10 Best IELTS Coaching institute in Chandigarh

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The International English language testing system (IELTS) is known as the best English language proficiency examination needed for higher studies and migrating here and there globally.

best ielts coaching institute in chandigarh

IELTS has popularity all over the globe. Managed by the British Council and IDB, IELTS is a necessity for achieving life goals and career in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc for residing purposes as well as educational purposes. 

Although there are huge centers available for IELTS in different parts of the country, you find difficulty in finding the ideal one. If you reside in Chandigarh and are looking for the best IELTS institutes, your search ends here. 

Each of these institutes has its own set of regulations to follow. It has its weaknesses and strengths along with the advantages and disadvantages. 

However, this makes it even difficult to decide if a certain institute is suitable for you or not. Additionally, it depends on your needs. 

If you are looking forward to studying abroad and clearing all your examinations, all you need to find is the best IELTS institute.

This guide lists the top 10 best IELTS institutes in Chandigarh.

Best IELTS coaching institute in Chandigarh

Best IELTS coaching institute in Chandigarh

Quite a few times, students opt for IELTS or self-learning instead of going to the training institutes. This is because IELTS is much easier in comparison with the variety of other competitive exams including GRE, GMAT, etc. 

Though one can clear IELTS without any specific training, it is never harmful to take professional guidance with mock papers for scoring higher. Various training institutes have different sets of rules to follow. They have their teaching methods among which some are even awarded for providing the best training. 

However, if you are in Chandigarh and looking for the best IELTS institutes, here you are. The list is based on the infrastructure, fees, faculty, and the course that the institute provides. 

Below is a list of the top 10 best IELTS institutes in Chandigarh. Read on to have a look at it. 

Aptech learning

Having more than 33 years of expertise in this field, Aptech Learning is one of the most renowned IELTS institutes not only in Chandigarh but all over the globe. They are official partners of the Middlesex University located in London. They aim to provide complete updates to the students regarding the uniform curriculum that is particularly structured in order to keep the needs and requirements of the students in mind. 

Course duration:

Aptech Learning has several distinct course modules allotted for several durations. They have a course of 4weeks and 6weeks made in accordance with the level of proficiency of the student. 

Fees structure:

  • Rs 7500 for a course of 4weeks
  • Rs 6500 for a course of 6weeks
  • Rs 9500 for an extended course of more than 6 weeks.

Features of Aptech Learning:

  • Small batches
  • Free of cost study materials for registered students
  • Designed courses for Middlesex University London
  • Doubt clearing sessions held daily
  • Early morning and late evening classes assigned for working professionals
  • Instructors certified by BC/IDP
  • Regular sessions and seminars held by the IELTS experts


  • Phone: 1800-202-1444
  • Open: Monday to Saturday 9.00 am to 6.30 pm
  • Other centers located in Mohali, Zirakpur

G-Sol institute

G-Sol stands for Gratis school of learning institute. It is one of the novels and brilliant IELTS coaching institutes in Chandigarh. It has gained a huge name and fame in quite a short period. The teaching process revolves around their principle of offering quality education, and personal attention to each one of the students. 

The efficient learning schedule and routines provide the perfect atmosphere for the students. The trainers of G-sol are well updated and skilled with the latest exam patterns to provide accurate terms of education to the students. 

Course duration and fee structure: 

  • Rs 7000 for a course of 4 weeks 
  • It holds a practice session of 15 days under the guidance of skilled teachers.
  • It connects flexible and small batches
  • Special doubt clearing sessions are held for clearing the doubts
  • A weekly mock test is held to test the progress of students

Features of G-Sol Institute:

  • It conducts one on one speaking practice sessions
  • The course is designed in a beautiful way to provide all the necessary features to the students 
  • It has a mixed course of digital content and physical books


  • Address: SCO14, kalgidhar enclave, above Sagar Ratna, baltana zirakpur, Punjab- 140603
  • Phone: 8288931000

Grey matters

Grey matters

In case you are planning to take admission in the best IELTS institute in Chandigarh, Grey matter is here. The grey matter has been delivering consistent and brilliant results. Each student passing from this institute holds the highest marks and ranks in order to achieve a reputed foreign acceptance in response to the other institution over the globe. Being one of the renowned institutes in Chandigarh, it is famous for providing top-notch courses.

Course duration:

  • One month and two months. The class has different and flexible hours.

Fee structure:

  • Rs 16800 for a course of 1 month
  • Rs 21700 for a batch of 4 hours(2months)
  • Rs 25700 for a batch of 8 hours(2 months)

Features of Grey Matters:

  • It has flexible batches along with flexible timings
  • It conducts live lectures on video
  • The sessions are interactive
  • It holds a series of tests
  • The doubt counters are amazing as well


  • Address: SCO 63, 64, Sector 17C, Chandigarh; SCO 37,38 sector 17C Chandigarh
  • Phone: 01725083014, 5083001, 5083006

Global strides

Global strides

This institution named global strides offers a thorough and deep practice to each of its students. The team of global strides holds dedicated and skilled trainers to provide the best of their knowledge to the students. The institution even provides flexible batches and timings to the students and holds effective mock tests.

Course duration:

  • 1 month

Fees structure:

  • Rs 8000 for one month course. 

Features of Global Strides:

  • It holds a remarkable series of tests
  • It has the perfect and flexible batch timings
  • It holds live and interactive classes for clearing doubts


  • Address: SCO 63,64 Level 1, Sec 17C, Chandigarh 160017
  • Phone: 0172-4909999, 911555020, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25

British career group

British career group

British career group being one of the top-rated IELTS institutes in Chandigarh has a great reputation. It is famous for preparing the best preparations for its students cracking IELTS. It is endowed with an excellent and knowledgeable team of trainers who have gained immense knowledge in this field. The teaching techniques are quite proven and effective.

Course duration:

  • 6weeks and 8weeks

Fee structure:

  • Rs 10000 for a course of 6weeks
  • Rs 15800 for a course of 8 weeks

Features of British Career Group:

  • The batches are small in strength.
  • The faculty is trained with a record of successful students
  • Extremely flexible timings
  • It holds doubt clearing sessions
  • It holds a series of tests to check the performance of the students


  • Address: SCF-54, 2nd floor, sector 61, sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160061
  • Phone: 9988922775, 8146992270



Holding a great record of delivering excellent results, Touchstone has been awarded as the NO.1 IELTS institutes in Chandigarh back in the year 2009. Even now, it is holding the same name and fame to provide quality education and consistent results to rank in the list of top 10 best IELTS institutes of Chandigarh. Since then, Touchstone has been a great career guide for several students.

Course duration:

  • 4 weeks, 8 weeks

Fees structure:

  • Rs 14900 for a course of 4 weeks
  • Rs 21500 for a course of 8weeks

Features of Touchstone:

  • It has flexible batches and flexible batch timings as well
  • It holds live video lectures and classes too
  • The sessions are quite interactive thus developing a sense of interest among students
  • The test series held in Touchstone are remarkable
  • They have doubt counters as well.
  • They carry on with multiple batches that go on at different speeds and paces. 


  • Address: SCO 88,89, Level 4, Sector 17C, Chandigarh, SCO 60,61, Level 3, Sector 17A, Chandigarh
  • Other centers: Patiala, Jalandhar, Mohali, Ludhiana, Baddi
  • Phone: 01725000060

Blue Sapphires

Another excellent and competitive IELTS institute in Chandigarh is the Blue Sapphires. It provides brilliant education and owns highly experienced and trained teachers to help the students. They provide extremely professional training and courses in IELTS, including English written, spoken English, and strong interview skills.

Course duration:

  • 1 month, 2 months, 3 months

Fee structure:

  • Rs 8000 for a course of 1 month
  • Rs 15000 for a course of 2 months
  • Rs 21000 for a course of 3 months

Features of Blue Sapphires:

  • It holds regular and constant test series
  • It has doubt counters 
  • It has flexible batch timings
  • The course covers the entire syllabus with great punctuality


  • Address: SCO 58, 59 Ground floor, Sector 34A, Chandigarh
  • Phone: 91-7087088141, 9115990090, 9517520990

Dolphin Head Hunters

Having trained more than thousands of students each year according to the exam standards, Dolphin head hunters is an excellent IELTS institute in Chandigarh. They own well- organized and novel IELTS exam approaches for complete preparation for the students. 

Course duration:

  • 1 month

Fees structure:

  • Rs 8500 for a course of 1 month

Features of Dolphin Head Hunters:

  • Dolphin head hunters hold small batches to provide the best training
  • It completes the entire course and syllabus before the IELTS test dates thereby ensuring the student has enough time to revise the course.
  • It has IELTS listenings


  • Address: SCO 85-85, 2nd floor, sector 34A, Chandigarh
  • Phone: 9780754465, 0172 4005567

New Cambridge College

Since its establishment, New Cambridge College has been delivering great results. They assist their students to gain their goals and dreams via great and helpful consultancy services. They provide language training courses as well. They own a vast range of language courses that are taught by the teachers most effectively and easily.

Course duration:

  • 1 month

Fees structure:

  • Rs 7000 for a course of 1 month

Features of New Cambridge College:

  • New Cambridge College holds free assessment at the start for each of its students
  • It conducts innumerable mock tests
  • It offers personalized coaching too
  • It holds live and interactive sessions
  • The best part is that it provides free study assessments abroad.


  • Address: Top floor sector 17D, SCO 80, 81, 82, Chandigarh , 160017
  • Phone: 09878222772

Western overseas

This particular institution provides the exact and accurate guidance to the students willing to crack the IELTS. When the topic is about studying abroad, you should definitely join western overseas. Adopting different techniques and ideologies and methodologies, western overseas aims to provide the overall personality development to each of their students. 

Course duration

  • 1 month

Fees structure:

  • Rs 12000 for a course of 1 month

Features of Western Overseas: 

  • It owns a top-notch modular class. This is another reason why it pleases the students
  • It holds live and interactive sessions and lectures
  • The practice sessions are quite interesting and engaging
  • It holds a test series
  • The doubt counters are remarkable as well.


  • Address: SCO 441,442, 2nd floor, sector 35C, Chandigarh
  • Phone: 91-172 4017345, 172-5018896

5 things to consider before choosing coaching for IELTS in Chandigarh

best ielts coaching institute chandigarh

IELTS is basically an international English language testing system that is accepted and encouraged by many countries. These countries prioritize IELTS to a great extent for allowing the admission of students in their academic institutions. There are a number of coaching centers that guide the students in order to ace the IELTS examinations. 

Once you select the appropriate college for taking your IELTS dream forward, the next step is to find an ideal IELTS institute. 

This is when it becomes important to select the best IELTS Institute for supporting and assisting you with the best education and guide. Below are 5 things that you should consider before you choose any of the IELTS coaching institutes.

  1. Pay attention to the reputation and experience: never go for such centers that do not have enough experience in this field. Always go for institutes that provide structured programs and have great infrastructure. If you opt for a reputed institute, you will know that you are in the hands of a proper guide to widen your knowledge and skills.
  2. Faculty profile: this is an important point. Always opt for those IELTS institutes that have the best IELTS trainers. The teaching technique and the style can matter a lot in the journey of your learning. This is why most of the reputed institutes have the best foreign nationals to get hold of the accurate accent.
  3. Size of the batch: you must be knowing that a huge number of students can only disturb the class. Hence, the fewer the students, the better the learning. It increases and enhances the individual learning time making the overall class more productive. Additionally, go for those institutes that offer demo sessions to get an idea of what sort of teaching style you are comfortable with. 
  4. Additional services: apart from the education facilities, look for the other courses that the institute offers. With the creative learning session, brilliant infrastructure, amenities, fees, assistance in the registration of the IELTS examinations, etc. an ideal institute must be able to provide the best of what it has. These factors hold equal importance in choosing the perfect IELTS institutes. Each of these plays an important role in helping you crack the journey.
  5. Reviews and ratings: except for looking for the other facilities, ratings and reviews play an important role. In today’s generation, people rate and review each institute according to the experience that they have had. Before you opt for any institute, check the reviews for that particular institute to ensure you are taking the correct decision.


IELTS coaching institutes are the key to success. If you want to overcome and crack the tricky exams and their challenges, IELTS is the only gateway that clears all your hurdles to achieve your dreams. It opens up the gate to many avenues for education, migration, and work. IELTS institutes make sure it provides extreme efforts in order to rank among the top institutes in the country. 

However, with a huge number of students opting for IELTS examinations, the demand for these coaching centers have changed rapidly. This guide lists the top 10 IELTS institutes in Chandigarh offering distinct specializations and faculty facilities. It is definitely a hard task to filter out the best of the IELTS institutes in Chandigarh, but with this guide, we hope you find it easy!


Top 10 Best IELTS coaching Institute in Pune

IELTS or otherwise commonly known as the International English Language Testing System is one of the most valuable exams that is given especially by students who have already completed their graduation. The IELTS exam helps the students get admission to abroad colleges for completing their masters in studies. The exam basically tests the student for their overall proficiency in the English Language, which is to be highly required when studying in a foreign country. 

best IELTS Coaching in pune

It should be realized that passing the IELTS exam is no small feat and requires months of practice and training to be able to reach a certain level that is worth competing with the other students. So, even though it’s not at all compulsory to opt for a coaching class for the IELTS exams, it’s extremely recommended, however. So, without much wasting time, let’s get into some of the best coaching centers that the students can get for their IELTS coaching requirements. 

Best IELTS Coaching in Pune

Students are requested to go through all of the below-mentioned options and then choose the proper one according to their needs. 

Krishna Consultants

Krishna Consultants


Krishna Consultants is one of the most popular IELTS coaching centers located in the city of Pune, which not only teaches students for the IELTS exam but also other exams such as TOEFL, GMAT, and GRE. 


The organization is said to have only one coaching center in Pune, which is located in Shivajinagar. It also has around 14 centers located all around India. The center offers extensive study materials for the students while also providing relevant test series for the students to practice.


Address: Fergusson College Road, Pune – 411004

Phone: 9604819861

Email:  N/A

PT Education


Even though PT Education teaches for other types of similar exams such as TOEFL and SAT, the organization mainly specializes in IELTS coaching. The organization has two centers located in Pune and about 53 more across India. The center also teaches students for CAT exam preparation.


Apart from providing the right environment for the students to grow, the teachers teaching in this facility are always friendly towards the students and hard-working, so that the students could achieve a better career. The faculty is highly rated by the students and apart from that, the study materials provided are also extensive and in-depth. 


Address: F.C.Road, Pune – 411005

Phone: 020 – 66032275, 25531005

Email: N/A

Study Circle

Study Circle


Study Circle is an established coaching center in Pune providing coaching services for exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, and SAT. The organization has around four centers located across Pune, which are located in Sadashiv Peth, Shivajinagar, Vivekanand Nagar, and Dhayari. Apart from that, the center has also established 29 different centers across India. 


Students should learn that the faculty helps in creating exam preparations that are purely based on research and knowledge. The teachers follow a holistic approach to make the learning curve much easier for all the students who have enrolled for the course. Moreover, regular mock tests and doubt clearing sessions are held. 


Address: Senapati Bapat Road, Pune – 411016

Phone: 9890528593

Email: N/A

Let’s Talk Institute


Apart from providing coaching services for the IELTS exam, the organization also provides support and study resources for the TOEFL exam. The institute has 4 centers in the city of Pune and 36 across the country of India. 


The main mission of this organization is to create a healthy society where the citizens can quickly harness the power of speaking in the English Language. As a result, every person out there, be it male or female, can easily succeed in his or her personal as well as professional life. Since English is the official language around the world, having the capability to speak in that language can highly benefit the candidate’s career. 


Address: Grahak Peth, Sadashiv Peth, Pune

Phone: 9324237982, 9820946223

Email: [email protected]

Conduira Education

Conduira Education


Besides providing robust coaching services for the IELTS exam, the institute also offers support for exams such as SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, and GRE. It should be realized that the organization has only one coaching center located in Pune and the other 30 across India. 


The faculty of the organization believes in the efficient usage of technology to not only train the students but also assess their true potentiality. The overall implementation of the study process is monitored from start to finish and every three weeks, an assessment test is carried out to learn the overall performance improvement of the students. 


Address: F.C. Road, Land Square Building, Pune – 411004

Phone: 9923178008

Email: [email protected]

Dilip Oak’s Academy


Like other coaching centers in Pune, this organization too not only focuses on providing teaching for the IELTS exam but also exams such as TOEFL, GMAT, and GRE. The institute only has one center located in Shivajinagar in Pune, as there are no other centers across India. 


Since this institute is located in a popular area like Shivajinagar, almost every student out there (around the locality) can access it. The institute holds small batch sizes along with experienced teachers, thereby assisting the students to obtain more than 7 Band Score in the IELTS test. The center is also well-known for its records in terms of student results. Furthermore, since the batch sizes are small, each student will have enough time to interact with the teachers. 


Address: Deccan Gymkhana, Pune – 411004

Phone: 8007770180, 8888856506

Email: N/A

Erudite Academy

Erudite Academy


The Erudite Academy specializes mainly in the teaching of IELTS exam students along with students who are pursuing exams such as TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, and GRE. The organization has the only center that is located in Aundh, Pune, while also have two other centers across the country. 


This institute is one of the most popular IELTS coaching centers in Pune. The center promises to provide the best possible training to their enrolled students as well as the support required for them to score better in the IELTS exams. Students from this institute have regularly produced better results, even on a year on year basis. With the help of the center’s extensive teaching practices, students can always expect to get good Band Scores in the IELTS exam. 


Address: Parmar Multispeciality Hospital Building, Aundh, Pune – 411007

Phone: 9146000661

Email: [email protected]

British Council

British Council


The British Council is a popular IELTS coaching center in Pune that also provides teaching services for other types of exams such as TOEFL. It has only one center in Shivajinagar and a total of 8 across India. 


This is one of the largest overseas study consultancies located in India. It has its branches across all major Indian cities and towns. Moreover, the growth of the institute is purely based on its student-centric methodology. The organization has the most number of experienced teachers who can easily help the students grasp the concepts better. Moreover, proper study materials and test series are carried out for all the students. 


Address: Shivaji Nagar, Fergusson College Road, Pune – 411004

Phone: 1- 800 – 102 – 4353

Email: N/A




IMS is one of the major IELTS coaching centers in Pune, which also specializes in training students for exams such as SAT, GMAT, GRE, and TOEFL. As of now, the organization has around eight centers located in Pune and overall a total of 98 centers across India. The center also provides CAT coaching classes. 


This coaching center is another popular institute on our list that has a glowing record when it comes to student results. Over the last couple of years, the institute has grown by leaps & bounds. The management provides flexible class timings to the students and extensive practice materials are also offered. Moreover, assessment tests are also undertaken to analyze the strengths & weaknesses of the enrolled students. 


