Career in Fashion Designing- Step by Step Guide

There are many different career options today. Everyone follows fashion. We all keep ourselves updated with the latest fashion. But what if making a career in fashion designing?

Read this article to know everything related to fashion designing. You will get knowledge about what is fashion designing, eligibility criteria, and different courses available in this field. After reading this article you will also get information about various career options. Salary of a fashion designer and the best colleges offering the course.

What is fashion designing– Career in Fashion Designing

What is fashion designing- Career in Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is the art of designs. It focuses on the beauty of clothing and everything related to fashion. Fashion designing is influenced by place and time. It also depends on social, cultural, and regional characters. It is a very creative field. A fashion designer should be very creative. Fashion designing includes knowledge of color, style, pattern.

 Who is a fashion designer?

 Who is a fashion designer?

A fashion designer is a person whose job is of designing clothes and other accessories. They have the knowledge and skill required in the fashion industry. The fashion designers first make a design sketch. After this comes the job of specialized designers.

A textile designer will select the best textile for the garment. The footwear designer will look at footwear and so on. A fashion designer looks at various patterns. The designer works with the stylists.

First, a designer studies all the market and fashion trends. They connect with makers and tailors. They also do the fittings and changes in models. This helps them to achieve perfection.

After the product is ready the designer showcases their design in showrooms. The designer also showcases their design in fashion shows. The companies engaged in the fashion industry buys their designs.

After completing your degree, you can work as a fashion designer. You can become a freelance fashion designer or join with a fashion agency. Many corporate and retail outlets also recruit fashion designers.

Who can study Fashion Designing?

Who can study Fashion Designing?

Students who have completed their school can opt for Fashion Designing. The student can join in any related course. The student can be of any stream. They can be from Science, Commerce, or even Arts. These are the criteria for both diploma and graduate-level courses.

Also, various colleges take admission through the All India Entrance Exam.

For admission in the post-graduation level course, you need to have a graduation degree.  You can opt for a specialization in Textile and footwear design also.

For the post-graduation course, there are All India Entrance Exam. You need to qualify the test to enroll yourself in the course.

Popular Entrance Exams for Fashion Design Course

Popular Entrance Exams for Fashion Design Course

The entrance exam is a design aptitude test. At the post-graduation level, you also need to show your work portfolio before admission. There could also be an Interview for candidates. Some popular All India Entrance exams are as follows:

1.     NIFT Entrance Exam

2.     IIAD Entrance Exam

3.     NID Entrance Exam

4.     AIEED

5.     DAT – It is a test conducted by GD Goenka and Pearl Academy

The guidelines are different for different colleges. Most colleges consider that you should have a minimum of 50% in your class 12th aggregate.

This is for all Undergraduate level courses. You also need to qualify for the All India Entrance Exam. For post-graduation courses, you should have a qualifying score in the All India Entrance Exams. Always check the admission process and eligibility before joining the college.

List of Best Fashion designing courses

Who can study Fashion Designing?

There are various courses in fashion designing. You can choose the course which you like. It is a skill-based field. You should choose the course in which you are interested. Also, consider your skills while joining any course in fashion designing.

The courses are available at diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. You can also enroll in Ph.D. / doctorate in any specialized field.

Diploma Level Course

Diploma – Fashion Design2 years
Diploma – Fashion Design and Communication2 years
Diploma – Fashion Design and Marketing2 years
Diploma – Fashion Accessories Design2 years
Diploma – Fashion Design and Management2 years
Computer Aided Diploma – Fashion Design1 year

Graduation level Course

B. Design – Fashion Design4 years
B. Sc. – Fashion Styling and Image Designing3 years
B. Sc. – Leather Design3 years
B. Sc. – Jewellery Design3 years
B.Sc. – Footwear Design3 years
B.Sc. – Fashion and Apparel Designing3 years
B.A. – Fashion Design3 years

Post- Graduation Diploma Level Course

Post-Graduation Diploma – Fashion design1 year
Post-Graduation Diploma – Fashion design and management1 year

Post-Graduation Level Course

M.A. – Fashion Design2 years
M.Sc. – Fashion Designing2 years
Masters – Fashion Management2 years
Masters – Fashion Design and Business Management2 years
Master – Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management2 years
M.Sc. – Footwear Design2 years
M.Sc. – Textile Design2 years

Career Options in Fashion Designing

Career Options in Fashion Designing

Fashion designers undergo intensive training. They take training and guidance from experienced people. It is after years of practice and dedication that they achieve perfection at work. Fashion is always changing.

Fashion designers need to stay updated with modern trends. They work hard. They carry every project experience and try to improve their skill and expertise.  There is a lot of career option for a fashion designer.

Fashion designers need to be creative. Creativity and skill will bring success to a fashion designer. Let us look at different career options for a fashion designer.

You can Become Designer

We all follow fashion. Everyone has basic knowledge and fashion sense. But fashion designers are experts in this field.  We are familiar with their work. They design and create various things. From clothes to footwear.

There are different specialized fashion designers. There are dress designers, Footwear designers, jewelry designers, and many more. Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra, Simon Khambata are some famous fashion designers of our country. A fashion designer works with different fashion companies.

They show their skills in fashion shows. Once established the fashion designer can become a freelancer or even start his own company. It is a very challenging job profile. There is a lot of competition in this field. A fashion designer sketches the plans, selects the fabric, pattern, and style the outfits.

You can Become Freelance Retail Buyer

A fashion designer has a great understanding of fashion. They always update themselves with trending fashion. They have knowledge of accessories and clothes. A fashion designer can become a freelance retail buyer.

