Career in Biotechnology- Scope, Salary, and Job Opportunities

Nowadays there are so many career options. You can focus on emerging sectors. These emerging sectors have huge potential for your career growth. One such career in Biotechnology. It is currently new in India. It is in the starting phase.

Today there is a huge demand for professionals of biotechnology. The study of this subject is not easy. It is tough compared to other subjects.

This article focuses on every aspect of Biotechnology. You will learn, what is biotechnology? You will also get information about the different courses in this field.

This article will also tell you about eligibility criteria, career opportunities.

Do you want to know about salary in this field? Colleges offering courses in Biotechnology? You should read this article to know everything.

What is Biotechnology?– Career in Biotechnology

what is bio technology

You can make a guess of what biotechnology is by its name. It is a mix of technology and biology subject. In biotechnology, we use biological organisms and systems. Through them, we make items valuable to humans and the environment.

You can make specialized products with help of biotechnology. It has wide applications in the modern world. It covers different fields. Some of the fields are bioengineering, medical, chemistry, and others.

Biotechnology is in many different fields of science.

It is in immunology. Nowadays Virology is on Biotechnology. It is also used in Agriculture, food, and dairy production.

Who is a Biotechnologist?

Who is a Biotechnologist?

Biotechnologists carry out experiments in labs. They even work on the industrial level. Their job is to carry out analysis and develop new items. They make it for the betterment of humans and the environment. They work as process specialists, manufacturing specialists on an industry level.

Many biotechnologists also work as business analysts.

They create valuable items from living organisms and living systems. Biotechnologists work in distinct ventures. It includes agriculture, food, and dairy production.

They also play important role in Pharma and health care.

List of Best Courses in Biotechnology

List of Best Courses in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a vast field. There are so many different courses in biotechnology. You can choose the course which you want. Many top colleges offer different courses to you. Here is a list of the best courses in Biotechnology.

Diploma Level Courses

Diploma – Biotechnology Engineering 3 years
Diploma – Biotechnology Science 3 years

Undergraduate Level Courses

B.Tech –  Biotechnology4 years
B.Tech – Biomedical Engineering4 years
B.Sc – Biotechnology3 years
B.Sc – Biology and Genetics3 years
B.Sc – Molecular Biotechnology3 years
B.Sc – Chemical Biotechnology3 years

Post Graduate Diploma Level Course

Post Graduate Diploma – Biotechnology1 year

Post Graduate Level Courses

M.Sc – Biotechnology2 years
M.Sc –  Biotechnology( Health, environment)2 years
M.Sc – Applied Biotechnology2 years
M.Sc – Medical Biotechnology2 years
M.Sc –  Molecular Biotechnology2 years
M.Tech – Biotechnology 2 years
M.Sc – Marine Biodiversity2 years
M.Sc –  Pharmaceutical Biotechnology2 years
M.Tech – Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology2 years

Research Ph.D. Level Course

You can also enroll in a Ph.D. There are research level courses also in Biotechnology. You first need to complete any undergraduate and post graduation courses. After this, you can join in a Ph.D. or research program.

Who Can Study Biotechnology?

Who Can Study Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a specialized career option. You should decide to study it from your school days. For a diploma in Biotechnology, the basic need is class 10th. A class 10th graduate can enroll in the diploma level course.

Least 65% is necessary.

After completing your school you can enroll in an undergrad program in Biotechnology. Only those can opt for biotechnology, who had studied certain subjects. The subjects are physics, chemistry, biology, and Mathematics in class 12th.

There are different courses in B.Sc, B.E, and B.Tech. Many colleges and universities provide you the chance to study biotechnology. The span of a B.Sc course is 3 years. For B.E and B.Tech courses it is 4 years.

Qualification for Studying Biotechnology

The qualification for an undergrad program is as per college/university. In certain colleges/universities, the qualification rule is of your class 12th score. A least 55% score required. Some colleges consider at least a 50% score in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology.

Many colleges enroll students through the All India Level Entrance examination. This exam has questions from what you studied in class 12th. The subjects are physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology. After qualifying it you can enroll in different B.Sc courses.