Address: Aundh, D.P Road, Pune – 411007

Phone: 020 – 41201090

Email: [email protected]

Success Guru

Success Guru


Besides providing teaching services for IELTS exams, Success Guru also provides coaching classes for exams such as GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL. It should be perceived that the organization has established four different centers in Pune and they are located in Shivajinagar, Aundh, Hadaspur, and Mangawadi. Apart from that, the center has also established six different centers across India. It also provides CAT coaching classes. 


Students should learn that the academy currently boasts of a teacher-student ratio of 12:1, which is considered to be the best in class in terms of the education provided. The teachers focus on improving the grammar of the students along with their conversational skills. As a result, the overall personality of the students improves besides getting coached for the IELTS exams. Ample homework, as well as classwork, is provided to the students so that they can be constantly in touch with their studies. 


Address: A/2 Seetai Park, Aundh, Pune – 411007

Phone: 9850881193

Email: N/A

Western Academy Pvt. Ltd.


Western Academy Pvt. Ltd is the best coaching classes in Pune. This academy is a place for more than 1000 students at a time. The different centers are located in Maharashtra which makes easy for students to enrol. The academy has excellent results in the last few years. 


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 15,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 30,000.

Success story/faculty

The excellent environment and good results are enough for the success story of this academy. It has the best experienced foreign faculties in their premises. Students feel very comfortable while gaining from their study sheets.

Contact details

Address: No. 1, Swojas Excellency, Ganesh Vadi, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune – 411004.


Qbix Academia


Qbix Academia is one of the renowned coaching centers for IELTS in Pune. It is best known for its faculty members and best student ratings to date. Also, it is located far away from the industrial area of Pune. Students from all over the country can study with comfort.   


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 12,500 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 17,500.

Success story/faculty

The success story of the institute is known by its faculty members and students. Qbix Academia is blessed with some best and experienced teachers from around the country. The success rate of the center is about 70%.  

Contact details

Address: 302, 59B, Rangvilas Society, Lane No C, Koregaon Park, Pune- 41101.

Phone: +912249427136.



NJ EDUTECH is blessed with modern infrastructure and best practice handouts for students. The main focus of the center is on the examples and sheets they provide to students. It is well prepared by the top directors of the coaching center that helps students master preparation. 


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 10,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 15,500.

Success story/faculty

The success story is written by the students who got selected in the first attempt. Last year in 2019, more than 50 students cracked the exam with good grades. The institute believes that their legacy will continue forever. 

Contact details

Address: Office No 18, Tower B Downtown city Vista, Kharadi, Pune-411014.

Email: [email protected] 

ielts classes in pune fees

SGS Academy


SGS Academy is better known for its reputation in the market. It is one of the best IELTS coaching in Pune with a good number of students. They have many other courses too for foreign trade and global migration. The best thing about the academy is the facilities they provide to students.


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 18,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 30,000.

Success story/faculty

The academy is having a good success rate for the selection of students in IELTS. Moreover, they have very good feedback from ex-students. This is valuable for any coaching center.

Contact details

Address: Office No. 209, 2nd Floor, Suratwala Mark, Plazzo, Wakad Road, Hinjewadi, Pune- 411057. 

Phone: 8928799251

How to choose the best IELTS coaching in Pune?

How to choose the best IELTS coaching in Pune?

Before a student proceeds to choose an IELTS coaching class in Pune, the following set of factors must be considered carefully:

Study Resources

A well-known and reputed coaching center will always stress providing the best available study materials for its students. After all, the study material is what defines the coaching center and separates the best from the worst.

Without good study materials, students cannot study on their own and thereby experience issues when grasping the concepts. Moreover, it should be remembered that before the exams it’s only the study materials that assist the student to get a quick rundown of the main concepts. So, the study material should be precise and extensive in terms of the topics and concepts. 


Without good teachers, no coaching organization can survive on its own. Marketing can help the organization make some name in the beginning but if the teachers cannot teach the students correctly, then the pass percentage for the IELTS exams will fall.

As a result, the overall record of the coaching center will be ruined and no student will proceed to enroll. However, having good teachers doesn’t necessarily mean better results but at least the education will be imparted to the students in the proper manner. And that’s what matters. The student then must use that knowledge to pass the IELTS or any other exam. Teachers are the foundation creators for the students. 


Too high fees and the coaching center will not be making any business. Similarly, too few fees, and the coaching center will be making a loss and will not be able to provide adequate services. Therefore, students should always go ahead with a certain coaching center that offers better facilities for the fees that they are offering. Students should also ensure that there are payment options for both in installments as well as in lump sum. Students can also proceed to cross-check the fees with other coaching centers in the same area.

Mock Tests

Mock tests form a significant part of the exam preparation, which is why students should ensure that the coaching center that they are enrolling in should have facilities for the same. Without appearing for mock tests before the actual exams, students will never be able to learn about their preparation and performance. Therefore, the coaching center should have provisions for undertaking mock tests regularly. 

Travel Distance

When it comes to traveling distance, students should always choose the coaching center that is nearby to their homes. In that way, they’ll be able to save time when traveling, which can instead be used for studying purposes. 


How to choose the best IELTS coaching in Pune?

To succeed in any given field, hard work and commitment are vital. Therefore, students should first try and aim to grasp the concepts, because without having the correct foundation, it can be difficult to score better in the exams. After that, students can look for practice tests and mock tests, that will help them hone their skills and eliminate the fear of exams. And that’s what a typical coaching center for the IELTS exam provides. 

So, it’s highly recommended for every student out there who is appearing for the IELTS exam to get enrolled in a competitive coaching center and thereby begin their preparation. 


Top 10 IELTS Coaching in Noida-Fees, Review, Contact

IELTS Coaching in Noida

Noida is a planned city created by the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. The overall population of the city is around 640,000 and the census was recorded in the year 2011. The city has close proximity to Delhi, which is currently the capital city of India. 

The administrative headquarters of the city is located in Greater Noida. In the year 2015, Noida was named the best city located in Uttar Pradesh and the city is almost 50 percent covered by greenery. As of the year 2019, the total GDP of the city is around $25 billion.

Coming to the topic of IELTS coaching in Noida, in this article guide, we’ll be providing students with the complete details that they need to know to get admitted into the best available coaching centers. 

The overall atmosphere of IELTS coaching in Noida is pretty competitive among students as the infrastructure of these coaching centers are all very good, to begin with.

Moreover, the courses are cost-effective too, making studying here a boon for the upcoming meritorious students in this field. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System – which is the most trusted English Language exam in the whole world.  The exam has been going on for almost 21 years now and it’s about to get better in the coming years.

Best IELTS Coaching in Noida

The following institutes constitute the list of IELTS coaching in Noida:

VAC Global Education


In case a student wants to improve and master his or her overall grammatical knowledge and the structure of the sentences he or she writes, then this school for IELTS coaching in Noida would be the best bet for him or her.

The center has been always known to generate good results for the recent few years and the teachers present in this coaching institute prepare the students in a very unique manner. 


The fee charged is around 11,000 INR. 

Success story/faculty

The coaching classes have been responsible for solving all the mind-boggling questions present in the mind of the students who are studying hard for the IELTS exams.

The faculty of the center has got all the required knowledgeable tools to help the students prepare for the IELTS exams with their top-notch training sessions.  

Contact details

Address – MC Complex, Sector 15, Naya Bans, Noida – 201301

Phone – 8810435500 

Email –  [email protected] 

Manya Education


The institution was established in the year 2002. Since its inception, the center has been able to provide students with English education of the highest order, thereby aiding them to pass numerous competitive as well as real-life exams such as for passport and PR purposes. 


The average fees charged by the center are around 10,000 INR. 

Success story/faculty

Teachers present in this educational institution not only help students to reach their goals but also provide them with the necessary study materials and printed noted for a better understanding of the subject matter that they’re studying upon. 

The institute also helps students to fill up their exam applications for IELTS exams and offer personalized coaching classes. 

Contact details

Address – C-56/31, 3rd Floor, Noida – 201309

Phone – 0120 – 4202986

AIEL – American Institute of English Language


Since the English Language is considered to be an important subject in countries like India for developing their career, AIEL aims to change the course of studying with their professional approach. The coaching center was established in the year 1991 and it has more than nine centers all over India. 


The overall fees for the IELTS course are around 10,000 to 12,000 INR.

Success story/faculty

One of the major reasons why AIEL has achieved so much success within a very short amount of time is because of their examination teaching techniques and skills.

The institute also holds periodic mock tests to test the student’s understanding capability and also helps students to improve their grammar and pronunciation. 

Contact Details

Address – DR White House, Near Vinayak Hospital, Top Floor, Sector 27, Noida – 201010

Phone – 0120 – 4249992

Email[email protected] 

Veta IELTS Coaching


With almost 27 coaching centers all over India, including in cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Hyderabad, the institute has been ranked at currently number four in Noida for providing IELTS coaching classes. The institute has its presence across 22 cities in India. 


The general fees that are charged for IELTS are around 8000 to 10,000 INR.

Success story/faculty

The coaching center boasts of its mock test preparation exams where students get to know about the IELTS test format and have time-restricted exams to know their performance. Each course is optimized for each individual for extracting the best performance from the respective student.

Contact details

Address – 2nd Floor, Behind Vinayak Hospital, VS Place, Bujja Market, Near Sector 18 Metro Station, Sector 27, Noida – 201301

Phone – 9313368886

Inlingua International School of Languages


The center is known mainly for providing IELTS as well as TOEFL courses in Noida. Currently, it has only two centers across India – one being in Noida and another in Bangalore. The center is currently ranked in fifth place among all the other IELTS coaching centers in Noida.


The average fees charged by the coaching center is around 9000 INR.

Success story/faculty

Each student studying in this institute is provided with individual attention from teachers. Teachers guide the students not only in general studies but also in exam-related studies regarding how to attend each section of the exam perfectly. Moreover, personalized counseling is available on a per-student basis.

Contact details

Address – Sector 62, C-56/4, Noida – 201307

Phone – 0120-3248527

Email[email protected] 

best IELTS Coaching in Noida

British Academy for the English Language


Providing coaching classes for both IELTS and TOEFL courses in India, the institute has around seven centers all around India, including in cities like Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and the like. The center has currently been ranked at number six in Noida for its educational services.


The average fees that are charged per student are around 10,000 INR.

Success story/faculty

When it comes to the overall preparation for IELTS, this coaching center covers it all. From skills such as writing, reading, speaking to even listening – students would be able to get all facilities under one roof.

Therefore, if any student is weak in English and therefore wants to study abroad via the IELTS exam, then this is the ideal institute for the same.

Contact details

Address – Shop No-1, Sunheri Market, 2nd Floor, Near Sector-18 Metro Station, Noida -201301

Phone – 0120 – 2547474

Email –  [email protected] 

Achievers Point


The institute is popularly known for providing IELTS as well as TOEFL coaching classes in Noida and has about four centers in different parts of India. The center is currently ranked at number #11 in Noida for their excellency in coaching and professional educational services. 


The average fees for the IELTS course range between 7000 INR and 10,000 INR.

Success story/faculty

The only main reason why this institute is very much popular in Noida is because of its overall good faculty members.

The coaching center has made a big name for itself within a short period and it holds mock tests periodically for the students to make their preparation better. Teachers are generally sourced from the UK.

Contact details

Address – C-22, C – Block, Beside Nirulas Hotel, Sector – 2, Noida – 201301

Phone – 0120 – 2531330

Email – 

Let’s Talk Institute


Students will be able to obtain coaching classes for both IELTS as well as TOEFL from this institute.

It has two other centers across India – one being in Pune and another being in Mumbai. The current ranking of the institute in Noida is at rank #9. 


The average fees charged by the center per student is around 8000 to 10,000 INR.

Success story/faculty

Apart from having top-notch faculty teaching the students, the center also conducts time-bound tests so that students could get familiar with the exam format.

As usual, personalized coaching classes are provided for each student out there and thus it optimizes the test potential for every candidate. 

Contact Details

Address – Office No. 215, Sector 18, Vishal Chambers, Noida.

Email [email protected] 

Amity Institute for Competitive Examinations


It’s indeed difficult to complete any IELTS coaching center list without mentioning the name of Amity.

They have been around in the market for a very long time and provides coaching for almost all of the competitive exams out there including TOEFL and IELTS. 


The average fee charged per student is around 15,000 INR.

Success story/faculty

Students have been trusting the Amity brand name for years now and it’s only because of their superior teaching methods and infrastructure.

Students who want to settle abroad can opt for multiple numbers of programs offered by the coaching center. Moreover, the institute also aids students to obtain scholarships too.

Contact details

Address – Block-J, Amity Campus, First Floor, Sector 44, Noida – 201303

Phone – 0120 – 2431842

Email – 

Abroad Education Consultants


The coaching center is not only present in Noida but also in other cities across India such as Kanpur, Hyderabad, Jaipur, and Chandigarh.

The current ranking of the center is at #10 and provides classroom courses for every student who wants to enroll for the IELTS exam preparation.  


The traditional fee structure is around the 10,000 INR mark. 

Success story/faculty

At this institute for one of the best IELTS coaching in Noida, each faculty works very hard to help students develop the proficiency they need in each part of the exam. Be it listening, speaking, or writing.

The overall preparation methodology is focused on helping students gain speed when answering the exam questions.  The center runs motivational sessions for the students too.

Contact details

Address – Sector 40, C – 108, Noida – 201303

Phone – 9971328383

Email[email protected] 

Fees of IELTS coaching in Noida

top IELTS Coaching in Noida

When talking about the IELTS coaching in Noida fees, it should be noted that the average fee structure is around 10,000 INR per student. However, the fees might increase or decrease depending on the type of center the student is choosing along with the facilities. 

The better the facilities and infrastructure of the centers for the best IELTS coaching in Noida – the more will be the total fees for each student.

How have We selected the 10 best IELTS coachings in Noida?

best IELTS Coaching in Noida
  • The Faculty – This is one of the most important criteria that needs to be checked before selecting a coaching center. The faculty defines the overall quality of the teaching measures along with how students are guided in the right manner.
  • The Study Materials – Printed notes and study materials help students to study on their own when they’re not attending classes. This means that the study materials should always be concise and precise in their language & concepts so that students can understand easily.
  • The Facilities – The coaching center should have the basic infrastructure of having good classrooms, benches, tables, washrooms, facilities for drinking water, ceiling fans or air-conditioners, and the like.
  • The Time & Distance To Travel – As a rule of the thumb, the coaching center should be as close as it can get to the student’s residence. In this way, students will be able to lower down the travel distance and time for the same – which can be put towards studies and other activities.


IELTS Coaching in Noida

Cracking the IELTS exams is not that tough, to begin with. Students only need to be concise and precise in their studies and work hard simultaneously and then only they’ll be able to reach their goals. Even though enrolling for the top IELTS coaching in Noida is not at all mandatory, having one will highly increase the chances of passing the exam with flying colors. 

We hope our in-depth article guide has been able to help the students who are in need and thereby direct them in the correct direction of life.


Top 10 IELTS Coaching Classes in Surat- Fees, Review, Contact

Even though many students prefer self-study to organize for IELTS, others mostly preferred in need of professional guidance by opting for the best IELTS coaching classes in Surat.

In this day & age, students can find tons of IELTS coaching centers in the city area, but assessing how well the courses offered by these institutes will work for the student in question is relatively tricky.

All the courses offered have a different methodology and its strengths and weaknesses. The simplest method to shortlist would be to make a note of two-three coaching centers according to our traveling distance and fees being charged by them.

From those shortlisted, students should try to take a trial class, which will give them an idea of how things work-out there. The best option would be to urge the coaching institutes to provide hands-on classroom experience to clear the selection of which one is best.

We can’t pass a particular judgment on which of those coaching classes is best or worse. It depends on the student’s requirements, and the student will be the most straightforward judge when it involves assessing their needs. We can only recommend the best available coaching classes for them to enroll in. 

Best Top 10 IELTS Coaching Classes in Surat

The curated lists of best IELTS coaching in Surat are as follows,

New Campus Language Institute


Institute currently ranked at number #2 in Surat among all the other coaching classes providing coaching for IELTS. It is one of the oldest coaching centers in the city and has, therefore, already established several of its branches all over India.


The general fee structure starts at around 8,500 INR and goes up to 9,900 INR.

Success story/faculty

Students are provided with an appropriate amount of guidance from the beginning of the main course, which allows students to learn the subjects correctly from the first day itself. The staff members are indeed very co-operative and friendly to the students.

Contact details

Address – 302, Anjali Complex, Opposite Lalbhai Contractor Building, Bejanji Cotwal Street, Nanpura, Surat, 395001

Phone – 9376945679

Email –  [email protected] 

P.T. Education


When it comes to the number of centers around India, PT Education has over 37 centers spread across the country with its presence in cities such as Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, Bhopal, and the like.

The center currently ranks at number #4 among all the other coaching centers in the city and is one of the best IELTS coaching classes in Surat.


The fees of the coaching center start at around 17,500 INR and go well over 80,000 INR.

Success story/faculty

P.T. Education is indeed a very well-known coaching center due to its concise study materials, printed notes, doubt clearing sessions, test series, performance tests that are held periodically, online lectures directly from the teachers, and so much more. 

Contact details

Address – M-401, Near Ram Chowk, Ghod Dod Road, Shiv Shakti Shopping Complex, Surat, 395007

Phone – 0261-3296145

British Academy for the English Language


This is quite frankly the best  IELTS coaching in Surat if students want to obtain the ideal coaching classes to pass the IELTS exam. The institute is mainly based in the U.K. and thereby help students to study in various universities around the globe. 


The fee structure currently hovers around the 10,000 INR mark.

Success story/faculty

It should be noted that teachers of this institute take IELTS preparation classes for seven weeks, for a total of 42 hours. If students want to opt for crash courses, then the same is also available for five days. The classes are conducted all over India. 

Contact Details

Address – 1st Floor, R.B. Tower, Chunabhatti, Kolar Road, Near Eden Garden, Surat, 462042

Phone – 9755577994

Email– [email protected] 

Focus Academy


This center is responsible for providing coaching classes not only for IELTS but also for TOEFL as well. The institute has four more centers across the country and is currently ranked at number 6 in Surat. 


The average fees for enrollment start at around 10,000 INR.

Success story/faculty

Since its establishment in the year 2007, the coaching center has been able to provide customized coaching classes for each enrolled. The institute is responsible for providing expert guidance along with extensive study materials that help convert student’s dreams into reality. 

