India is in dire need of good anti-corrupt lawyers.

Located in Chandigarh, Achiever’s Compitech is focused on seasoning its students to become India’s brilliant lawyers by securing the topmost seats in reputed NLUs.

With an ever-changing syllabus pattern and exam technicalities, it is hard for aspiring students to keep track of every update.

Achiever’s Compitech also specialises in courses ranging from economics and business to technologies and management.

This institute encourages early admission to their courses. Students yet to appear in their 11th or 12th standards are the ideal match, as the intensive and extensive classroom hours and comprehensive study materials require at least one year for the students to grasp.

Post-result assistance in helping students choose their respective universities, form-filling assistance and exam strategy counselling are some of the key advantages of getting coached from Achiever’s Compitech.

Akon Academy

Akon Academy recognizes the ambitions of students who strive towards success in the globally competitive job market. They believe that competitive exams are battles fought by brains, which can be accomplished by the resources provided by them.

It is a well-known academy with a long experience of successful students.

They have well educated, highly trained, experienced and highly focused faculty who teach the enthusiastic aspirants with complete commitment and dedication to making the students achieve their goals.

They offer best coaching services for NDA, CDS, SSC, BANK PO, CLAT, LAW, CAT, CMAT, AFCAT, PCS, IAS, UGC NET, CSIR NET, MANAGEMENT, RAILWAYS, JBT, NTT, CTET, HTET, PSTET and GATE competitive exams.

Their statistics show that around thousand of students studying in Akon Academy have cleared the competitive entrance examinations of which a significant number of students have achieved top ranks in the country.

The secret for the students’ achievements lies in their methodology of problem solving and their ability to instil creative skills in the students, which help them think outside the box for unique solutions.

The courses they offer are well-organized, and the notes they provide are simplified and easy to comprehend.

They organize courses as per the updated pattern, which helps promote success by proper support, skills and analytical aptitude. 

The courses are tailored to help the students learn from the basics or root, and further help them build on the concepts. Finally, they offer a wide range of practice tests and sample tests which help the students to practice and revise for their competitive exams.

The academy offers students to either join the classroom course or join distant learning (correspondence course) based on their flexibility.


  • Provide the best learning environment
  • Experienced and highly skilled teaching faculty
  • Best infrastructure facilities
  • Focussed attention is given to each and every student.

Gyan Sagar Institute

Gyan Sagar Institute is one of the popular coaching centres for students aspiring to achieve good scores in competitive examinations such as NDA, CDS, SSC, BANK PO, CA-CPT CTET, HTET, PSTET and Hotel Management.

Their strategy of guiding the students in the right way helps them gain a high success rate. Their excellent coaching services coupled with unique, informative and simple study materials, help students achieve better scores and even top ranks. 

The institute primarily focuses on commitment, good results, creativity and superiority. The customized coaching programs and excellent teaching pattern of erudite faculty members are a huge bonus to the students.

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Gurukul Vidya Institute

One of the most competent, professional, prolific and leading career developers in the country, the Gurukul Vidya Institute is recognized for its exceptionally unique mentorship and quality education services provided with the help of a team of highly skilled professionals who give the best guidance to the students.

They offer to coach for a complete range of competitive exams such as IAS/IPS, Bank PO, UGC-NET, CLAT, NDA, CPT, CDS, etc. Their vision is to provide the best learning program for each student with exemplified guidance and regular feedback on mentoring.

They utilize the leading technological tools which assist the teaching faculty in explaining the concepts in an easier and better way to the students. 

They also provide programs for developing core skills like Math, English, General Knowledge, Logic and Data Interpretation.


  • Classroom learning program with expert faculty and assignments
  • Comprehensive study material along with previous year question papers
  • Doubt sessions at the end of each topic
  • Online assessments after completion of each topic

Mentors Academy

Known for its best guidance and affordabliting in the coaching services they provide, Mentors academy in Chandigarh is one of the professional and leading coaching institutes in India which offer a complete range of coaching for competitive exams such as BANK PO, SSC, UGC-NET, NDA, CDS, CLAT, Etc. 

Mentors Academy strives hard to inculcate holistic and fortifying competitive methodologies assimilated with multifaceted brilliance in the yearning brains. 

Therefore the academy assures to breing out the best possible potential in the aspiring students by combining sophistication in learning methodologies and novelty in strategies to enhance the ability of the brilliant brains to score higher.

The institute strongly believes that a student needs proper and specialized guidance in decision making and interpretation which is thus provided by them and ensures that the students are assisted completely at every stage making their learning smooth and enjoyable without much stress.

 T.I.M.E Coaching Bhopal

T.I.M.E., one of the National leaders in entrance examinations, is well known for the most comprehensive online course material they provide for CLAT competitive exams.

Besides classroom programs, they also have online courses which are highly demanded for various reasons.

For instance, some might be situated very far from the institute and maynot be able to attend the classroom programme, some might have academic commitments during the day preventing them from attending the classes during the day or some might even want to work at their own pace as they find it efficient.

The courses provided at T.I.M.E. are modified and reformed constantly based on the suggestions and previous experience had with thousands of students.

The course material is prepared through an extensive research and analysis covering all basic concepts, strategies and short-cut techniques for students to solve problems and even solved examples.