For B. Tech in Biotechnology you can appear in the IIT-JEE exam. The IIT-JEE Mains helps you to take admission in NIT and other state level colleges. IIT-JEE Advanced is for different IIT / IISER /ISM.

In these colleges, you can study B.Tech Biotechnology after qualifying the exam. Different Engineering colleges also conduct their own entrance examination. After qualifying it you get admission to the course. The span of the B.Tech program is of 4 years.

After completing graduation you can opt for masters. There are different courses at the master’s level. It includes M.Sc, M.Tech, and M.E. For M.Sc in Biotechnology, you need to have a graduate degree in Biotechnology.

You can also enroll in M.Sc if you have a graduate degree in Biology or related subjects. The related subjects are botany, biochemistry, chemistry, zoology, virology, pharmacy, and chemistry.

A graduate of BAMS can also apply for M.Sc in Biotechnology.

The span of all different M.Sc course is of 2 years. You need to appear in the entrance examination. Only qualified students can enroll in different M.Sc courses.

M.Tech/ M.E in Biotechnology is exclusive for certain students. You need to have a bachelor’s degree as B.Tech/ B.E to be eligible for the course.

You need to qualify for the GATE examination. After qualifying it you can enroll in M.Tech in Govt. colleges. Private colleges take their own exam. The course duration is of 2 years.

Biotechnology is a Very Professional Field

Nowadays many universities and colleges offer a special program in Biotechnology. It is B.Tech+ M.Tech program. In this professional field of Biotechnology, you need a high level of knowledge and expertise to succeed in it. Least post graduation is an absolute necessity. Without it, your value is not much.

There are different specializations at post graduate level. You can enroll in any of them. You need to have an interest in that subject.

Some fields of specialization are Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Environmental Protection, Horticulture, and Botany.

You can choose a specialization in biophysics and biochemistry. Some industrial specialization is also there.

It includes Dairy Technology, Nutrition, Genetics, Medicine, and Pharmacology. Biotechnology is also associated with molecular biology and microbiology.

The majority of students prefer to go for a Ph.D. and research program in Biotechnology. It is a vast wide. It is a field with a lot of research potential.

To enroll in a Ph.D./ Doctoral program you need to have a post-graduate and undergraduate degree in the subject. Many famous foreign universities offer Ph.D. Even ICMR, IIT, AIIMS in India offer student’s research fellowship. 

Career Opportunities in Biotechnology

Career Opportunities in Biotechnology

You can focus on different career options in Biotechnology. In biotechnology, you can get in different exciting jobs. You need specialized skills and knowledge of the subject. There is immense scope of making an established career.

Some fields are research and development, the pharmaceutical industry. You can become a specialized lab technician. Biotechnology is also used in agriculture, farming, and dairy production.

There are wide career options in the scientific field.

The administrative field related to biotechnology is also getting very famous. For these career options, you should have a degree or diploma.

  • Biotechnology industries: Here you will work in drugs and pharmaceutical research. Product strategy makers and process scientist is another job option for you.
  • Environment Control: They work in agriculture control and waste management.
  • Research and test laboratories
  • Energy Management and processing technology
  • Administration
  • Teaching Biotechnology at colleges and university

Let us look at different career options of biotechnology in detail:

You can Become an Engineer in Biomedical Technology

A Biotechnology Engineer uses engineering and biological skills together. They need to answers various issues. These issues are of medicines generally. You need to do a course in biotechnology to be a biomedical engineer. The job is to create enhanced quality biomedical gadgets. They also design types of equipment, analytic machines, artificial organs, and health-related software.

You can Become Clinical Technician

These professionals are scientists of medical labs. You can also call them as biotechnologist technicians. A technician takes samples, lead tests, and make reports. A clinical technician needs to find the content of various substances in the human body. A clinical technician needs to have knowledge of chemistry.

They work with different specialized research instruments. It includes progressed mechanical technology, robotized types of equipment. With help of these, a clinical technician collects important information.