Contact details

Address – 1/1123, 2nd Floor, Allahabad Bank Lane, Shreeji Sadan, Behind SBI, Nanpura, Kalapeshi Street, Surat, 395001

Phone – 9276876273

Email – [email protected] 

ielts classes in surat



IMS is not only situated in Surat but has more than 45 centers present across the country, including in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and so on. The center is currently ranked at number #1 when it comes to IELTS coaching in Surat.


The general fees for enrollment start at around 20,000 INR and go up to 90,000 INR.

Success story/faculty

The center is responsible for covering all sections as well as aspects of the IELTS exams along with regular mock-tests and examples, including real-life scenarios. Moreover, the training usually lasts for one month. Each week, two or three classes are held. 

Contact details

Address – UL/45-48 Pooja Abhishek, Opp SPB College, Athwalines, Surat, 395001

Phone – 0261-4041717

Email – [email protected] 

Better Career Management


Better Career Management has been ranked at #7th place among all the other IELTS coaching centers in Surat and is therefore known for its most helpful teachers as well as higher management.


The average fee charged by the coaching center is around 10,000 INR. 

Success story/faculty

The institute, along with its teachers, is highly known for their unique teaching procedures and thereby always provides the latest study material to their students. Moreover, the students also get options to opt for flexible class timings.

Contact details

Address – 203- Green Plaza, Honey Park Road, Adajan, Opp. L.P. Savani Circle, Surat, 395009

Phone – 0261-2737500

Universal Education


Perfect for IELTS and GMAT coaching, Universal Education is currently ranked at #20 among all the other coaching centers established in Surat. Moreover, the students are directly taught by certified trainers from the USA. 


The lowest fees start at around 1,000 INR, while the highest fee structure goes well up to 40,000 INR.

Success story/faculty

The faculty present in this coaching center always follow a learning development cycle that is highly scientific and therefore pertains to the IELTS syllabus. The institute has its coaching centers in Delhi, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Noida, etc. 

Contact details

Address – U-26, Parle Point, Sargam Shopping Centre, Surat, 395007

Phone – 9879488527

Email – [email protected] 

EDWorld Overseas Education Consultants


Best known for its IELTS and GRE coaching classes, E.D. World is currently ranked at number #7 when it comes to providing short-term, as well as long-term precise educational courses. 


The fees for the coaching center starts at around 22,000 and goes up to 61,000 INR. 

Success story/faculty

The institute has been awarded a three-tier status for their utmost dedication and perseverance when it comes to providing the best faculties for teaching as well as offering students with the correct support 24×7.

Contact Details

Address – 403, Poddar Arcade, Varachha Road, Khand Bazar, Surat, 395006

Phone – 7600014403




FuturiSM is indeed one of the most reputed IELTS coachings in Surat. One of the main reasons why the center is so much popular with the students is because of its low enrollment fees compared to other coaching classes and the competent test series provided by the same.


The course fees per student hover around the 40,000 INR mark.

Success story/faculty

The IELTS course in this institute lasts for around two months and also offers crash courses for students who highly require them. It has been authorized by the British Council, and therefore students should have no worries when enrolling. 

Contact details

Address – B – 206/207, Near Sardar Hospital, Station Road, Sardar Bagayat Shopping Complex, Bardoli, Surat, 394601

Phone – 9537243464

Email – 

 Tesca Spoken English


If students are looking for an affordable option to study for the IELTS exam and thereby partake in coaching classes, then this institute should be higher in their shortlists. The institute has its presence across most of the major cities of India.


The average fees charged by the coaching center hovers along the mark of 10,000 INR. 

Success story/faculty

The center has been known to collaborate with various international universities around the world and thereby aims to provide free IELTS coaching for students in the future. Moreover, practice sessions are conducted every 15 days, as well.

Contact details

Address – Beside Surat Super Store, Varachha Main Road, Opp. Shakti Vijay Society, Surat, 395006

Phone – 8488805888

Email – [email protected] 

Fees of IELTS Classes/coaching in Surat

ielts classes in surat

As of the current day and age, the overall fees charged by most coaching centers located in Surat hovers around the 10,000 INR to 20,000 INR mark. The fee structure will increase according to the type of services that the student is opting for.

For example, if a student is only choosing for test series will have fewer fees to pay compared to a student who is opting for both classroom programs and also test set.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the infrastructure of each coaching center will be different, which is why there will be a difference in fees as well.

This is why students would need to consult with the respective coaching centers and thereby know the updated fee structure before enrolling. 

How have We selected the Ten Best IELTS coachings in Surat?

ielts classes in surat

The following are some of the criteria through which we have selected the above IELTS coaching classes in Surat:

The Study Material

One of the most important ways to judge the overall ability of a coaching center to teach would be to look into the study materials provided by the institute. Students need to study materials that are filled with all the recent and updated information along with multiple question sets along with tips & tricks to solve complex problems.

The Faculty

This is one of the most apparent criteria that you cannot avoid at all costs. The reason is that students become what they are – all due to the teachings that they receive from their teachers.

Therefore, proper guidance is utmost necessary because when an exam like IELTS is so competitive, every student needs to bring their A-game into the exam hall, which is why teaching in the right way matters a lot. 

The Infrastructure

 Apart from having suitable study materials and teaching staff, the center should also have excellent infrastructures – such as good classrooms, air-conditioning facilities, blackboards, tables & benches and the like. Without proper infrastructure, centers cannot attract the most sought after faculty members.  


top ielts classes in surat

The student’s overall effort is to pass the IELTS exam. To pass such an exam of this stature, students need to provide the utmost amount of dedication and commitment towards the course and thereby will be able to reach their designated goals.

There’s no denying that processes like these take time, which is why if a student prepares at least for six months to one year strictly, he or she will be able to pass the highly competitive IELTS exam. 

Apart from the apparent commitment, students also need the top IELTS coaching in Surat along with comprehensive study materials, which is why the coaching mentioned above centers will be highly helpful in obtaining the study resources they need to succeed.

Frequently Asked Question about ILETS Classes in Surat

best ielts classes in surat
What are the fees of IELTS coaching in surat?

The general fee structure of all the IELTS coaching classes in Surat is mostly around the mark of 10,000 INR per student. 

How can I prepare for IELTS online? Is it hard to pass IELTS?

No, it’s not hard to pass the IELTS exam. With the right amount of guidance and coaching, students will be able to pass the exam with flying colors.

Is 7.5 good score in IELTS? Do I need coaching for IELTS?

Yes, scores around 7.5 to 8 is a good score for IELTS. Furthermore, by taking coaching, students will be able to increase their chances of passing the exam. However, taking coaching classes is not at all mandatory. 

Is coaching listed above are suitable for IELTS preparation

Yes, All the coaching centers listed above are highly recommended for the IELTS exam.


How to Get Motivated to Study

A lot of students drop out of universities. They are not expelled, they just decide it themselves. There are a lot of reasons why this happens: some just get tired of the nervous tension associated with the constant writing of term papers, essays, exams, etc.,

while others just get bored and understand that they will do something else and they don’t need education at all. The most interesting thing is that almost everyone later regrets that they dropped out.

How to Avoid Dropping Out Of University

In this article, we will discuss what to do if you are on the verge of such an act. If you belong to those who are very tired of a large number of tasks, you can order some papers from specialists in order to make it easier for you. For example, speech writer free will greatly facilitate your life.

There’s nothing to worry about the fact that you ordered a university assignment. If you are afraid that if you order a job then you miss something important, then you need to make a rule that you will read the paper done in detail. After you study it, you will be ready for exams.

You Need to Develop Interest in Subjects

It is difficult to start classes if you are not interested in the subject being studied. But what if you have an uninteresting subject to study? In this case, you need to become interested or just make yourself understand that this subject is really important.

You can develop your interest by using natural curiosity. Use your imagination and penetrate deep into the subject being studied. Try to understand its main essence, study some facts from history, read about modern research in this area, and find out how you can apply the acquired knowledge in your life.

You Think That You Do Not Need Education

If you understand that you do not need education, that in life you will be engaged in completely different things and continuing education is just a waste of time, then you may be right. But this is a very rare case. Many cite the example of people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.

All of them dropped out of school and achieved so much. But you always need to remember that all these people had a huge goal and a great desire to achieve it. And the learning process prevented them from doing this. The only case is if you are totally sure that you drop out of school and start doing something and become as great.

Stay on the Most Interesting

Try to stop on the most interesting thing. Your motivation and interest in learning will become higher, and internal resistance lower will be lower. It is possible that you will be accompanied by a strong desire to come back to the material that you left.

Remember how impatiently you wait for the continuation of your favorite series. At the end of each episode, the most interesting moments are shown. With studying, you can very well perform a similar trick.

Reward Yourself

Assign a reward for completing the assignment. This should be insignificant rewards for good work done today, and something more valuable for long periods of time of effective training. A minor reward may include watching an interesting movie, chocolate, or a piece of cake, ice cream, the opportunity to take a walk and chat with friends.

More valuable rewards may include attending a movie theater, club, or party. If you achieve long-term goals you may promise yourself a trip, new computer, bike, or car. And do not allow yourself to relax at the wrong time.


Top 15 IELTS Coaching in Gurgaon-Fees, Review, Contact

It should be known that even though there are many success stories for best IELTS coaching in Gurgaon out there saying the students have cracked the IELTS exam without taking any kind of coaching classes, there’s no denying that by joining a regular coaching class will help the student improve his or her chances when it comes to obtaining success.

There are currently more than 30 IELTS coaching classes in Gurgaon, which every student can use to prepare for the IELTS exams.

Staying in a consistently competitive environment will help the student boost his or her performance, thereby propelling the student in the right direction.

The following are some of the significant procedures that a student needs to follow to enhance his or her chances for passing the IELTS exams:

  • As the IELTS exam is highly competitive, there’s no denying that students need the right kind of guidance.
  • With the help of the most exceptional IELTS coaching in Gurgaon, candidates will be able to improve their regularity and consistency.
  • The student will be able to meet with like-minded people and thereby help the student in coping up with the overall stress of the course.
  • Obtaining your coaching from expert teachers will certainly help the person get on the right track.

Best IELTS Coaching Classes in Gurgaon

In this article guide, we’ll be sharing lists of IELTS coaching in Gurgaon that the students enroll in right now. All of these coaching classes are fantastic places to learn in their terms and thereby can benefit any candidate that wishes to learn here.

AIEL – American Institute of English Language

At AIEL, only the professional teachers are committed to always bringing the highest standards of spoken English Language. The center was established in the year 1991, and since then, it has already opened more than nine centers all over India.

The average fees of the coaching center are at around 20,000 INR.

Success story/faculty
The faculty provided by the coaching center is indeed constructive and supportive as well. The faculty always interacts with the students and clear all doubts related to studies.

Contact details
Address – Pataudi Road, in front of Gramin Bank, Gurgaon – 122506
Phone – 8816008494
Email – [email protected]

Manya Education

Established in the year 2002, the coaching center was set up as a one-stop solution for the students who want to succeed. The name of the coaching center was given following the 108 avatars of Goddess Saraswati.

The average fees of the IELTS courses start at around 22,000 INR.

Success story/faculty
Ex-students have commended the coaching center for its initiative towards students and making them prepared for their exams. The strategies and tactics always work out and are, therefore, extremely helpful in solving questions. The teachers are also available 24×7.

Contact details
Address – M-16, 2nd Floor, Next to Sector-14, Old DLF Colony, Gurgaon – 122001
Phone – 1139586463
Email – [email protected]

ielts coaching in gurgaon

Amity Institute for Competitive Examinations

Amity Institute, which is the IELTS coaching in Gurgaon, has already established more than three centers across India and has its presence in Noida, Delhi, and Ghaziabad. The coaching center is highly regarded for its quality teaching methods and is currently ranked at number two in Gurgaon.

The fees charged by the institute ranged between 2200 INR and 12,500 INR per student.

Success story/faculty
The institute provides not only regular coaching classes for the students but also distance learning programs as well. The center offers printed notes, test series along with online lectures straight from the teachers.

Contact Details
Address – Sector-43, Powergrid Complex, Gurgaon, 122001
Phone – 0124-2385110
Email- [email protected]

Wifi Classes

Wifi Classes not only established its centers in Gurgaon but also across India, as it has more than five centers all around India – including one in Dehradun. The coaching center has been currently named as one of the top-rated institutes in Gurgaon.

The total amount of fees charged by the institute starts from just 500 INR and can go up to 70,000 INR.

Success story/faculty
One of the significant features that this coaching center provides to the students is the ability to attend counseling sessions and also appear for periodic performance tests.

The institute has successfully been able to provide students with both online and offline courses – as well as distance learning programs. The faculty is highly supportive of the students too.

Contact details
Address – DLF Phase IV, 603, 6th floor, Galleria Tower, Gurgaon, 122009
Phone – 9592-700-274
Email – [email protected]

Edmyt Coaching Centre

The coaching center has been in the business for almost 15 years now and is continuously working towards improving their skills and thereby use cutting-edge teaching methods as well.

The fees of the coaching center usually start around 600 INR and go up to almost 40,000 INR.

Success story/faculty
The institute has been built from the ground-up by teachers who are passionate about teaching students and are also well-known within their social circles as test-mentors.

These teachers make it easy for students to perform test preparation – not only for obtaining results but scientifically too.

Contact details
Address – DLF City Phase IV, E22, DLF Supermart II, Sector 43, Gurgaon, 122002
Phone – 01244230355
Email – [email protected]

gurgaon ielts coaching in gurgaon

IMS Coaching

IMS Gurgaon has been a household name for many years now and has more than 100 centers across India, including in Kolkata, Pune, and Hyderabad. The center is very well known for its CAT and IELTS coaching services.

The fee structure generally ranges between 13,000 INR and 85,000 INR, charged per student.

Success story/faculty
It should be noted that students highly appreciate the distance learning program provided by the institute.

The coaching center also carries out doubt clearing sessions along with periodic performance checks through exams and test series. Moreover, students are provided with printed notes and study materials.

Contact details
Address – Old DLF Colony, M-23, Sector -14, Gurgaon, 122001
Phone – 8657446667
Email – [email protected]

Trump and Gates

Trump And Gates have been around in the market for quite some time now and has its presence in almost all of the major cities of India. The institute has over six centers all over India and is currently ranked at number two in Gurgaon.

The fees of the coaching center start at around 8,500 INR and go up to 82,000 INR.

Success story/faculty
In case students are looking for an institute that offers both classroom and online programs, then this institute is a great option nonetheless. Furthermore, regular test series are held by the institute for evaluating students so that they could be prepared in the best possible manner.

Contact details
Address – 214, Satyam Plaza, Civil Lines, Jharsa Road, Sector-15, Gurgaon,
Phone – 9990612945
Email – [email protected]

which is best ielts coaching in gurgaon

Eguroo-The English Guroo

Apart from having its regular presence in Gurgaon, the institute has its presence in Delhi as well. The institute is very well known for its students and teachers and is therefore ranked at number eight in Gurgaon.

The fees charged by the coaching center starts at 8,500 INR and goes up to 9,900 INR.

Success story/faculty
This coaching center is excellent for students who want to learn more about the English subject and are therefore provided with the full support from the teachers and the management. The institute offers regular test series for the students so that exam preparation can be done quickly.

Contact details
Address – NM 21, Gurgaon Sector 14, Gurgaon, 122001, Near Gold Gym
Phone – 9210457777

Mindmine Academy Pvt Ltd

Being established before 2010, the center has been able to make students feel its presence due to its highest quality teaching obtained from some of the best teachers in the industry currently.

Apart from Gurgaon, the institute also has a similar branch in Delhi. It’s currently ranked at #7.

When it comes to fees, it starts at around 8,000 INR and goes up to at least 20,000 INR per student.d

Success story/faculty
What makes this institute so special is their attention to detail. The teachers always spend quality time with their students on a per-day basis to clear their doubts. Furthermore, test series and printed notes are provided to the students for better preparation.

Contact details
Address – 4363, Sector-23, Landmark: Opposite HPCL Petrol Pump, Palam Vihar Road, Gurgaon, 122017
Phone – 9069138148
Email – [email protected]

US Education Resource Centre

Currently ranked at number #17 in Gurgaon, this coaching center has always been known for its concise teaching methods when it comes to IELTS coaching needs.

Moreover, what’s surprising is that most of the teachers teaching here are directly broadcasting from the US.

The average fees for the students start at around 8,500 INR and go up to 10,000 INR.

Success story/faculty
The institute currently has more than 40 centers all around India and has been helping students for many years – in the preparation for the IELTS exams.

The fee structure is indeed very nominal and the teachers provide online classes and study materials directly from the USA.

Contact details
Address – Plot Number 768, Sector 39, Gurgaon, 122001, Near Unitech Cyber Park
Phone – 9999009253
Email – [email protected]

which is best ielts coaching in gurgaon

Success Steps


Success Steps is currently ranked at around #10 in Gurgaon and has been mainly known for providing coaching classes to those students who need guidance for IELTS.

The coaching center is also known for providing educational support to students from Class I to X.

The average fees charged by the institute hovers around the mark of 5,000 INR.

Success story/faculty
One of the main features that this coaching center stresses is the overall infrastructure needed to teach the students optimally. This is the reason why the institute always invests heavily upon high-tech gadgets that help the teachers teach accurately. Furthermore, support is available 24×7 for the students.

Contact details
Address – No. 375, Sector 45, Gurgaon, 122002
Phone – 9212700000
Email – [email protected]

VSPS education

VSPS Education has been a well-known institute in Gurgaon for many years and is currently ranked at #26 among all the other coaching centers in the city.

The center has been able to taste a considerable success in the present years due to its top-notch faculty and quality performance.

The average cost of courses starts at around 8,500 INR and goes well up to 23,000 INR.

Success story/faculty
The learning facility provided by the coaching center is nothing sort of excellent. Students are always provided support over the phone or through various internet messaging programs. Furthermore, one-on-one doubt cleaning sessions are also held.

Contact details
Address – B 524, Sushant Lok 1, Gurgaon, 122002
Phone – 124-4034181

Achiever Point

Having being ranked at number 12 all over in Gurgaon, the institute is best known for its guidance towards IELTS preparation.

The center provides top-notch infrastructure along with excellent faculty support.

The average fee charged by the coaching center is somewhere around 10,000 INR.

Success story/faculty
In this competitive day and age, there’s no doubt that coaching centers need to be always at the forefront when using technology and to merge the same with education – and Achiever Point does it beautifully.

Furthermore, it provides all other facilities, including distance learning programs, along with various test series.

Contact details
Address – Plot No 785, Second Floor, Sector 39, Gurgaon, 122001, Beside Unitech Park
Email – [email protected]


This is one of the most famous coaching centers located in Gurgaon and is currently ranked at #14 among all the other coaching institutes in Gurgaon. The center is best known for its IELTS coaching.

The average fee charged is around 10,000 INR.