  • Expertise in conducting online exams –25 years of experience in training with over 20 lakhs students studying from the introduction of the coaching centre.
  • Competitive test series for CLAT exams whose questions are prepared by highly skilled faculty members.
  • Mock tests which take place countrywide are attended by test-takers across the country to build competitiveness among the students.
  • In-depth analysis reports of the mock tests in order to help the students in identifying their areas of strength and weaknesses.
  • Providing post-exam support for students in selecting the right institute and preparing them for mock interviews.
top CLAT Coaching Centres in Chandigarh

Krishna Study Academy

Krishna study academy has been recognized as the only institute in Chandigarh which has produced All India Rank-1 in CLAT competitive entrance examination and has produced maximum selections in NLSIU, Bangalore, NALSAR, Hyderabad and SYMBIOSIS, Pune.

The academy offers world-class training methodology wherein even the trainers are trained regularly to provide the best education to the aspirants.


  • Result oriented training .
  • Current and updated content for training .
  • Access to a state of the art training methods for students which helps them to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as well as their vocabulary, even when they are not in the class.
  • Access to library and online training material.
  • Premier class infrastructure.

Maggo Law Academy

With a number of law academies blooming all over the country, there are very few institutes which provide the best-assured results to students who aspire to become lawyers by clearing the competitive entrance examinations, especially CLAT. 

Getting a good score in CLAT will help the students to get directly placed into the best universities.

 Maggo Law academy functions by acting as the main network of knowledge learning and sharing in order to build confidence in the aspirants to face the examination without any fear. 

They provide experienced teaching faculty and support professionals who help students in providing noes time to time and teaching them easy and quick methods to solve the questions.

Gyanm college of competitions

Gyanm college of competitions in Chandigarh is one of the leading coaching institutes for competitive exams. Ex-bankers run it with 30 years of experience. 

They have around 22 branches offering around 15 courses. They have a student population of 1500, and their efficiency is reflected through a number of awards they have received as a mark of appreciation.

 They provide quality coaching to students preparing for government job exams such as Banking, SSC, CLAT, Insurance and High court. 

The institute offers to coach through the well-designed and detailed course material. They have qualified and experienced teachers.

They make their students answer a number of tests and previous exam papers to boost their confidence. The quality of their coaching is reflected through the success rates of the students.


  • Best Faculty – They offer highly qualified, well experienced, knowledgeable teaching faculty capable of explaining concepts to students in a simple manner.
  • Well-structured Course Package- The provide detailed study material and train the students through classroom learning. Their online, as well as offline tests, enable students to achieve better.
  • Excellent Infrastructure- They provide a neat and tidy environment for learning and provide the best facilities like comfortable seating arrangements, well-equipped laboratories and air-conditioned classrooms.
  • Assured Results – The students learning here have a high success rate owing to their ten years of experience and adaptive coaching style considering the change in questioning patterns and updating their syllabus frequently.


CLAT Guru is one of the most sought after coaching institutes in Chandigarh owing to their intense practice sessions frequent doubt sessions and expertise of the faculty in the field.

As the name suggests, they are the masters in coaching in students for CLAT exams with well trained faculty and qualitative study materials making learning and preparation easier and simple.

Examination pattern

The two-hour-long CLAT examination is composed of 200 multiple-choice questions.

The paper is split into five topic-wise categories, including those of elementary mathematics, legal aptitude, logical reasoning, English language and general knowledge and current affairs.

CLAT has a system of negative marking, which makes each wrongly attempted answer to lose 0.25 marks in the overall. Each correctly attempted answer secures one mark.

The syllabus pattern of the CLAT exams is prone to change almost every year. Hence, it is fundamental to do your basic research before appearing for the examination.


Candidates wishing to pursue a career in law appear in CLAT conducted all over India. It is one of the most prestigious entrance examinations held in specialised streams.

To appear in CLAT, one must be an Indian National or an NRI. The policy of admitting foreign nationals varies within universities.

If foreign national wishes to pursue a career in law from India, he/she must directly contact the respective universities/colleges to learn about the admission schemes.


For the undergraduate law programmes all over India CLAT requires candidates to pass their Senior Secondary Examination or its equivalent with a score aggregated to at least 45% for the general class.

For SC and ST category a relaxation of up to 5% is granted that amounts the aggregate percentage to 40. Since there is no upper age limit, students may appear in the examinations during their later years, too.

However, the age restriction is varied for different universities; hence, candidates must learn about the respective restrictions separately.


For the postgraduate law programmes all over India CLAT requires candidates to score at least 55% in their Bachelor’s Degree in Law or its equivalent.

For SC and ST categories, again a relaxation of up to 5% is added, which amounts the aggregate to 50%. If a candidate has appeared in any supplementary examination during his undergraduate course, then he must make sure that the aggregate along with the supplementary scores amounts to the necessary.

Importance of CLAT coaching centres

CLAT is one of the most reputed as well as one of the toughest all-India entrance examinations held annually. Candidates who have appeared in this test have expressed how CLAT coaching centres help them develop the necessary exam strategies.

The professional guidance and unparalleled mock papers tailored by the coaching centres of Chandigarh stand as an emblem for the standards of CLAT.

Applicants of CLAT soon understand that a mere difference of 0.55% in their scores could doom an entire year of their lives.

Moreover, only a handful of 20 candidates are able to score 425 out of 600 in this test. Only the most seasoned students are chosen for admission in the most reputed NLUs of the country, and the rest embark on a different journey or reapply the next year.

The best way to secure the top seats of NLUs among the 75000 candidates is to undergo a rigorous mental and psychological training that prepares you for the upcoming CLAT.

CLAT coaching centres of Chandigarh are driven to success. They prepare Mock Test Papers resembling the paper pattern of previous-year CLATs, deliver frequent general knowledge and current affairs questions.

however the legal aptitude skills of their students, conduct regular and frequent centre examinations, hold interactive parent-teaching meetings and focus on each CLAT section with equal significance.

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