There are different special courses and diplomas. By them, you can become a certified laboratory technician. You can also carry out research in this field. In research, you can find alternative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

You can Become a Microbiologist

A Microbiologist studies the reports and samples taken by the clinical technicians. They have good knowledge of Biology and microorganisms. Microbiologists are scientists that make vaccines. They make industrial and biomedical products.

It happens after complex research. You need to first complete your undergraduate course in Microbiology. After this, you can choose for the Masters. This will guide you towards the research profession as a microbiologist.

You can Become Process specialists

Process specialists include scientists and engineers. The job profile is to manage the processing phase. They first carry prototype tests. After approval, the process starts on large scale production. It is a high paid job. They are very competent.

The main focus is on methods that will increase the productivity of an item. The standard form is not changed.

The prime focus is to make the product and process more efficient. To be a process specialist you need B.Tech in Biotechnology.

A graduate in pharmacy, biology, and biochemistry can also work as a process specialist. Generally, they work in food and dairy production.

You can Become a Biomanufacturing Specialists

Biomanufacturing specialists use strategies and tools to ensure product quality. It is very much like process specialists. The difference is that Biomanufacturing specialists focus more on the product.

The process specialist focuses more on the process of production. The Biomanufacturing specialists ensure quality terms of health, safety, and purity. They are aware of the government, and industry administrative norms.

You can become a Biomanufacturing specialist after a degree in biotechnology, biomedical engineering. Specialized graduates in Applied Biotechnology and Industrial Biotechnology are more preferred.

You can Become a Biochemist

Biochemist studies various biological processes. They study the chemical properties of them. A biochemist is a scientist. The different biological process includes cell development. They find the cure of disease causing viruses, bacteria.

They also carry out complex research. Their job is to study the effect of different things on the human body.

Biomanufacturing and process specialists make the product. It starts after the report is submitted by biochemists. You can become a biochemist after a post-graduate degree.

Nowadays business management with biotechnology is getting very popular. One such career option for you is of Business Manager as Product Specialist.

You can become Business Manager as Product Specialist

A Product Strategist handles making strategy. The production is of Biotechnology items. The job profile will include promotion, logistics, and marketing. They also focus on sales and profitability. The prime goal is the administrative and quality checks.

A business manager as a product specialist has an MBA degree and a degree in biotechnology.

Salary of Biotechnologists 

Salary of Biotechnologists

The salary in this field is very nice. A fresher gets up to 50,000 per month. This is a great amount for starting your career. With experience and expertise, your salary will also increase. A well-established Biotechnologist gets 1.5 – 2 lakhs per month. The salary also varies on your specialization and your company.

IndustryAverage Salary with minimum to the maximum annual range
Pharmaceuticals4 lakhs – 20 lakhs
Research & Development4 lakhs – 18 lakhs
Cardiology and Microbiologists3 lakhs – 18 lakhs
Process and Biomanufacturing specialists2.5 lakhs – 15 lakhs
Academics2.5 lakhs – 15 lakhs
Microbiology Manager20 Lakhs
Quality Control Manager10 Lakhs
Production Manager5 lakhs – 8 Lakhs

It all depends on your capability. This is an average scale. A competent and expert person can earn a much higher salary than this. Biotechnology is all about skill and knowledge.

Best Colleges to Study Biotechnology in India

There are some good colleges in India that offer a course in Biotechnology. At the top is the Indian Institute of Technology.

  • IIT Delhi
  • IIT Bombay
  • IIT Madras
  • IIT Guwahati
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIT Kanpur
  • DTU (Delhi Technical University)
  • BHU
  • SRM University
  • BITS Pilani
  • VIT


Biotechnology is a very interesting subject. It is a subject with a wide scope of research. You need to be much focused while studying biotechnology. It is not an easy task. Proper planning should be there.

After an undergrad degree, you can opt for a specialization in post-graduate programs. The specialization will make you a very competent person. The sky is the limit in the biotechnology field. Your potential can lead to you very high positions at esteemed organizations. 

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