Success story/faculty
Even though the center has been established in Gurgaon recently, it has taken the city by storm due to its straightforwardness and its ability to help students have a bright future.

Teachers constantly help students with their studies 24×7, study materials are provided, and online classes are also held.

Contact details
Address – NM 23, 2nd Floor, Sector 14, Gurgaon, 122001, Opposite IGI
Phone – 0124-4225885

Knowledge Icon

The institute has already ranked at #6 in Gurgaon and has more than three centers all over in India. The institute has proven its success in the educational sector – mainly teaching students for IELTS. It also has a brand in Amritsar.

The coaching center’s average fees start at around 8,500 INR and go well up to 43,500 INR.

Success story/faculty
Apart from having its dominant presence in Gurgaon, the coaching center has always been at the forefront of implementing new ways of teaching for its students – with the help of their teacher’s suggestions.

Students are offered 24×7 support, and the center has implemented distance learning programs for students as well.

Contact details
Address – 134, 2nd Floor M2K Aura, Gurgaon, 122002, Dream Weavers, Sector 47
Phone – 9041222444
Email – [email protected]

Fees of IELTS Classes/coaching in Gurgaon

list of ielts coaching in gurgaon

As of the current day & age, the average IELTS coaching in Gurgaon fee charged by the top IELTS coaching in Gurgaon is close to around 7000 INR to 8500 INR. However, it should be noted that these prices can change any time due to inflation. Therefore students should always inquire from the respective coaching centers before finally enrolling for the same.

Moreover, the average IELTS coaching in the Gurgaon fee will also depend on the quality of the coaching classes and facilities provided by those coaching centers.

How have we selected the best IELTS coachings in Gurgaon?

best ielts coaching in gurgaon

The following are some of the main criteria that we have followed in the selection of the top IELTS coaching in Gurgaon:

The Results

It should be known that the coaching center’s previous results tell the student how well they have been doing in terms of teaching students and guiding them.

The students’ results say a lot about the faculty and the coaching center’s overall performance. However, it should be noted that the coaching center doesn’t need to have 100 percent passing or successful results.

The Faculty

One of the primary essential factors that make a coaching center what it is – is its teachers or faculty. The student, along with the teacher, will be responsible for the coaching center’s success.

If the teacher lacks the willpower to guide the student, then the student will not succeed – even if he or she tries hard enough. Teachers are the founding blocks of a successful coaching institute.

The Feedback From Past Students

When a student is planning to enroll in a coaching center, he or she should always get opinions from past year ex-students who have already studied and passed from the center. This will help the candidate to find out how well the institute operates.

The Study Material

It doesn’t matter in which institute the student is signing up for as long as they provide all the relevant study materials. Excellent study materials always help boost the students’ performance, which is why it’s of utmost necessity to perform such a task of finding out how well the study material is.

The Travelling Distance

The institute that the student will be choosing should not be very far from his or her home because the time for traveling matters as well.

Time management is critical to passing such an exam like this, and therefore the student must have access to excellent and fast public transport to limit the traveling time to a small amount.


At the end of the day, better will be the coaching – the higher will be the chances for success. However, it should be noted that each student has his or her requirements, so not a single coaching center might suit everyone.

It should be made sure that the best IELTS coaching in Gurgaon selected by the student is based on the criteria as mentioned above so that the student will be able to put his heart and soul into the exam preparation.


Top 15 IELTS Classes in Pune-Fees, Review, Contact Details

IELTS stands for ‘International English Language Testing System’ and the name itself defines its credibility. It is an International turn for English Proficiency in matters of global migration and study abroad.

Most of the students of non-native English countries take this exam to get admissions in some best and reputed universities of the world. The exam stands globally for all such aspiring students who can stand in the best universities.

best ielts classes in pune

It is believed that more than 15,000 organizations trust IELTS. This is where the performance of students is matched.

We are talking about the Top IELTS classes in Pune. Pune is a city of dreams for no doubt, and these dreams are fulfilled only with hard work.

Best IELTS Coaching Classes in Pune

Yes, we all are aware of the best IELTS classes in Pune. There are more than 500 institutes who are taking on the dream of students to crack IELTS in the first attempt.

English Language proficiency is not easy and for the best purpose, there is a need for best coaching classes. Some of the renowned faculties and best facilities are ruling the coaching centers of Pune. Here, is the list of Top 15 IELTS coaching centers in Pune:

Qbix Academia


Qbix Academia is one of the renowned coaching centers for IELTS in Pune. It is best known for its faculty members and best student ratings to date. Also, it is located far away from the industrial area of Pune. Students from all over the country can study with comfort.   


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 12,500 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 17,500.

Success story/faculty

The success story of the institute is known by its faculty members and students. Qbix Academia is blessed with some best and experienced teachers from around the country. The success rate of the center is about 70%.  

Contact details

Address: 302, 59B, Rangvilas Society, Lane No C, Koregaon Park, Pune- 41101.

Phone: +912249427136.



NJ EDUTECH is blessed with modern infrastructure and best practice handouts for students. The main focus of the center is on the examples and sheets they provide to students. It is well prepared by the top directors of the coaching center that helps students master preparation. 


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 10,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 15,500.

Success story/faculty

The success story is written by the students who got selected in the first attempt. Last year in 2019, more than 50 students cracked the exam with good grades. The institute believes that their legacy will continue forever. 

Contact details

Address: Office No 18, Tower B Downtown city Vista, Kharadi, Pune-411014.

Email: [email protected] 

ielts classes in pune fees

SGS Academy


SGS Academy is better known for its reputation in the market. It is one of the best IELTS coaching in Pune with a good number of students. They have many other courses too for foreign trade and global migration. The best thing about the academy is the facilities they provide to students.


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 18,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 30,000.

Success story/faculty

The academy is having a good success rate for the selection of students in IELTS. Moreover, they have very good feedback from ex-students. This is valuable for any coaching center.

Contact details

Address: Office No. 209, 2nd Floor, Suratwala Mark, Plazzo, Wakad Road, Hinjewadi, Pune- 411057. 

Phone: 8928799251

Success Forum


As the name suggests, Success Forum is dealing with success as its priority. It has the best-trained teachers who take on many aspiring students and help them crack IELTS. It is having 6 years of experience in teaching and about 80% positive rating from the students. 


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 13,500 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 21,500.

Success story/faculty

Success Forum has a quality success story for every English Proficiency exam. It is awarded more than 10 awards. The best thing is that in only 6 years, it has achieved much.

Contact details

Address: Office no.6-, 3rd Floor, Kamat Gandhi Classic Apartment, Ketkar Road, Kamala Nehru Park, Pune—411004. 

Phone: +912249428588

Western Academy Pvt. Ltd.


Western Academy Pvt. Ltd is the best coaching classes in Pune. This academy is a place for more than 1000 students at a time. The different centers are located in Maharashtra which makes easy for students to enrol. The academy has excellent results in the last few years. 


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 15,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 30,000.

Success story/faculty

The excellent environment and good results are enough for the success story of this academy. It has the best experienced foreign faculties in their premises. Students feel very comfortable while gaining from their study sheets.

Contact details

Address: No. 1, Swojas Excellency, Ganesh Vadi, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune – 411004.


top ielts classes in pune

The British Institutes


The British Institutes serve as one of the oldest centers for foreign languages. It teaches more than 25 languages with best-experienced faculties. They also prefer online classes for doubt clearance. Students from all over India look for every center of this Institute in and around Maharashtra. 


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 14,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 25,000.

Success story/faculty

As we know “Old is Gold” and this is true for this institute also. It has some excellent award for the best education in the city. Even, the success rate of students reaches around 85%.

Contact details

Address: C2, Pruthvi Apt, Sahyadri Hospital, Hadapsar, Pune – 411028 

Landmark: OPPOSITE Bhosle Garden.

Email: [email protected]

Excel Academy


Excel Academy is serving for IELTS aspirants since 2000. It is a reputed coaching center because of its old legacy. The directors are well-experienced in more than 10 languages. It also keeps on motivating students towards other competitive exams too.


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 13,500 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 25,000.

Success story/faculty

A wonderful result is shown by the academy in the last years. The success rate of students getting selected in IELTS is 78%. Every student tries harder to crack the exam in the first attempt itself.

Contact details

Address: 309, Shoppers Point Bldg, SV Road, Next To Paneri Saari Showroom, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400069 

Landmark: OPPOSITE Railway Station.

Email: [email protected]

Girnarsoft Education Service Private Limited


Girnarsoft education excels in providing IELTS coaching for talented students. They are serving for 5 years and now they are entering with the best faculty members in the city. They hold weekend tests for students so that they can revise every topic properly. It is best to choose Girnarsoft Education in terms of faculty members.  


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 11,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 20,000.

Success story/faculty

The rate of students getting selected in IELTS is constant from 2 years but they are producing some exceptional results each year.

The facilities are best and provided with equal opportunity for boys and girls.

Contact details

Address: 202, Gera Serenity, Next to Starbucks, Koregaon Park, Pune – 411001.

Phone: +912249427842

Learning Potato


Learning Potato is a newly introduced coaching center in Pune. It is now blessed with some of the best-experienced tutors for aspiring minds. They also hold CA coaching and school tuitions along with foreign language courses. It is very easy to apply by directly navigating the website of the coaching center. It had become a good choice for newcomers to choose Learning Potato.


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 11,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 20,000.

Success story/faculty

Learning Potato keeps on mentioning their success stories with overall selection results of more than 50% of students. At specific, it has a good record for IELTS selected students in their first attempt.

Contact details

Address: Arun society, SB Road, Model Colony, Shivaji Nagar, Pune


top ielts coaching in pune

 Professional Learning institute


Professional learning institute is known for its old legacy which is the IELTS coaching in Pune. Not only IELTS, but it had also got immense results in other competitive exams. The directors of the same also deal with Project management. It is located in the best place in Pune which is completely away from city disturbance.  


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 17,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 32,000.

Success story/faculty

With a very good environment, the institute is having excellent results for the foreign language selected students. Also, it is having out of out students reviews everywhere.

Contact details

Address: Office No.7, 4th Floor, Media House, Modern College Chowk, J M Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune-411004.

Contact Person: Pradeep Kumar

 Seven Mentor & Training Pvt. Ltd.


It’s been 8 years since Seven Mentor is serving in the field of IELTS. From then on, the training center has gained positive results only. They help students in good preparation ad the best material for study. The facilities are best available for the students to present a productive environment.


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 16,500 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 30,000.

Success story/faculty

The ex-students had given good reviews in terms of facilities and faculties. The success rate of students getting selected is 67%. The experience of faculty members is enough for a good result of the training center.

Contact details

Address: Office 25, Wing A, First Floor, Shreenath Plaza, Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk, Shivaji Nagar, Pune-411005.


White feather


White feather offers overseas education and foreign education exam coaching. It is the best IELTS coaching in Pune for newcomers. The new students are able to attract the atmosphere of this coaching center.

The facilities are proper for all students coming from outside Pune. The working environment is really good for students. Overall, it is serving the best in the city.


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 15,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 30,000.

Success story/faculty

The White Feather excels in providing the experience set of teachers for students. They only believe in providing a good education for a fruitful future. The center is also awarded Best Education Award. The success rate of students is about 70%. 

Contact details

Address: B 49, 50, Shreenath Plaza, Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk, Pune- 411005. 


 Avisa Education


Avis Education deals with many competitive exams and especially IELTS. It has centers in more than 7 cities. The faculty members are hired from top foreign universities for betterment studies. Students love to share their reviews with the coaching center. Even, there are hostel facilities available for students.


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 12,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 22,000.

Success story/faculty

The reviews from students are enough to tell about the success story of the center. The ex-students are happy with the study material and faculties they provide. The success rate of the center is about 80%. It is advised for talented students to be a part of the Avisa Coaching center. 

Contact details

Address: C, Wing #30, First floor, Shreenath plaza, Fc Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune-411005.


best ielts coaching in pune

Valuepoint Academy


Valuepoint Academy excels in imparting foreign language courses. They are known to provide excellent services in many other sectors.

The academy is serving from 9 years and students are finding a good place for IELTS at Valuepoint Academy.

Moreover, it also provides online classes for students to study from home itself. The experienced faculty members are good enough to make the academy proud.   


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 17,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 33,000.

Success story/faculty

The success story of this academy is written by the students only. The success rate of IELTS selection is about 50%. The academy is also awarded some of the top education awards at various functions. It hopes for a better future of students in foreign universities.

Contact details

Address: No. 108/9, S.B. Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune-411016.


Jamboree Education Pvt. Ltd.


Jamboree Education is more than an average coaching center in Pune. It is continuously in the list of IELTS classes in Pune. The students find peace in studying at the place and good material is always a source of better studies.

Every weekend, doubt classes are also held to carry out the basis of topics covered in the week. They are also serving in other exams.


The total fee for IELTS 1-month course is Rs. 8,000 and for the 2-month course is Rs. 15,000.

Success story/faculty

The success of the coaching center is known by the students selected in IELTS. The success rate for the same is about 55%. They are proud of their facilities given to every student there. They are also applying for online classes of students.

Contact details

Address: Office No.82 & 83, Shrinath Plaza, C Wing, Fc Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune- 411005.


Fees of IELTS Classes/coaching in Pune

ielts coaching in pune fees

IELTS classes in Pune fees vary according to a different institute. Some of the institutes are interested in crack courses while others in full-time courses.

Approximately, the total fee for a single month is around Rs. 12,5000-13,500. The total fee for a 6 months course ranges between Rs. 50,000-60,000. It would be best to say that many students can get a good discount on a full-time course.

Also, the students who enroll the second time in the same institute then he/she is awarded some special discount.

All we need is better faculties and facilities provided to the student. So, the fees depend on the institute chosen and the course. 

How we have selected above 15 best IELTS coaching in Pune?

how to select best ielts coaching in pune

Top IELTS classes in Pune are not less than a good gift. It is believed Pune has the best centers for IELTS in India. We have concluded the top 15 coaching centers based on faculty members and student ratings. These two parameters are very important today.

A set of good faculty members will surely provide some productive course within time. Moreover, the experienced faculties are blessing for any institute.

The second thing is about the rating of students. Student’s ratings are important for any center because they are going to provide real feedback on what is going in the coaching center.

We are summed up with some good institutes whose rating was 5/5. Some of the other factors that are considered are facilities provided for students from outside and centers away from traffic areas.   


There is no doubt about the best IELTS coaching in Pune as we have seen different success stories. It is advised to look for some best coaching center only as the efforts will get success only when the environment is supportive. The list of IELTS classes in Pune is prepared with the best details about the centers.  


IELTS Reading Section- 1 Tips

IELTS is the most notable and widespread test used to examine a student’s proficiency in the English language. It evaluates a person’s fluency, pronunciation, clarity, intonation, and many more.

The examiners do this by designing the whole questionnaire precisely, which entails all the valuable tasks of Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.

Like all other tests, this test is also split into two sub-divisions: IELTS Academic and IELTS General.

However, the purpose and goal of both tests are different, yet the Reading module of two is quite similar to each other. Both the examinations require the same skills that a student must possess, and the forms of questions
are also alike, for example, MCQs, Sentence Completion, True/False, Match the Headings, and many more.

The only difference between both is the type of text you get to read. The Academic test, as the name suggests, will offer you three long & lengthy academic texts.

On the other hand, the General one will furnish you with a mixture of long & short texts that accommodate general nature in them.

ielts reading section 1

Initially, if we talk about the format, one has to attempt 40 questions in total and a candidate is supposed to write the answers on the sheet provided by the supervisors, on the test-day.

One should be very quick and attentive because no extra time is given to transfer the answers, like the listening module. Further, there are some specific skills that are reviewed through this task, like:
●Understanding the main or overall idea of the passage.
●Find particular information.
●Difference between correct or incorrect information.
●Complete the given table/diagram.
●Tests vocabulary via synonyms or paraphrases.

Now that we have discussed the format, types of questions, and skills that a person should possess, we must jump into some essential tips that are required to clear this test effectively.

The central platform where a person must land in the beginning is to always read the question first. This is a very crucial point because reading the whole passage will be a waste of time. Moreover, the passages become increasingly difficult as you move forward, (Passage 1 is the easiest and Passage 3 is hard).

Consequently, if you spend half of your time on reading the first passage, you might not be able to save any time for even guessing the answers for the questions of further passages.

On the contrary, a candidate must adapt the ability of Skimming & Scanning, which are the most vital keys to unlock the hardness of the Reading module.

In brief, Skimming refers to the method of moving or scrolling your eyes over the text, also called surface reading.

By this technique, a candidate acquires the general idea of the passage and learns the message that the author wants to convey. Scanning, quite equivalent to the Skimming technique, addresses an examinee to look for the

keywords and all necessary phrases in a passage. This supports the candidate to find the specific detail accurately, in a limited time.

Both the techniques are very remedial in enhancing the reading skills of an applicant more definitely. Furthermore, there are certain areas where students complain of not knowing the meaning of any word.

They think that this might restrict them from giving the correct answers. However, this is very natural and even the native English speakers don’t know the meaning of each and every word of their language.

Conversely, there is a manageable way to tackle this situation conveniently, using some tricks and predictions. If you meet an unfamiliar word in the text or passage, one can interpret the meaning of that word by matching comparing it with the provided context.

These techniques assist you to use critical thinking skills to connect information, infer the meaning and bring different ideas together to create or produce meaning for the time.

In addition to it, as you are served an answer sheet with question numbers embedded in it, a student has to write the solutions on it.

Attentiveness is mandatory for it as well because many aspirants manage to find correct answers, but their answer sheets reflect some silly and shallow mistakes. Among them, one common error is spelling.

As students are put into a timed constraint, thus they solve all the answers in a hurry, allowing them to misspell the words easily.

Along with that, candidates even sometimes crisscross the answers with the question numbers, for instance, if one has written the answer to question 4 on the reserved place of the answer to question 5, then he or she will get zero points for that question.

To prevent both these errors, one must proofread all the answers at least once before submitting it. This would help them to attend all the spelling and jumbled responses if made any.

On the opposite side, if you find any task or question challenging or tricky, you must leave it for the end and should not waste the precious time.

If you continue dealing with that struggling question, you may run out of time and might leave a few questions, at the cost of one.

One must keep moving on with other questions and should leave some time toanswer the rest of the questions in the end. Also, for the Multiple Choice Questions, you must adopt the elimination strategy.

ielts reading section 1

In this approach, you omit out all the incorrect & unlikely options and compare only the relevant options with each other. Further, discussing another common mistake, most of the students crisscross or intersect the True/False and Yes/No questions.

Some students mistakably write Yes/No for the answers of the True/False questions, that can also deduct their marks.