With expertise, they know what is best for Indian and Global markets. They are conscious of color, design, and everything related to fashion. As a retail buyer, you can begin your own business. You can start with a small store.

After being established you can enlarge your business to multiple stores and outlets. Through this, you can source the item to designing houses, independent designers, etc. This is an incredible business thought. This can never go wrong in a country like India. It is a very lucrative work.

You can Become Retail Manager

After completing your graduation in Fashion designing, there are several career options. One amazing career option is of a Retail Manager. A fashion designer with management experience is perfect for it. They can work as a retail manager in a big fashion house.

Some fashion house is Zara, Raymond’s, etc. A Retail Manager acts as a supervisor. Their work is to set up targets for operation.

A Retail Manager also makes a strategy for promotion and marketing. Their work also includes making product customer friendly. Generally, a Retail Manager also heads the finance division and HR division.

You can Become Stylist

It is the best job profile for a Fashion Designer. Also, it is the toughest job. As a stylist, your work is to find attractive things from a designer collection. You need to design your client as per their character.

A stylish also keeps in mind the occasion and many other things. The stylist also proposes the cosmetics, adornments, and hairstyles of their client. 

You can become a makeup stylist, dress stylist, and even jewelry and footwear stylist.

There is a difference between fashion stylists and fashion designers. Stylish styles are made by the designer. A famous stylist can also work in Bollywood. Generally, stylists work in a fashion show. Their role is very important in the success of an event.

You can Become a Textile Designer

A textile designer designs and plans 2D patterns. These designs are repetitive and especially for knit purposes. These designs are also used in printed textures and so on. These textures are also utilized in insides as delicate outfitting.

They are also used for making garments. The textile designers work with designing team. They also work as freelancers.

The importance of a textile designer is so much in the fashion industry. A textile designer uses CAD technology to create various patterns. A textile designer needs to have knowledge of different materials and fabric.

You can Become a Footwear/ Jewellery Designer

A fashion designer can have expertise in jewelry and footwear design. It is completely different from clothes or garment fashion. There is a separate marketplace for footwear and jewelry.

It is a very lucrative field. The designers in this field are paid equally as well as garment designers. They design footwear and jewelry. We all know how important are footwear and jewelry in our life.

Specialized designers can design them to perfection. An advantage of being a footwear or jewelry designer is that you will be all around with beautiful shoes and jewelry. You can work in a fashion house as a specialized designer. You can also join a company engaged in this sector.

You can Become an Individual Shopper

If you have knowledge of fashion. If you love shopping, then it is a perfect job for you. A fashion designer can also work as an Individual Shopper. This is a new emerging job. An individual shopper is generally employed by VIP.

You can become a personal shopper to Bollywood celebrities. You can also become a personal shopper to a fashion house owner. Their work is to analyze all the outfits. They all analyze all accessories and dresses.

After analysis, they need to buy the best one that is in the budget. An Individual shopper needs to have knowledge of trending fashions. He/she needs to know about the client’s choice, body type, and many other things.

You can Become a Blogger/ Fashion Magazine Writer

A fashion designer with excellent writing skills can become a fashion blogger. The job includes writing articles for a magazine. You can also be an independent fashion blogger. There is a separate course that focuses on this field. The course is fashion design and communication.

There are various fashion magazines, who are looking for new talents. As a fashion blogger, you need to be very knowledgeable. Your article should be attractive. You should always be updated about trending fashion.

It is a great profession. The salary is very high. Fashion bloggers gain a lot of money for their produced content. They also give style tips and quick hacks. You can convey your content in recordings, articles on social media.

The fashion bloggers are social influencers. They generally use Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. It helps them to acquire a great following. Some famous Fashion Bloggers are Sejal Kumar, Komal Pandey. All you need is creativity and skill.

You can Become Fashion Model 

Many fashion designers become fashion models. They wear their own designs. The only requirement is that you need to be charming and fit. You can turn into an independent model or join a fashion house.

They will connect you to the best brands, photographers. You will also connect with famous designers and even celebrities.

This can give you a big break. You can become a ramp fashion model or even a model for the advertisement. It is a job with a lot of fun, excitement, and perks. But is very challenging also.

List of Top Colleges in Fashion Designing

Name of CollegeCity
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)Delhi
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)Mumbai
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)Bangalore
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)Kangra
National Institute of Design (NID)Ahmedabad
Pearl AcademyNoida
Apeejay Institute of Design (AID)New Delhi
Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD)Patiala
Amity University ManesarGurgaon
Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID)Pune
LISAA School of Design (LISAA)Bangalore
Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology (VIFT)Bangalore
Institute of Innovative Designs and Technology (IIDT)Nagpur 
Lovely Professional UniversityJalandhar

Salary of Fashion Designer

Salary of Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is a nice job. The salary of a fashion designer depends upon various factors. Some of them are skills, experience, and your company/agency. It also depends upon your job location. A fashion designer in Metro city will earn more.

In starting your salary can be around 25,000 per month. This is very great to start your career. If you are with a reputed firm then you may earn around 50,000 per month. With experience, your salary will increase. It can go up to 1 Lakh -2 lakh per month. This is the salary of an experienced fashion designer in a good agency. As a senior fashion designer, you can earn much higher.  There is no fixed limit on salary. Famous designers even earn in Crores. All you need to do is hard work. Your portfolio should be attractive. Learn new skills that are good for your career.


It is a great career option for creative and artistic people. There are various career courses. You can choose the one which suits you. The salary is also good in this field. You need skill and experience. You should also have great decision-making skills. Communication skills are also very important.

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