Notably, even if a student is unable to locate all the answers for the asked questions, yet one must give the response for each question because there is no negative marking for any subject in the IELTS Exam.

Who knows, your luck might work. Significantly, as the time allotted for this task is 60 minutes and there are three passages to be completed.

One can equally divide his or her time by providing 20 minutes to each passage. Concluding, all the explained tips are very helpful and can serve you your aim effectively.

However, you must practice hard to improve your skills as much as you can. One can do this by reading diverse texts and articles on a regular basis to improve the reading speed.

You can also find several IELTS Practice Test | Mock Tests, that is rendered by many reputed websites for better preparation of the students.

Practicing the questions and tasks from these papers assist the students to get intimate with the reading questions. Moreover, while practicing, one should lay emphasis on practicing for self-reading rather than always solving the IELTS Reading questions.

By doing this, one can learn various skills in an interesting manner. Check FourModules, who have good range of IELTS Practice Test and Mock Test at a very low price.

The IELTS Reading task works very fast & quick and it requires a lot of concentration which one should apply precisely.


How to do the Reading Section of CELPIP?

Any aspirant dreaming of being a citizen or a resident ship holder in Canada has to give proof of his or her English proficiency as a requirement, like CELPIP or IELTS.

Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program or CELPIP is a specially designed computer oriented exam for this purpose that measures your abilities using four sound tools of English: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

Each skill is equally essential to absorb any language effortlessly and precisely. Similarly, CELPIP also uses them to judge a person’s eligibility and can one be able to get mixed up with the environment and atmosphere of this country.

Initially, the test begins with the listening module, and as we sail through the test, a candidate has to deal with several reading activities in the second division of the test.

Notably, many students seem to have this module challenging, as, you come across various types of contexts. However, this section can fetch you higher grades if one implements some valuable and influential tips.

The first thing to note before facing the tips & tricks is that this module is a batch of diverse classifications of reading texts like correspondence, diagrams, texts, or visuals.

And the time limit for this module is 55-60 minutes. We must understand that each task maintains a different format and structure.

Similarly, one must seek to distinguished tips for each section, to flourish in every question. Commencing with the test, the first part is READING CORRESPONDENCE in which you have to read a particular correspondence, like an e-mail or a letter and have to fill the blanks with the most suitable choice.


Likewise, this task challenges your skimming & scanning abilities, along with the appropriateness of the answer. Also, when you read the text for the first time, acquire a general understanding of the passage.

To illustrate, who is the writer or recipient, and what is the letter about. Similarly, while solving the questions, read and reply to the question sentence-by-sentence.

This assists you to progress further comfortably. Subsequently comes task 2, READING THE DIAGRAM, where you have to encounter a diagram or a chart to respond to the question.

And the key to answering this question conveniently is that you should be able to infer the comparisons and recognize the measurements like prices, or degrees.

As an outcome, you can make yourself trained concerning the type of language in which you should answer. Following it appears several paragraphs and you have to match them with their correct title.

As a whole, this task is named as READING FOR INFORMATION and the best way to recognize the title is to read the first & last line of the passage attentively. Notably, it supports you to extract the most influential and strongest idea that goes with the title adequately.

Heading forward towards the end of the part, one has to READ FOR VIEWPOINTS and in this, you have to read an article concentrating on the keywords, and then can respond to the questions.

Some strategies that you must follow to complete this task is, that one should have the technical vocabulary, and must also familiarize himself or herself with contemporary issues like science, technology, medicine, or social issues.

Additionally, it also builds a strong foundation of your factual skills as these will be assessed primarily for this question.

Thus, one should pay attention while attempting any question and must understand the overall message of the type provided.

Consequently, it can be done by identifying out the general idea from the text or image as skimming and scanning are two main steps that support your reading strength.

Moreover, as you progress, the tasks become harder, so one should prepare himself or herself mentally for this as well.

Another valuable strategy for this particular section is the elimination theory because all the questions come in the form of Multiple Choice Questions, and one has to select the appropriate option from it.

As a result, this method is very remedial, in which one omits all the incorrect options first rather than finding the right answer.

Because of this, one gets to compare only the relatable options, and he or she can pick the accurate answer effortlessly.

Further scrutinizing the reading segment, another platform that students lack is the answers written in the synonym or paraphrased form.

However, it is necessary to learn that it is not always true that the options you are looking for in the text will be in the same form as in the

On the contrary, to check the capability of a candidate in-depth, the options are either the synonyms or the language is twisted (without changing the meaning).

Thus, an aspirant must prepare accordingly and should read a variety of texts daily to widen the area of his or her vocabulary.

It also supports in solving the opinion-based questions asked in the questionnaire. Reading to the news headlines and websites are also beneficial to understand and practice reading diagrams, charts, information, and many more.

In addition to it, speed reading also counts as one of the most essential requirements involved in the reading process.

Similarly, to enhance and improve your reading speed, one can also indulge him or her in reading a novel.

Being a long & lengthy book, it acts as a backbone to reading a text steadily. Along with that, while reading, make a habit of not using the dictionary before interpreting the meaning on your own because you will not find any, on the test-day.

Likewise, this habit is also valuable in finding correct answers if you succeed in predicting even the nearest meaning of any tricky word.

Conversely, several candidates try to determine the unscored question in the reading and listening section, which is not worth it because one can never identify them. Instead, this will lose their concentration level.

In spite of it, you must attempt all the questions and tasks with complete efforts and enthusiasm to achieve maximum benefits and higher grades.

Moreover, as one is aware of the fact that all the questions are asked in the form of MCQs. Thus, one should avoid predicting the answers.

On the contrary, one will find each answer in the given options only, leaving behind no reason to predict any solution.

Furthermore, it is also very essential to recognize the writer’s tone, language, and purpose of writing. It helps one to know and understand more about the topic and its subject in detail.

Later, comes the scoring pattern and one must learn how he or she will be scored. Briefly, the examiner assesses all the candidates based on their vocabulary, knowledge of the subject & theme behind it, understanding and comparing the data, opinions, and fluency.


All the stated platforms collectively form the base of the English Reading. If a person lacks at any step, he or she should improve it, to ace the test effortlessly.

Subsequently, this can be done only by practicing, which is known as the brightest lamp leading to success.

One can find ample material on the official and many reputed & supporting websites, whose aim is to become a helping hand for all the aspirants of CELPIP. You will find diverse CELPIP Practice Test | Mock Test on these sites, that serve you the best assignments & questions to prepare well for the test.

Along with that, they even cater to you the knowledge of the test formats, remedial tips & strategies, and previous year questions for better preparation. There are so many websites for it, but FourModules gives you best services at low price.

In addition to it, their supportive mock tests under timed conditions provide a supportive ground for the candidates.

And, evaluation of your practice responses by skilled and qualified experts, in no less than 1-2 days adds glitter to the gold. All these tips and planning will help an applicant to smoothed out his or her skills.


15 Best IELTS Coaching Classes in Hyderabad

Selecting an overseas education during your college time is probably the best decision you will ever make in your life.

An education program in abroad will benefit you in ways beyond your expectations and imagination.

These education programs abroad provide you with a chance to experience a unique diversified culture, make lifelong connections and friendships, and get education the goes beyond your holistic development.

Are you someone who aspires to go abroad for your further studies to follow a particular discipline? Or would love to travel to a different part of the world? Or you wish to immigrate to a foreign land?

best ielts coaching in hyderabad

One solution to all of these things is to study abroad. For studying aboard first you need to be proficient in English and for that the Ielts is the ideal program to follow.

A proper understanding of an English curriculum is vital for getting admission in abroad.

The IELTS program also used for visa purposes. The atmosphere in these programs is such that the students are able to be involved in several different competitive strategies.

Although the IELTS is a great program some peoples still find is hard to trust and feel for the exam because the cracking ratio of these exams is less because of the limited number of seats.

IELTS is not a native Indian program.

With the support and assistance of the universities abroad, it is conducted on the international level.

A lot of different institutes are now offering classes to teach you and make you excel in English languages.

So, if you wish to excel in your educational levels then get this exam cleared at any cost. There’s nothing too difficult and it will help you win over others without any difficulty. So, do try these amazing exams.

TOP 15 IELTS coaching in Hyderabad

1. Texas Review India Pvt. Ltd.

Texas review India Pvt. Ltd. is among the best English coaching classes in Hyderabad. The primary focus here in this Academy is given on the PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL exams.

At the same time, they are known for offering additional knowledge about reasoning comprehension and verbal ability.

You can also get some additional exposure to CAT and GMAT at this very institute.

Texas Review India Pvt. Ltd. guarantees to provide the ideal environment and atmosphere for adequate study system.

Every member of its faculty is always engraving for the best possible results. It divides its applicants into tiny groups and offers individual and personalized attention to each of them.

Only six classes are held during the weekend. The timing of the classes is made extremely flexible for the students who are working part-time.

One of the best features of studying in this Institute includes the study material which is provided by the Cambridge as Cambridge study material.

Regular mock papers and tests are also given to the candidates to check their understanding of the subject. The mode of exams is available in both offline and online option.

Texas Review India has come up with great results in the past few years. The exposure that you get here is great and productive enough to offer mastered information about the subject.

By enrolling here one can improve her or her English proficiency to a great extent.

Fee Structure:

It is a one month course and you have to pay Rs 7000. And the classes are held on the alternate days of the week.

Address: Door No. 7-1-22/3/It05/J, Flat No. 401, Afzia Towers, Begumpet, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500016

Contact details: +917306848314

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2. IELTS Guru Consulting

IELTS Guru Consulting is one of the most secured and oldest coaching institutes in Hyderabad. Due to its impeccable track record over the years people trust it for its brand name.

Various educational programs are available in this institute and one of them is IELTS.

Yes, a lot of ex-students of this institute have claimed that IELTS Guru consulting is the ideal institute for the preparation of IELTS exam.

It has several experienced faculty members for establishing support and trust in Hyderabad. Here every student is provided with a personal touch in order to maximize their performance.

Most of the mock tests are well listed and highly qualified. It keeps track of the slightest change in the exam patterns of IELTS.

There’re several different on-site resources for tacking the comprehension of knowledge solving. The levels of students are utilized for dividing batches and easy understanding of the study matter.

The study material students get here is pretty adequate and simple to grasp. So, it is a great pick for studying for IELTS exams.

Fee Structure:

The offer a course of one month at Rs 7000 per and the classes are held daily.

Address: Plot No. 202 G1, Ratna Complex, Hitech City, Hyderabad – 500016

Contact details: +917569002289

ielts coaching in hyderabad himayat nagar

3.Vakrangee Consultancy

The Vakrangee Consultancy is ranked as the three most leading organization for IELTS. This rank is given with the number of likes for the academy.

The four major skills of English taught with added focus: Reading, speaking, writing, & listening. This can make learners speak easily.

The development is necessary by each student who comes for the IELTS examination. This academy will make you educate the top concepts and most necessary skills for the examination.

Scholars get familiar with the demands of IELTS and try to grasp the best familiarity out of it. The positive base is lead for the English language by such academy in Hyderabad.

One can make a good name in a very little period. Necessary mock tests are going to held by the institute, which would make you information for all types of questions been asked.

There are several teachers who are appointed from the UK, and they can truly offer some best solving and learning skills. One will get to learn regarding the test set-up and how to solve it within time.

The courses are optimized for test possible and reliability.

Address: No. 3-6-427/1, 4th Floor, Street No. 4 & 5, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad – 500029

Contact details: +917569011772


4.UMacx Edge

IELTS is exceptionally frank to ask you about all the related skills of the English Language. And the UMacx Edge is good enough to offer speaking, reading, and writing skills.

This coaching is proved to be excellent if English is not your cup of tea. It holds numerous teaching assessment skills and techniques for pursuing the top batch ever.

The faculty staff is also from overseas who would like to build a change in the existing pattern of teaching. They can give you some more basic solutions to the difficulty.

The ordinary errors and intonation can be made effectual using every day teaching methodologies. The teachers here are going to offer an added session for PD classes.

Now, this is a good point that this institute is holding. Not everybody is going to offer you the same. The programs are applied for optimizing the test potential and to evaluate the potential of the scholars.

The adapted counseling sessions are also held by the academy for making the scholar recognize the meaning of IELTS. So, this is one of the top-ranked academies and one can join it for getting an excellent result in the examination.

Address: No. 1-23/1/2, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Kothaguda Road, Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500032

Contact details: +918374860055


5. Its Possible Institute

As the name indicates, It’s Possible is one of the tops and famous coaching centers for IELTS. It is completely devoted to the Indian aspirants who desire to crack the exam in easy ways.

Tropical education is usually for education and migration services offer visa facilities for certain students. So, generally, it is the combination of the best parts.

One can effortlessly create a good name while studying in famous academies.

The sessions are conducted in both morning and classes. In mastering standard classes, there is a demand to focus on the basic part. And this academy is excellent enough to offer all the applicable material.

The major focus is to be done on IELTS & TOEFL. Students need to organize with a more deep matter, and this material is given by TEAMS from an overseas university.

So, they are providing you exposure to learning beyond limits. One will love the inner site and the outside environment of the institute.

Most of the students enroll here just because of the surroundings. Furthermore, tailored sessions are held for keeping the existing status of the exam.

This institute has also given some outstanding results for IELTS India.

Address: Flat No. 302, Rose Tower, Dabeerpura, Hyderabad

Contact details: +917569010337

ielts coaching in dilsukhnagar

6. Speak Well Spoken English

The speak well spoken English is now approaching the concept of English studies with an innovative mindset, logic, and methodologies.

This assist in making a good outlook on students for a great future, the finest education choices can be made here without giving up on anything.

The environment of this institute is known or developing creative minds. The student began to think about different terminologies and ways.

The expert faculty in this institute are competent enough to give and clear the basic material required for clearing IELTS.

Lifelong learning services are also provided to the students studying here. The reason is that teachers are giving great exposure to foreign universities; the supreme authority of this institute is right education with the accurate right conduct.

Students can easily change their whole life when studying in a famous institute in Hyderabad. Here applicants are also provided with career guidance as to the supreme majority.

Address: No. 319/3rt, Ground Floor, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, Hyderabad – 500038

Contact details: +917306946567


7. The Chopras institute

The excellent results by the chopras are proof of the top-class education provided there.

A lot of its students are getting admissions to some of the most renowned international universities. The countries can Australia, America, and Europe. For ensuring better interpretation results proper assessment of each student is done here efficiently.

Each student is educated with the goal of achieving the best he can get and this goal is further accelerated with the help of the experienced staff here.

Every student receives customized support here. Exclusive mock test is also prepared and given to the students when they are feeling comfortable.

Different levels of tests are also prepared by the special faculty here by doing this student gets complete control over the activities they are performing and trying to excel in.

The result of these activities and mock tests are assessed in the overall marks of the tests. The environment at chopras is learning friendly and here the students can find the source of competition.

This institute is specially prepared for helping students in clearing their IELTS exams. For those students who find English tougher than another subject, it would be easier to comprehend it in this institute.


Address: Corporate Office, 10th, 1006 Chiranjivi Tower 43, Nehru Place, Delhi – 110019

Contact details: +918971820620


8. VPROV Learning Solution Pvt. Ltd

VPROV Learning Solution Pvt. Ltd is one of the professional IELTS institutes in Hyderabad. Their main aim is making sure that their students qualify the IELTS.

In such competitive exams, it is good to prepare and know the requirements for passing it. So, before the admission here at VPROV clear requirements are clearly narrated before the student.

Here students will be surrounded by great nourishing and learning environment which is ideal for learning a new language such as English. It is located in a less crowded area so there is not that much traffic and students can easily get there.

A lot of students from different parts of our country take the IELTS exams and similar competition exposure is provided here.

VPROV will provide you with several different opportunities for the selection in some of the top universities abroad after you crack the exams.

Overall, this institute is offering a full-fledged atmosphere to get the finest possible experience and all the vital skills. Various specialized sessions are also held to test out those skills.

And it is impossible to quality the IELTS exam without accurate skills. Here you will be provided with some of the best opportunities to get in top international universities.

The exposure you will get here is perfect for any hard-working aspirant. making it an ideal institute to enroll in for cracking a competitive exam like IELTS.

Address: No.814, Sri Sai Ram Estates, Kompally, Next To Suraksha Hospitals, Kompally, Hyderabad – 500019

Contact details: +918811888555


9. Prasanna’s Overseas Academy

Prasanna’s Overseas Academy is probably one of the oldest and finest institutes in Hyderabad. It has a great part in getting the highest number of students.

A lot of its formal students are now working in several different countries in abroad and earning huge income.

This was made possible only with the assistance of the IELTS which is now taken everywhere. A worldwide level exam has some exceptional international requirements. These requirements must be complied with at an international level.

English proficiency is vital for you to get entry to some of the leading international universities.

Here, students are provided with regular classes in both evening and morning. One batch is consisting of fifty students so that the teacher is able to give personalized help to each student.

At the same time, the expert faculty members of this institute are capable enough to offer the finest proficiency skills.

For maintaining the warmth of IELTS full English procedure and environment is followed here. Mock papers are up to date with the current requirements of IELTS and are conducted on a weekly basis.

This makes it easier for candidates to check their skills and performance. It is the most fruitful thing for fresher’s. A student from all over India can expect a great learning environment here.

Address: 401, 4th Floor, Revathi Apartments, Satyam Theatre Road, Opp Annapurna block, Ameerpet, Hyderabad – 500038

Contact details: +917569002499


10. Novus Educational Academy Pvt. Ltd

Novus Educational Academy Pvt. Ltd has made a name for itself for providing its students with the best possible atmosphere and curriculum for qualifying the IELTS test.

It is aiming to make each of its students qualify the test and make their way to America. This institute can really help you to reach new heights. So, as you might have guessed now, everyday task according to a fixed schedule is don here.

And no student is allowed to skip their daily classes. Every class has its unique way of enhancing your skill and is important in its own way.

You must understand the significance of the IELTS test first and then enroll here. Here you will be given the adequate study material for better preparation of the regular tests and classes.

For making students comfortable with the latest exam pattern regular mock tests are conducted here. So, you are sure to get a great learning environment here.

Only a hardworking student can keep up with the various topics that are included in the exams.

If you want to surround yourself with a great environment and best study material then you should consider enrolling here.

Address: D.No. 5-1-100, Maheshwar Complex, Kukatpally, Hyderabad – 500072

Contact details: +917306911851


How difficult IELTS really is?

top ielts coaching in hyderabad

Well, the complexity of the IELTS exams completely depends on how difficult English is for you. The IELTS test is your standard four parts test – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Here is a bit of detail about each section of this exam:


This part involves three passages and the question acording to these passages. The difficulty of this section increases with each passing passage but it is simple as long as you can clearly grasp what the concerned passage is about.


Writing can prove to be difficult for a lot of students. This part contains 2 questions one is the analysis picture or chart and the second question is consists of argument. If you are planning to apply for a program that requires graduate research or literature, the university will want you to score high in the section.


In the listening section, you will be asked to answer the question after hearing a recording. It is the easiest part of the exam, you just need to be attentive and you are all good to go.


One cannot just say this section is easy or tough because for some it might seem like a child’s play but some it might prove to be the most difficult.

In this section, you just need to hold a conversation with a person for 10 minutes considering the fact that you are not going to talk to them again. Do not screw up on grammar and vocabulary and you are all set.

Well, in the end, we can say that it is not that difficult with just a bit of practice and improving upon the weak points you can easily clear this IELTS exam.

What is the difference between IELTS and TOEFL?


Both of these tests are made to assess the English proficiency of an individual in four skills speaking, reading, listening and writing. In the TOEFL all these skills are accessed together while in the IELTS these four skills are measured independently.

IELTS is used for immigration, educational and occupational purposes, and is widely accepted by universities from all over the world.

The TOEFL exam also accesses the candidate’s ability to communicate in English in university and classroom-based settings. It is also accepted by thousands of institutions worldwide.

So as you can guess there is not that much of a difference between the two the only major difference you can find is the way in which the exams are conducted in these two programs.

Why is IELTS important? 

More than ten thousand educational organizations trust IELTS internationally, so when you attempt this test and clear it you can be confident that this very exam is recognized by employers, educational institutions, professional bodies and governments from all over the world.

As one of the leaders of four English skill testing thirty years ago, IELTS still continues to set new standards for English language testing today.

For the immigration applications of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand’s government make use of IELTS.

How does IELTS work?

The IELTS program has been prepared by the world’s top language testing professionals and will assess the complete range of English skills necessary for success in your study and job placement abroad.

In the IELTS program your English skills will be tested on the following elements:

• Reading

• Listening

• Speaking

• Writing

Types of IELTS

There’re two different types of test for IELTS that are available in India i.e. IELTS General Training or IELTS Academic training. The selection of the test depends on what you are planning to do.

IELTS Academic

The Academic training program of IELTS measures whether the applicants English language level is suitable for academic studies.

It consists of aspects of academic languages and appraises whether you are prepared to start studying and training.

IELTS General Training

The General training program of IELTS measures the candidate’s English proficiency in an everyday, practical context. The tests and tasks reflect both social and workplace situations.

If you’re taking this test to help you in a UK visa application, study or live in the UK then you might need to take the UK immigration and visas IELTS test.

How to Choose Best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad?

Itself Hyderabad is making a hub of coaching institutes for different exams like IIT, NEET, SSC, IELTS, etc. you need to focus on these points to get the one that suits your needs the best:

1. Search for a reputable and well-known coaching institute in Hyderabad. You might come across a lot of different institutes offering the classes for similar exams but there is only one that is best. So, try to focus and find out the best one.

2. The experience of the faculty of the institutes matters a lot. An experienced teacher is able to provide you with more knowledge with the given set of examples. So, try to find out the institute with the best faculties.

3. Try to focus more on the environment that assists you to be better in English.

4. The last tip is just simply picking the best coaching institute in Hyderabad

If you are someone who is looking for IELTS coaching institutes in Hyderabad then here we have compiled a list of top Hyderabad institutes for IELTS to make your search a bit easier,


Each institute is going to offer you great services and it is up to you to make the most out of it. Just remember that joining a great institute is not going to automatically qualify you for the exams you must work hard and use the help that the teachers of these institutes provide you and improve all of your weak points.


Top 20 Best IELTS Coaching Institute in Chennai

IELTS is an abbreviation for International English Language Testing System estimates the language capacity of a person who need to study or work where English is utilized as a language of correspondence.

Most prevalent utilization of IELTS is for study, work, and movement to English talking nations like Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and UK.

This test is led by British Council and IDP Education Ltd. The method of test is Computer and Paper – conveyed test.

The score go is on a size of 1 (the most reduced) to 9 (the most elevated). The enlistment charge for IELTS is Rs.13,250.

For taking the IELTS, your base age ought to be in any event 16 years and you should have a substantial international ID.

The test principally measures the capacity of a person to convey in the four fundamental English language abilities – tuning in, perusing, talking, and composing.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) by and large has two organizations IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

You can select both of them relying on your necessity or the college/course you will apply. You can give it for the same number of as times you need.

IELTS test is directed each month for 2 – multiple times. So you can book your test dates in an equivalent month also yet it is ordinarily exhorted that you ought not to show up for the test no nearer than once in a time of two months.

These are the Top IELTS Coaching Classes in Chennai

Horizons Ielts Coaching Center

About coaching:
Venkat sir is a great trainer of this center. He teaches everybody about language by studying weak areas of the students and his individual attention gave a concrete strategy to master writing, speaking, reading and listening sections.

He is multi-disciplinary in his approach that gave a tremendous edge in taking IELTS exams. His flexible schedule, regular reviews, customized training to cover the week areas and honest feedback allow to move one step ahead towards the goal.

The best thing about being coached by venkat sir is he puts extra effort to improve vocabulary and weak areas since he has vast knowledge in every field.

His ability to give impromptu speech on any topic is superb. He is certified trainer and with his personalized attention and high quality study materials he help students to achieve a band of 7 and above (overall 8) in all sections within a short period of time.

His personal interest, involvement and enthusiasm motivates the students to work hard towards their goal.

This coaching assess students individually and give them support systems which stimulate their natural talents and passion for writing and speaking English.
This coaching has interactive sessions which enhances students’ participation and language perception.

It also allows them to write and speak effortlessly and creatively about anything.
The environment of this coaching is very friendly and motivating which provides personal attention to everybody.Special programs are organized which focus on one’s learning style.

Fees details:
The total fees for the IELTS exam is Rs.13100.
Contact Details:
Address: 3 A Sri Siva Ganapathy Flats, Netaji Nagar Main Road, Hasthinapuram, Chennai-600064.
Mobile No.: 9080017013

Top ielts classes in chennai

Synthia’s IELTS&PTE Coaching

About coaching
Synthia’s is one of the coaching for preparation of IELTS. This institute is the best place to study for then IELTS exam as the teachers over here are excellent and would make you understand everything and get you prepared for the exam.

They provide sufficient assignments and mock tests and one to one coaching. They also provide flexibility with timings and set the one to one session with the convenience of the student in mind i.e. no doubt should be left in student mind.

They allow students to learn and grasp the things quickly according to the ability of the students which help them to get through IELTS exam.

It has individual trainings which is clear and excellent. Speaking classes of this institute is really great.

They provide mock test and assignments for the better learning of students.They also provide flexible work hours according to suitability of an individual.

One to one sessions are allowed for doubt clearance.
They provide easy and efficient study material for the students which help them a lot in learning and grasping things.

Fees details:
The fee of this coaching for IELTS is INR 10800.
Contact Details:

Address: No 200, TAMBARAM East, Velachery Main Road, 600059, Chennai
Mobile No.: +91 93856 12706
Email: [email protected]


Aadele Training Nungambakkam Chennai IEL

About coaching:
Aadele is one of the training institute that provide training for entrance exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT etc. It provides training for academic as well as general modules.

It has well-experienced and dedicated faculty which clears every doubt of the students. This coaching provide flexible class timings according to the suitability of the students.

Special extra classes are organized for the students who are weak in grammar to provide proper training to the required students.

Comprehensive study material is provided to every student for easy learning and grasping of the topics.

Training is provided to students for both Academic & General Modules. This institute has well-experienced as well as dedicated faculty.

It provides flexible class scheduling for the students so that they can join or learn according to their suitability.

This center also provides comprehensive course material for the easy learning of the students. Time Bound IELTS General & Academic Mock Tests are organized to check performance of the students.

These mock tests help students to know where they actually stand and on which portion they need to work upon.

In this institute personalized attention to each student. Basic Grammar Training are given to required candidates.

Fees details:
The average fees of this institute is Rs.11300.
Contact Details:
Address: D1, Rams Square, #2, Village Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 034
Mobile No.: 914442177228
Email: [email protected]

Lautten International Pvt Ltd Study Abroad & IELT

About coaching:

Lautten International Pvt. Ltd is one of the IELTS training institute. It was started as a training institute but over the course of time it has changed and emerged as an overseas educational consultancy.

It was established by Arun Sasindran and Abhishek Chitra Soman. The objective of this institute is to inspire and educate students regarding the different prospects of education and career opportunities in Canada.

Every individual is considered on equal level or everyone is treated equally in Lautten International institute.

This coaching had experienced and professional faculty members that develop a unique strategy to prepare and guide the students to make the right choice at the right time for their career.

Its IELTS training program is organized by highly qualified and educated trainers to give the students plenty of practice with tips and techniques required to take the test in full confidence and to come out with successful results.

It also provide wide range of services from admission assistance to post-departure services.

This institute provide different aspects of education and opportunities to the students.The faculty of this institute is highly sophisticated, qualified and educated. It provides services from admission assistance to post- departure services.

Every individual gets equal preferences or priority. Trainers of this institute provide abundance of practice as well as tips and techniques so that students can fulfil their goals.

Fees details:
The average fees of this institute is Rs.5,000 to 8,000 per month.
Contact Details:
Address: Sigaram towers, No.51, Kumaran colony main road, Vadapalani, Chennai, India
Mobile No.: 094880 11292
Email: [email protected]

best ielts classes in chennai

Kornerston Academy

About coaching:
Kornerston Academy is the right place for individuals who look forward for proper guidance and the right choice to gain knowledge on the preferred course.

It is an excellent place where one can strategize its plan and execute accordingly. Everyday assessment and individual attention are provided and well-appreciated.

This academy has amazing atmosphere and so is very convenient to study. Teachers are very friendly and supportive.

They understands the weakness of each and every individual and will focus on improving the weak areas. Students find great difference within themselves from first day to the last day.

Methods taught in the classes are quite easy that can be easily understood by the students. The faculties have a unique approach handling the students and the explanatory skills are way too impactful.

The attention given to each student is incredible and remarkable. They train the students in such a way by identifying one’s strength and weakness.

Good handouts are given in both hard copy and soft copy for practice which make an individual one step ahead towards their goal.

Everyday assessment and individual attention are provided and well-appreciated. Good handouts are given in both hard copy and soft copy for practice which make an individual one step ahead towards their success.

Methods taught in the classes are quite easy that can be easily understood by the students. Teachers are very friendly and supportive.

They understands the weakness of each and every individual and will focus on improving the weak areas. The attention given to each student is incredible and remarkable. The faculties have a unique approach handling the students and the explanatory skills are way too impactful.

Fees details:
The average fees of this institute is Rs.5, 000 to 8, 000 per month.

Contact Details:
Address: 2/169, Vengaivasal Main Road, Velachery Main Road, VGR. Complex 2nd Floor, Santhosapuram, Near Santhosapuram Bus Stop, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600073
Mobile No.: 098416 03337
Email: [email protected]


BroadMind Study Abroad Consultant

About coaching:
BroadMind Study Abroad Consultant provides perfect blend of genial learning experience at the center. They provide comprehensive material for the students which help them for preparation and provides a great deal of practice.

The faculty is indubitably helpful in solving last minute doubts, analyzing essays as well as update the students with the recent questions.

The one on one sessions for the speaking section are organized which is equally helpful. They help in realizing the weaknesses of an individual and provides various strategies to avert them.

With their guidance one can be able to achieve this coup. BroadMind provides comfortable and friendly atmosphere to the students.

Doubts of every student is cleared in a short span of time. The faculty of this institute is well-educated and qualified. Teachers give a lot of ideas about the IELTS test.

They are very supportive and motivate the students a lot. Classes of this institute are very interactive and interesting.

The difficulty level of the reading and listening section are high and time management during speaking was crucial so BroadMind help the students by providing good study material. It provides individual attention to every individual.
They provide comprehensive material for the students which help them for preparation and provide deal of practice.The faculty is indubitably helpful in solving last minute doubts, analyzing essays as well a supdate the students with the recent questions.

One on one sessions are organized which help students a lot.The classes of this institute are interactive.
The faculty of this institute is well-educated and qualified which motivates the students a lot.

Fees details:
The average fees of this institute is Rs.9000/-
Contact Details:
Address: 296/257, Arcot Road, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026
Mobile No.: 076038 00800
E-mail: [email protected]

Top ielts coaching in chennai

VLC Institute 

About coaching:
VLC Language Center is a foremost language Institute in Chennai. It is equipped with a Language Lab.

In the language lab, learners can learn a language with the help of a teacher and can get familiar with any language of his/her choice.

The learner can improve his speaking skills and can understand the different dialects and accents of the same language.

This institute has a dedicated team of experts, staff, professionals and faculties which are well-qualified and educated. These faculty except teaching, also provides counselling as to how to score high in the exams.

The classes were very effective and teachers of this institute is very helpful in clearing every silly doubts of the students too.

Different ideas is given by teachers to improve the language and grammar of the individuals. The ambiance is too good.

Everywhere around individuals one can see many positive posters which spreads positive vibes.

The faculty teach students in a manner that every student can easily grasp the functions and how to use the language properly is brilliant.

Intonation (Speech Music), Liaisons (word connections) and Pronunciation (the spoken sounds of vowels, consonants and combination) are taught well in this institute.

Certain mock classes are organized which includes Public Speaking, Non-Verbal Communication (Body Language), Effective Business Communication, Meeting Skills, Presentation Skills and negotiating skills.

Faculty of this institute motivates the students time-to-time which help in building self-confidence within them. Trainers are re-trained periodically to prepare with the latest needs & trends of the field.

This institute provides excellent teaching, coaching, training & development people of all ages.

Teachers at VLC have a university degree, a recognized teaching certificate and relevant teaching experience.In this institute you get to choose your study schedule and select from a wide range of course options.

Fees details:
The duration of the course is 40 hours and the fees is Rs.3000.
Contact Details:
Address: No. 10, 2nd Floor, Kaveri Complex, Kaveri Complex, Ramaswamy Street, Tambaram West, Chennai – 600045
Landmark: NEAR Tambaram Railway Station

Mobile No.: 098409 87542
Email: [email protected]

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AngLo (One-2-One IELTS English Training)

About coaching:
AngLo is one of the institute in India that has clutched state, national and international awards for its excellence and achievements in academics.

This institute gives more importance on students mind development. The trainers of this institute are very co-operative. Trainers are always ready to help the students.

The Anglos environment is very motivating. Its main moto is to pick the weakness of the student and help the student to get rid of that weakness. The trainers help individuals to speak freely and correctly.

This institute is very good in terms of the way of teaching.
Anglo always motivates the students to achieve higher whenever they are not be able to perform well.

Study material provided by coaching have each and every step to learn different modules with ease. As an example, sentence formation using 15 different types would be useful in the scope of scoring higher band in writing.

In this coaching you can learn much vocabulary and gain knowledge.

It is a one to one training and they train individual in all four modules listening, reading, writing and speaking.

They also send vocabulary to every individual every day to your registered mobile number so that you can learn a lot.
Some of its award titles are as follows:
1. Bharat Vidya Shiromani Award
2. Viswa Jyothi Award
3. Rashtria Gaurav Gold Medal Award
4. Pride of International Education Excellence Award
5. Golden Achiever Award and Gold Medal
6. Bharat Vibhushan Samman Puraskar
7. Rajiv Gandhi Education Excellence Award
8. Life Time Education Achievement Award
9. Certificate of Appreciation from IG of Police, Intelligence, TN.


This coaching provides original and latest Cambridge book material for IELTS exams. Effective Explanation and Evaluation is done to ensure growth prospects. The customized training schedule is provided to everyone for their convenience.

This institute provides digital support like Vocabulary and Pronunciation support through SMS, mail and android apps.

Modules of this institute are of high standard which help in upgrading level of students.
Received 9 state, national and international level awards and citation for the excellence in the field of Education.

Every student spends at least 30 minutes with a particular module trainer every day to get explanation, correction and feedback.

Fees details:
The fees structure of this institute according to different duration is as follows:
Regular -> Rs.12000/-
Weekend -> Rs.12000/-
Fast Track -> Rs.14000/-

Contact Details:
Address: No 577 1st Floor 1st Block, Valayapathy Road, Mogappair East, Chennai – 600037 (Near MMM Hospital)
Mobile No.: 9152133521
Email: [email protected]

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 ielts coaching in chennai fees

THE IMMACULATE Training & Consulting

About coaching

The Immaculate Institute is one of the best training institute for entrance exams. Its faculty is well-educated and study material is written in simple language for the IELTS preparation.

They have a one to one training session which makes them to identify the positives and negatives points of the students and help to rectify it.

It provides excellent training, support and guidance to the students for English fluency. Faculty of this institute provides many tips and strategies to improve communication, pronunciation, grammar, and personality skills of an individual.

It has peaceful environment which help students to maintain dedication towards their work.
The trainers are very professional and intelligent. They spent quality time with students and give good tips, strategies and guidance which help students to achieve the score.

The atmosphere of this coaching is calm and the staff and trainers are very supportive and friendly.

The classes are interactive with various activities like communication skills, group discussions etc. which kept the minds of students active all the time and there is never a dull moment.

Apart from confidence, communication skills, one learn many values in life from this institute.


The faculty members are experts in English language training. They have trained individuals for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, TOEIC, KET, YLE, BEC, CAE, SAT, GRE, GMAT, CAT, XAT, CMAT, NEET, IAS, TNPSC and Bank coaching to secure a very high score.

They act like a mentor to the students. Students who are two months old in our institution are able to speak confidently and their mistakes are corrected then and there in the classroom.

The sessions are very interactive and innovative. Students are encouraged to come up with ideas and the same are implemented by the trainers.

THE IMMACULATE is constantly upgrading its training methodologies and aims to deliver the best to the students.

Fees details:
The average fee of this institute is Rs.9000/-.
Contact Details:
Address: No 7, Saikiran Apartments, 3D Third floor, 1st Main Road, near Ambika Appalam, Kasturba Nagar, ADYAR, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020
Phone No.: 044-2446 2116
Email: [email protected]


ReLearn Pro – IELTS Coaching in Chennai

About coaching

ReLearn pro is a great learning platform for the ones who want to achieve their goals. The notes given by this institute is highly useful.

They had a certified trainer who provided individual training. The trainer is highly professional and knowledgeable. They have a relaxed learning setup which was really unique and helpful.

Relearn pro provides a good platform to explore over grammar and communication skills.

The staff is very friendly and never hesitates to clear doubts in and around the course.

Proper materials is provided for the students. The coaching make students well prepared to face the entrance exam.

The method of teaching was very nice in this coaching.

They make the concept easy to understand and the atmosphere is also good. Trainers in this institute are enthusiastic in training students.

The study material provided by this institute is highly useful and knowledgeable.

The faculty of this institute is very friendly and solves every doubt of the students.

The atmosphere of this institute is very peaceful. Trainers of this institute motivates the students timely.
Faculty of this institute is highly qualified and knowledgeable.

Fees details:
The average fees amount is Rs.10000 for IELTS Coaching. The course duration is 60 hours and daily classes. They explained regarding the course and its benefits.

Contact Details:
Address: 149, 1C, 2nd Floor (Above AXIS BANK) Opposite to DLF IT Park, Mount Poonamalle High Road, Ramapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600089
Phone: 089399 92688



About coaching

TORAH VENTURES is the best center to get trained for IELTS exam. The strategies, procedures and tricks will help students to work picture perfect and can make anybody irrespective of their level of skill in the language to come flying colors.

The best part about the coaching is the refresher training. If a person attends just these refreshers alone, he/she can get a high possibility of scoring 7+ band.

The trainer and staffs are always available to help the students. Even though the classes seem to the crowded, individual care is given to everyone and the progress is noted accordingly.

The trainer may seem tough but applying the method and tips religiously helps in one’s improvement. The assignments are corrected promptly and the study materials provide additional support to the students.

Faculty follows the progress of every student relentlessly and strictly which pushes the students to exhibit their talents.

They identify the individual’s weakness and provide individual coaching to convert their weakness in their strength. Teachers of this institute provides good guidance and practice so that one can achieve their goals.

She is the one who focuses on the strength and weakness of each and every student with valuable instant feedback (with a smiling face).

Her commitment and dedication for the student’s result is astounding. This is a place meant for people who focus on the exam with high score and aim high to reach their career or academic goals.

Overall, the environment and supporting staffs create a good learning atmosphere to learn peacefully and with dedication for the students.


The strategies, procedures and tricks will help students to one step ahead towards their goal. It makes anybody irrespective of their level of skill and understanding in the language to come up with successful results.

The environment and supporting staffs create a good learning atmosphere to learn peacefully. Equal care is given to everyone and the progress is noted accordingly.

The assignments are corrected promptly and the study materials provide additional support to the students.

Fees details:
The average fees for this institute is Rs.7000/-
Contact Details:
Address: New No 200, Old No 254, Velachery Main Road, Tambaram East, Chennai – 600059, Opposite to Space Cade and Near Christ Kings Girls School
Mobile No.: +91-8048033887
Email: [email protected]

Score Getter

About coaching

ScoreGetter is one of the institute that works with top-ranked universities in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

This institute has dedicated and professional team always at hand to help students to achieve their objectives. The interactive nature and the flexibility of the classes help the students immensely.

All the doubts encountered by students cleared at convenient timing. Staff of this institute is friendly enough to help students as per their strengths and weaknesses.

Exclusive vocabulary sessions are held which no other institution does.

It provides pedagogy and strategies which contribute to the students’ contribution. Exclusive vocabs session also helped a lot for the same.


The faculty of this institute is well-qualified and knowledgeable. Test series are organized time-to-time which build an environment of competition among the students. Infrastructure of this institute is also really good.

This institute provides study material which in simple language and easy to understand by the students. They teach every student how to manage time efficiently to complete each section.

They also teach how to write meritoriously and proficiently under timed conditions. The faculty teaches exam-speaking topics which allow students to converse with buoyancy.

You will comprehend listening and reading techniques for quick understanding. Doubt clearing sessions are held so that one can understand the concepts clearly. Faculty of this institute help students in weak areas.

Fees details:
The average fees of this institute is Rs.7000/-.

Contact Details:
Address: #86, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam (Opp. Hotel Raaj Bhavan)
Chennai – 600034
Phone No.: 044-45040022/ 45040033
Email: [email protected]


Kings Learning

About coaching:

Kings Learning is an international venture that is partnered with Kings Colleges UK. They train the students in English and soft skills training, communication skills, presentation skills, IELTS coaching and many more.

All the trainers are internationally certified and trained by Kings Colleges, UK. Kings Learning provides internationally qualified spoken and business English courses in Bangalore and Chennai.

This institute allow students to learn, how to talk with confidence and properly to anyone.

Students are taught by foreign and internationally qualified faculty from Cambridge and Kings Colleges UK.

All the classes of this institute are interactive and include role-playing, team conversations, tasks and many more things. It is best place to learn English and for IELTS exam. I

t’s a great life time experience to learn at Kings Center. The sincerity and dedication among the people in this institute made one feel that he/she is at the right place and it is the best place to learn.


This institute have modern classrooms which are equipped with the latest technology to help you learn.
It has hundreds of satisfied students who have achieved their dream jobs.

There are internationally trained or foreign teachers train you in effective communication. Interview skills, presentation skills, public speaking, workplace skills are also enhanced in this institute.

In this institute curriculum is designed by Oxford University Press and local corporates to ensure that you succeed.

There are small classes of maximum 20 students which help teachers to know about weaknesses and strength of students.

Academic support is provided throughout the program. College counseling and advising is done in this institute. Internationally trained and experienced teachers are present in this institute.

Fees details:
The average fees of this institute is Rs.9000/-.

Contact Details:
Address: Plot No 74, Door No 2C, 2D, First Floor, Gayathri Ashwin Apartments, Second Main Road, Opposite Cream Centre Restaurant, R.A. Puram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028
Phone No.: 086953 13131
Email: [email protected]


Top 10 IELTS Coaching in Delhi

India holds a number of yearly examinations. Most of the exams are competitive. Every year more than lakhs of students sit for these competitive exams.

However, IELTS is a world level exam where English proficiency is measured. One must know the proper curriculum of English for getting admission abroad.

Some people also sit for IELTS for visa purpose. The cracking ratio is still less due to limited seats. 

This is not a native Indian exam. With the help of universities abroad, it is being conducted at the international level. Also, many institutes can teach you about the exam and help you excel in the English language. So, make a promise to yourself and get the exam cleared at any cost.

What is IELTS?

ielts coaching in delhi fees

IELTS is the acronym for the International English Language Testing System. This is a world class language test system for European and Australian countries. One can easily make it to abroad by getting good bands in the exam.

The exam is conducted by joint universities of Canadian, Australia, New Zealand, British, and Irish countries. They hold the right to admit a student for academics based on IELTS.

Now, you can establish your success path through this exam.

The pattern of the exam is general and straightforward. English proficiency is put to the test in this exam. It is the best opportunity as the number of students giving this exam is less, and hence you can quickly get good grades.

The grading system is performed using bands. It starts from group 1 to band 9. There is no eligibility criteria and minimum marks for cracking the exam.

You can readily admit yourself in one of these fantastic coaching centers near you and get good scores in this exam. 

How to enroll for IELTS coaching in Delhi?

ielts coaching in delhi near me

Delhi is a hub of coaching centers for various exams like NEET, IIT, SSC, IELTS, etc. One needs to consider these specific points before opting for a coaching centre in Delhi:

1. Look for a renowned coaching center in Delhi: One may find several coaching centers for the same exam, but the best is only the one. So, focus on the best.

2. The faculty and their experience matter a lot: A better-experienced person is capable of teaching you more with desired examples. So, look for such a center with the best faculty.

3. Try to involve in the environment which is suitable for you: Make yourself involved in the best area in terms of living for better focus on studies.

4. Choose the best from several coaching institutes in Delhi

These are the Best IELTS Coaching in Delhi

  1. Samit’s English Academy

Samit’s Academy is one of the best English coaching hubs in Delhi. The main focus is kept on the PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL exams. At the same time, they will provide you with some extra knowledge on Verbal ability and reasoning comprehension.

Here, you also get an exposure to GMAT and CAT; all at the same academy. A number of students are enrolling for successful career branch at Samit’s.

It ensures to provide the best atmosphere with an adequate study system. 

The faculty members are also engraving for the best results always. This coaching centre divides student into small groups and provides personalized attention to each one of them.

In the weekend, only 6 classes are held. There are flexible timings set for students in the early morning.

One of the best features of this coaching centre is that it provides the study material provided by Cambridge as Cambridge study material.

Some regular mock papers are also solved for better understanding of the subject. The modes available for exam conduction is both offline and online.

In the past few years, Samit’s Academy had come up with outstanding results. The exposure is very good and productive enough to provide mastered knowledge of the subject.

One can enhance himself with better English proficiency after coaching. 

Address: 206, 2nd floor, Vardhaman Dwarkadheesh Plaza, Plot 1, Sector 10 Main Market, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075.

Contact details:9811999032.


  1. Fateh Education

Fateh Education is one of the oldest and secured coaching center in Delhi. It was established in 2001 and people are trusting it for its brand name.

Various programs are run by the same educational institute in Delhi and one of them includes for IELTS. Yes, many of the ex-students have reported that Fateh education is the best institute for IELTS exam.

It provides a number of experienced faculty members for establishing trust and support in Delhi. The trainees are giving a personal touch to each and every student in order to maximize their performance.

Most of the mock papers are highly qualified and listed well. It can keep track of the smallest change in the exam. There are other various on-site resources for keeping a better track of knowledge for comprehension solving.

The current level of the student can also help in forming customized batches and easy understanding. A team of professional experts is always working to provide better options.

The study material provided is very good and adequate for the students to study. So, it is going to the best educational institute for preparing the IELTS exam.

Fee structure: The regular classes include a fee structure of Rs. 15100 for 8 weeks. It is a total of 50 hours of class. The batch size is up to 20-25 students only.

Address: 6/15, 1st floor, East Patel, Nagar, New Delhi- 110008.

Contact details: +91-11-65447770.

 best ielts coaching in delhi

  1. Plutus Academy

The Plutus Academy is ranked as 3 most top institute for IELTS. This rank is provided with the number of likes for the academy.

The four main skills of English are taught with more focus: Reading, writing, speaking and listening. This can make a student speak fluently.

The improvement is needed by every student who comes for the IELTS exam. This academy will make you teach the best concepts and most needed skills for the exam.

Students get familiar with the requirements of IELTS and try to grab the best knowledge out of it. The positive foundation is lead for the English language by such academy in Delhi.

One can create a good name in a very short time. Compulsory mock tests are going to held by the academy which would make you update for all types of questions been asked. There are some teachers who are hired from the UK and they can really provide some best solving and using skills. One will get to learn about the test format and how to solve it within time. Here, the performance level of the individual is judged. The courses are optimized for test potential and integrity.

Fee structure: The fee structure amounts to Rs. 15100 for 8 weeks i.e. 50 hours class. This is scheduled for both regular and intensive classes.

Address: C-59, Sector 2, Noida, New Delhi.

Contact details: 0120-4308958.


  1. British Council

IELTS is very sincere to ask you about all the relevant skills of the English Language. And the British Council is excellent enough to provide speaking, reading, and writing skills.

This coaching is proved to be very good if you are weak in English. It holds many teaching examination skills and techniques for pursuing the best batch ever.

The faculty members are also from abroad who would like to make a change in the current pattern of teaching. They can provide you some more simplified solutions to the problem.

The common errors and pronunciation can be made effective using daily teaching methodologies. The teachers here are going to provide an extra session for personality development.

Now, this is a plus point that this academy is holding. Not everyone is going to provide you the same. The courses are applied for optimizing the test potential and to judge the potential of the students.

The personalized counseling sessions are also held by the academy for making the student understand the meaning of IELTS.

So, this is one of the top-ranked academies and one can join it for getting a good result in the exam. Try to discover more and more and reach the peak.

Fee structure: The regular classes and intensive classes would charge Rs. 10000 for 8 weeks. This would be exactly for 50 hours of classes.

Address: British High Commission, 17 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi, 110001.

Contact details: [email protected]



  1. Tropical Education and Migration Services (TEAMS)

As the name suggests, TEAMS is one of the tops and renowned coaching centers for IELTS. It is totally dedicated towards the Indian aspirants who wish to crack the exam in simple ways.

The tropical education is generally for education and migration services provide visa facilities for selected students. So, overall it is the combination of the best parts.

One can easily create a good name while studying in renowned academies. The sessions are conducted in both morning and evening classes.

In mastering standard classes, there is a need to focus on the basic part. And this academy is good enough to provide all the relevant material.

The main focus is to be done on IELTS and TOEFL. Students need to prepare with more deep material and this material is provided by TEAMS from a foreign university.

So, they are giving you exposure to learning beyond boundaries. One will love the inner campus and the outside environment of the academy.

 Moreover, personalized sessions are held for keeping the current status of the exam. This academy has also given some exceptional results for IELTS India.

Fee structure: The fee structure for the regular classes is amounting to Rs. 15000 for 8 weeks. This course can be extended with more discount.

Address: 309, 3rd floor, Suneja Tower-1, District Center, Janakpuri West, Delhi- 110058.

Contact details: 011 45503075.

best ielts coaching in delhi with fees

  1. Megamind Consultants

The Megamind Consultants are now approaching with great mindset methodologies and logic. This is helping in making a positive outlook of the students for a better future.

Some of the best education decisions can be made here without any compromise. The studying environment is well-known for creating creative minds.

People start thinking in different ways and terminologies.

The expert team of professionals is good enough to provide and clear all the basic material needed for IELTS.

Lifelong learning is also facilitated by the students studying here. This is because teachers are providing exposure to foreign universities.

The right education with the right conduct is the supreme authority of the institute. One can get life transformed easily when studying for a well-known institute in Delhi.

Career guidance is also provided as the supreme majority and the likelihood of the people. It is also aiming to increase the level of English and provide an adequate solution to every problem.

The quality education is assured by the institute which would lead to the complete existence of IELTS. This exam is having simple concepts to understand and practice.

A student will easily interpret the facility to join the team and get into the environment.

Fee structure: The fee structure for regular classes amounts to Rs. 15100 for 8 weeks. This is in correspondence for 2 months.

Address: Megamind Consultants Pvt. Ltd. South Delhi, E-14,1st Floor, South Extension-1, New Delhi-110049.

Contact details: +91 1146013774.

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  1. Manya Abroad IELTS Institute

Manya IELTS was generally updated in 2002 with Manya Princeton Group. The excellent results by it are proof of getting the topmost students in well-deserved universities of the world.

The countries can be America, Australia, and Europe. Proper diagnosis of every student is done here for better interpretation results.

Every student is prepared with the goal of achieving the best and this goal is provided acceleration by the teachers. The customized support for the student is very important and is achieved here.

Exhaustive test preparation is also advised when the student is not feeling good. Different levels of the test are also tested by the authority here.

Students get complete control over what they are doing and how to perform. The overall marks of the test are itself the result of performance. So, this is going to be a wondrous opportunity for gaining the best from the institute.

The environment is friendly and you will find a source of competition. The institute is specially meant for the purpose of getting IELTS cleared.

The English language may be tuff for some students but it would be easier here. So, get into the place and know the surroundings.

Fee structure: The fee structure for regular classes is Rs. 14,575. This is meant for 6 hours a day. The same is applicable for intensive classes.

Address: B 7/2, Ground floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-2, New Delhi- 110020.

Contact details: 1800-102-4646.

ielts coaching in delhi janakpuri

  1. Eduvirt

Eduvirt is one of the professional institutes in Delhi. Their supreme goal lies in students succeeding for IELTS. In the major world of competition, it is good to know about the requirements of the exam. Clear requirements are narrated before letting a student in.

The working environment is best and known because of the nourishing surroundings. It is a less traffic area and students find it easy to get through the institute.

Different students from every part of the country participate in IELTS and the exposure of the same competition is provided here.

Eduvirt is going to provide you a number of opportunities for abroad. The extension to abroad can be made from here itself. The selection in the top universities of abroad is also provided from here after cracking the exam.

Overall, it is providing a complete environment to get the best experience and relevant skills. Different sessions are held for a better understanding of the skills.

And without skills, IELTS is never possible. One can make a good opportunity from here and get a rank in top universities of the world.

The exposure is completely infinite and adequate for a hard-working student. So, enroll in the same institute.

Fee structure: The fee structure for the same is Rs. 13,765/- for 2 months (8 weeks). Special students can also get a discount from here.

Address: Benito Juarez Rd, New Delhi- 110021.

Contact details:011-24102000.


  1. NAM Institute of Professional Studies

NAM Institute is also one of the oldest and finest institutes in Delhi. It has a memorable past behind in achieving the most numbers of students.

Many of them are settled abroad and gaining a massive source of income. This was only possible through IELTS which is conducted everywhere now.

An international standard exam has some international needs. These needs are to be fulfilled at all world level. Your English proficiency should be good enough to get you in a most top university.

Here, regular classes are marked in both morning and evening. A single batch contains about 50 students so it becomes easier to make study easy by the teacher.

At the same time, faculty members are highly enriched enough to provide the best proficiency by imparting their best skills. Total English procedure is followed in the Institute for maintaining the warmth of IELTS.

Students may ask for sheets to solve and so the institute is also providing you the same. Mock papers are latest and held every week.

This makes the student calculate the performance based on skills. So, it is turning out to be fruitful for the freshers. A good environment is expected for students from all over India. So, one can join the same.

Fee structure: The fee structure for regular classes is Rs. 14000/-. This is for 2 months and 6 hours study a day.

Address: H-68, 2nd Floor, South Ex-1, New Delhi- 110049.

Contact details: 011-24626548/49. 


  1. Destination America

Destination America has everything to say in the name itself. It was established in 2002 and reached its peak in 2010. Most of the students enrolled here in 2014 and the results were exceptional from the same year. It is focusing to make your destination finally to America.

This exam can really take you up to great heights. So, as the institute is suggesting. Daily work is done under a proper scheduled here.

And no one is allowed to escape the daily classes. Every single class seems to be different and important.

One should know the importance of IELTS first and then go for it. Every institute is going to provide you the best but only you know how to conduct it.

Proper study material is provided for better furnishing of study on regular classes. Mock papers are held for getting in touch with the latest exam pattern.

So, overall it is creating a better working environment for you. A hardworking student is needed who can really emphasize on the various topics included in the exam.

This would increase the efficiency of the student to study and get good marks. One should enroll in the best study material and environment.

Fee structure: The fee structure amounts to Rs. 15000/- for 2 months. This may change for talented students.

Address: 46, Vinobhapuri, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi- 110024.

Contact details: 011-46540393. 


Frequently Asked Questions about IELTS Coaching in Delhi

Q1. What is the average fee for IELTS coaching?

Ans- When you are talking about the coaching centers then every coaching is going to have different fee structures. They vary according to the facility provided by them. But the average fee for 2 months crash course is Rs. 5000/-. Some of the students also apply for a yearly course in advance which can amount up to Rs. 40,000/-. If you are keeping up with good ranks in the institute then it is good to have discounts on the paid amount. One can also apply for the crash course to be held after every 2 months. So, this was the general fee structure. 

Q2. How do I register for IELTS?

Ans- See, the registration process is very simple for applying. All you can do it first shortlist the best and suitable coaching center for you. Get it goggled and search for the website. Once you are there, the first option will be of course for registration. You can easily sign up with your name and password. This is kept confidential. The details for the registration process will be marked and now you can easily get your registration done. Almost, all the websites are going to host the registration form or you can even visit the premises and get the procedure done. Thus, it was overall a very easy process. 

Q3. How does IELTS help me in my career?

Ans- IELTS is one of the best platforms for the ones who would like to settle abroad and do a better job. For this, IELTS is going to play a major role. This exam is a simple English proficiency testing system for the students to judge their confidence and suitability of the English language. The exam is going to be open gates for many undergraduate and postgraduate students of India. Even, you can enhance your personality with the best speaking and listening skills. So, it has more to say about career options. You have much to do after cracking this exam both in India and abroad. 

Q4. Is it necessary to take IELTS Coaching?

Ans- There is nothing necessary or unnecessary in this world. It depends on your perseverance, confidence, and working methodology. Some of the students are having potential from childhood itself and they no need any kind of coaching. But the majority of the students is still asking for coaching. So, it can confirm that coaching is also necessary for the ones who have the mindset that it is necessary anyhow. At the same time, the coaching centers can provide extra assistance in terms of knowledge. So, a better option can be that students can go for coaching and work hard at the place. Without working, there is never again. 

Q5. How can I pass IELTS?

Ans- IELTS is not categorized under a highly competitive exam in India. It is generally an English testing test held for proper and suitable interest in the language. It may become difficult as it is not our native language. But you can study the basic of the syllabus and try to improve by attending daily classes at the coaching center. The faculty can only teach you but it is only you who can improve for yourself. There is never a miracle for improving your skills. Try to catch YouTube videos and get motivated for the same. You have to govern yourself for this. 

Q6. Is IELTS easy exam?

Ans- Yes, IELTS exam is a very easy and non-competitive exam. There are no eligibility criteria for the same and no minimum marks require for cutoffs. Simply, you can score between a series of the band and apply for abroad educational institutes. Now, these institutes are going to have an option for the criteria. You need to match their criteria and get it done. Thus, IELTS is not going to be tuff for preparation and studies. You need to focus on the simple concepts and prepare yourself for the needed skills. If you are having the potential then you can score very good.

Q7. How much time does it take for IELTS results to come?

Ans- The results totally depend on the official author of the exam. It is conducted by joint universities of abroad and so it may take time. But it is estimated that within 50 days of the exam, the results are most probably declared. 

Q8. Can I prepare for IELTS within a month?

Ans- Yes, you can surely prepare within a month only if you are good in English prior. This is the main topic where one should be neat and clear in relevant knowledge and skills. But if you are a beginner, then you need to cop up with the basic first. Some may take time of about 3 months to catch in English. The verbal and non-verbal techniques are to be covered in the same exam. So, if you are good since your high school then you may find very less problem while solving problems. So, you can prepare for IELTS in a month. 

Conclusion-Final Thoughts

ielts coaching in east delhi

IELTS is an International exam held all over the world. It opens the gate for the awaited and desired abroad universities and their exposure.

It is always a dream for the youth to get top universities of the world and settle a better future. This exam is going to give new knowledge about English and some relevant skills.

If you are not able to get through the exam then also there is no such loss. You would learn how to manage things and speak a good speech.

The personality would try to enhance day by day and suitability for getting in a good company will also increase.

IELTS is one of the most emerging exams among others. , and the chances of getting a top college from here are too high.

Passing this exam will not only get you a good job abroad but will also open the gate for many such opportunities abroad.

The number of coaching centers is limited in Delhi and so applies for the best coaching center. 


Top 10 Best IELTS Coaching Centre in Bangalore

What is IELTS?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. The English proficiency for non-native English speakers is measured through this system.

It is a standard test for the English Language which is well recognized all over the world. Being managed by a joint scheme of IELTS Australia, Cambridge Assessment English, and British Council, the ILETS is quite similar to other tests like TOEFL, TOEIC, OPI, PTE, etc.

The IELTS score is accepted by most of the Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, British, and Irish academic institutions. It is also a secure English language test which is said to be approved by Visas of UK and Immigration to Australia.

There is no minimum score valid for the exam. The grading is held from band 1 to band 9, and different institute have different criteria for the same.

In 2017, the estimated value for exam takers was recorded to be 3 million from 140 countries. There are no prerequisite criteria needed for the same system. The score and grade are accepted by more than 10,000 institutes from over 140 countries of the world. The validity of the score is for up to two years.

top ielts coaching in bangalore

Best IELTS Coaching centers in Bangalore

1. Hurray Coaching center

Hurray is one of the best emerging leaders in IELTS. It was launched in 2010 with an idea to impart knowledge. The inauguration was done by Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee and Mrs. Chandrabati Chatterjee, who returned from their European trip and found people in India were not that good in English.

The offices of the same are at Old Airport Road Bangalore. After founding the institute in 2010, Hurray has created a good reputation for itself in the field of IELTS coaching in Bangalore. The working environment in the center is adequate.

It provides excellent learning material at the same time. So, one can apply here for the best learning environment and curriculum.

More than 5000 students are currently studying in Hurray. All those who would like to settle in abroad must go for IELTS and apply to coach at Hurray.

Regular classes are held at the premises, and one can enroll for any other courses side by side. It is one of the best platforms for getting IELTS coaching in Bangalore. One can apply with no doubt to one of the best coaching providers in the city.

Fee Structure: The fee structure for the coaching center changes from time to time. It may take an annual package of 50,000 or more. It depends on the final spot of the center. So, one may consult at the coaching premises itself.

• Address: No. 367, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore- 560092.

• Contact details:+91 8048046803.

•    Website:www.

 Prizma Academy 

The Prizma Academy is also one of the leading academies in Bangalore. faculty members are highly skilled enough to provide some best technical and skillful notes.

The different languages taught by the academy are Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, and many more.

The students are trained under best methodologies and Ra-pot ideas. The ideas cover basic knowledge including reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. One can find many realistic ideas from the controversy.

It is turning out to be one of the most prominent centers in Bangalore. The best skills can be furnished comfortably at the academy.

There are scheduled classes for days that can provide you some good stuff. One can solve online test series produced by the academy itself.

Moreover, various sessions for practical communications skills are held which tend to sharpen your personality and abilities.

English is going to be taught from the basic level to the advanced level. One can try here for the best skills and relevant jobs.

This academy will help you get through every problem which you might encounter in the English language. So, the students new to the city can apply here for best career options and exceptional results. 

Fee Structure: The fee structure has been constant since the last years. It charges a total amount of 70,000 annually for IELTS. This is an initial amount if anyone would like to carry for more years than a discount can be expected.

• Address: No. 4, C-513, HRBR 2nd Block, 3rd floor, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore- 560043.

• Contact details:+91 8043692351.

• Website:


Alchemy India Training Services

Alchemy India has a sharp and focused goal of building a good and leading platform. It focuses mainly on building careers for the aspiring students.

In the last six years, the trainees here have worked with 7000 people for reaching the best possible outcome. is committed to providing a better environment for the students.

The working environment with corporate and social exposure is also offered to the students. They would love to have the best dealing problems and their solutions.

It holds regular classes for IELTS and preparation is done in segments by the authority.

The faculty members are good enough to provide you some best results in the market.

The career and communication skills are matched for the best profile and future. Record sessions are held at the premises for making the exposure of abroad clear.

Many professionals from different companies in India are there to provide you some best career options. English proficiency can be increased easily while dealing with the subject problems.

It is helping in making dreams come true and have a good speaking skill. Thus, one can try for the best institute for IELTS in Bangalore for future preference.

• Fee Structure: The fee structure here is quite high. It counts to around 80,000 for a single year. It can be reduced accordingly for more than one year. Thus, it provides a discount amount too.

• Address: Rich Homes building, No. E2, 2nd floor, 5/1, Richmond Town, Bangalore- 560025.

• Contact details:[email protected]


which is the ielts classes in bangalore

  Suntech Services 

The Suntech services are Malleswaram-based learning academy for IELTS. It includes certificate-based courses and exam, and it is located at Malleswaram, Bangalore. International examination and other English-speaking sessions are held by the coaching center in the city.

It has a firm belief for determining the best goals and their implementation. Apart from this, it also provides knowledge for tech aspirants.

Almost all the institutes are working for the same purposes: Build a future. Yes, it is true, but the primary need arises for the faculty members.

You can build a good company until you have the best employees. Similarly, Suntech services are best in playing roles for the future.

The faculty here is highly knowledgeable and skilled at providing you the needed knowledge. Proper mentoring is done at the classes along with studies.

It gives you the best working environment and supports a good life ahead. The students also get engaged in some extracurricular activities for sharpening the mind.

It would help them in studies and create a pleasant environment. The courses and their fee vary according to the requirement here. The reviews for the coaching centers are good enough to provide some privilege.

Here, you can get classes for your speaking and listening skills. It is good at delivering exceptional results every month.

The choice for joining it would be the best in the name of skills. Thus, one can turn out for the same Sun tech services for IELTS.

• Fee Structure: The fee structure varies here and the amount for two months is 6500/-. One can get a top discount while submitting a fee for a year. Thus, you can choose either option.

• Address: No. 78, 2nd floor, Sai Sharan Heights, 15TH Cross, Margosa Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore- 560003.

• Contact details:[email protected] 



Ria Institute of Technology

Don’t go with the name of technology as it also provides the best training platform for IELST.

It is a leader in offering tech jobs in IT sectors and excellent English proficiency skills. It is working in both departments. It also has the same branch in RT Nagar and Marathahalli.

Moreover, various sessions are held by it for consuming the best technological options. The institute had already helped over 10,000 students in getting the top band in IELTS.

This is an English skills exam held for studying abroad. One should know top-class English to achieve the same.

The dream place and job are made ready by the institute. It helps in deciding the other English language exams in India. The experience holders have a skilled base knowledge about the subject of English.

It is good at keeping the best interaction among students.

Students can get a top-class environment for getting the best grades in the exam. It could be only achieved with pure dedication and influence.

Overall, it delivers scheduled classes and live demos for English. One needs to be regular for working in the same environment. The chances of getting cleared through IELTS is higher from the same center.

Students can lead a good life in the premises and look for a hostel around.

Heavyweight is given to the leading students who can emerge about better in the results. It would also provide a certificate for you.

Thus, this can be one of the best choices for joining the Institute for IELTS.

• Fee Structure: The fee structure for two months is 8000/-. It includes full-time classes and learning sessions. Special discount is provided for the best students.

• Address: No. 3/76, Shiva Building, outer ring road, Marathahalli, Bangalore- 560037.

• Contact details:[email protected]


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IIFCA Institute

The IIFCA institute is a well-known institute in Bangalore. Many of the aspiring foreign exam candidates have already joined the same. It is an ISO 9001-2008 certified institute with the leading performer for IELTS.

This institute is working with the complete profound vision to establish a good career. It has got a recommendation from GMBH Germany.

It is the best place to pursue knowledge and boundaries within. It is also going to offer you courses related to accounts and finance. It has got all reputational tie-ups with the leading companies in Asia.

It doesn’t look for the academic background of the student and believes in pursuing the best out of someone.

One can learn a lot from the top-class faulty members with good working experience at the same time. Speaking skills and communication skills are must need for better performance. And the institute is working with top-most priority and properties.

The classes are held daily except for Sundays. One can get extra courses on the non-working days if needed. Preferred doubt classes are also provided for better understanding and interpretation of the concept.

The Indian Institute of Business and Professional studies had marked the beginning of IIFCA. This institute is growing to enlarge some best students and their future scope.

This is going to be the best place in terms of exposure and location.

One would love to spend time here while studying. Thus, one can render one of the best and leading institutes for IELTS in Bangalore. Here, you can get full exposure of study and relatable likeness. 

• Fee Structure: The fee structure for standard timings and dates are 5900/-. This amount changes from year to year. One can consult on the website too.

• Address: No. 75/3, 1st floor, Koramangala, Bangalore- 560095.

• Contact details:[email protected]


IELTS Coaching Centre in Bangalore

Nightingale International

Nightingale International is the turning point for IELTS. It had experienced a good number of results in the current year. Probably, it is doing its best to provide the most excellent knowledge beyond.

The classes are updated from Monday to Saturday with the same working timings. Students don’t have to rush much to reach the coaching center.

It provides the best knowledge of the necessary work first and then goes through the advanced level. You can meet up with competitors from all around the country.

It makes a better platform to encourage yourself for a good job. Excellent response time can be expected from the contracting agency.

The environment is warmed up with the best students and working place. Most of the faculties have an experience of over five years.

In South India, it had got its name by providing some exceptional results. More than 5000 students have cleared the exam in the first turn.

It is something outstanding from the source. The live session for English speaking is also provided at the institute.

The prosperous emerging stories have already been written here. Then what are you waiting for, apply for the same? Your competition belongs to the student studying.

To get in the top colleges of abroad, you need to have specific remarkable skills and varied knowledge. The institute is capable of providing the same.

You can get free assistance from the customer service desk. Solve all your queries and look for a better future and get to know about the course.

• Fee Structure: The fee structure ranges from 5000-10000 per month. For a full year plan, one can also get some discounted amount on the same.

• Address: 4th floor, FFK Tower, Dairy Circle, Tilak Nagar, Bangalore- 560041. Near Sagar Hospital.

• Contact details: +91 9745935377 


The IELTS Academy

It is a training center for candidates looking to crack IELTS. It was founded in 2002 and had grown up to be one of the emerging academies of Bangalore.

It is designed to give the candidates the required amount of knowledge. The same can be practiced through free IELTS test.

The best tips are narrated regarding reading, listening, and speaking skills. One can’t compromise on any of the mentioned skilled.

You need to be perfect regarding the English language while enrolling for IELTS. It offers various programs that can make you ready in the shortest time.

The crash course can be expected from the academy.

The British Council is also interested in joining as a member of the academy.

Many aspirants have already established a good career option from the same. It is now one of the oldest and most reputed centers in Bangalore.

You will get full exposure to study in less course fee. The trainees here are skilled enough to provide relevant knowledge with their experience.

Now, the academy has an excellent start to make from the beginning itself. It is also recognized worldwide from around 1000 companies.

It has the verification of English needed for migration, employment. At the same time, it is bringing you a high level of work with the best trainers.

You can improve your current level of English most easily. So, this is going to be a better option for trying the best skills for IELTS. Join the best academy for IELTS in Bangalore.

Go and get a better future in IELTS.

Fee Structure: The fee structure is simple and elegant. You need to pay 10,000 for a single course on IELTS. Further, the specialized course has something more to charge.

• Address: 204, VHS Court, Cunningham Road, Bangalore- 560052.

• Contact details: 8884812714.

• Website:


 Global Learning Academy

The global learning academy was established in 2010. It is also providing a good verse of knowledge for any candidate enrolling. One can get complete exposure and syllabus of IELTS.

The other related courses are Public speaking, GMAT, Effective communication, corporate communication, business English, and much more.

Overall, here the complete focus is to be made on the base material of English. When you are going to abroad, you must also carry two basic parameters: English Speaking and Listening skills.

You can’t do anything if you are not exposed to it. Here, GLA is going to provide you the same basic pattern and learning atmosphere.

You will know how to carry the needed topics and speak on it.

Public speaking is one of the most noted skills on the web. You should be fluent in it. The classes are conducted regularly and based on the platform.

Your best performance can also provide you a certificate for the same. The learning methodologies are latest and by the newest pattern.

All you can do is focus on what is being taught. GLA is already loaded with several emerging students who have cleared the exam.

This is going to be the best stage for you in terms of skills and knowledge.

The course fee is not too high, and the place is adequate to provide you the environment. One can enroll for other courses also at the academy.

It is always open for queries so contact the relevant person on the number provided for better communication. 

• Fee Structure: The fee structure is quite less and turns out to be 5000/- for a single course. This is a specific fee for IELTS.

• Address: Anand Sai Arcade, No. 43, 3rd floor, 7th main Btm- 3rd stage, Opposite to Apollo Pharmacy.

• Contact details: [email protected]

best IELTS Coaching Centre in Bangalore

Eon Education

Eon Education is also leading from the front since 2009. It has established its proficiency in English speaking and listening skills.

The different branches of this institute are at Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune. It is one of the best emerging tutorial centers for IELTS.

At the same time, it has centers for class 8,9,10 students for Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics classes. Moreover, the trainees are skilled to provide relevant English-speaking skills.

They perform work over a session that includes simple public speaking. From the basic level, they try to cover the advanced level. In IELTS, you need to be perfect in every work.

Even, you are going to get the exposure of competitive students who are performing exceptionally well. One can learn a lot from them.

If you are not good at speaking in English then also apply for the English spoken at Eon education. The basis properties are taught at the regular classes, and it lasts from Mon to Fri.

The routine of the center is fixed, and nothing is going to be changed. Every student is going to get full exposure to excellent studies and skills.

You can find your dream job abroad and get facilitated through best practices. This place can be a diamond for you if you are doing well for the studies.

All the relevant skills are practiced for IELTS. Don’t miss a single class and try to grab everything that seems to be worth it. So, rely on the best teaching staff and get yourself admitted in Eon Education.

Fee Structure: The fee structure ranges from 6000-8000 for IELTS course. You can discount for performing well at the coaching center.

• Address: J P Nagar 1st Phase, Near Indra Gandhi Circle. At Prasiddhi Hotel.

• Contact details: [email protected] 

How to Select an IELTS Coaching in Bangalore?

list of IELTS Coaching in Bangalore

With several coaching centers present in the city, it is quite difficult to choose the best one out. One should look for specific points before selecting the coaching center:

• Look for the coaching center which has some good past records and exceptional results. Do not enter in a newly established coaching center.

• Look for an institute or coaching center that has the best faculty for teaching. Some of the Institutes tend to hire faculty with no experience. 


IELTS is one of the most crucial exams held for clearing the English course in order to apply for international study and get Visa.

English is not a native language for us Indians, and everyone is not perfect in it. So, in order to crack these exams, coaching are certainly needed. Bangalore is, however, an IT city and it also holds some of the top academies and coaching centers for English proficiency course.

One can get complete learning exposure and try for the best course abroad. There are many more career options once you have successfully cleared your IELTS examinations.

You can gather the right amount of knowledge based on the language and try to improve your skills. Personality development is the most necessary criteria for a company.

One can enhance personality with the best English and relevant skills. So, choose accordingly the best coaching center that fits for you in terms of environment and place.

Try to explore new places and centers.