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Bhopal is currently the capital city of the Indian state, known as Madhya Pradesh. The place is known as the ‘City of Lakes’ mainly because of its artificial and natural lakes.

The city is also one of the greenest places in India, being the 16th largest city located in the country and also 131st in the whole world. The city was founded in the year 1707, which was then the capital city of Bhopal State – which was a princely state ruled by the Britishers and also the Nawabs of Bhopal as well.

In the year 1984, the city was struck by the infamously known Bhopal Gas
Tragedy disaster, which was one of the worst industrial disasters in the entire planet.

Talking about the CA or Chartered Accountancy course, even though there are stories that students have cracked the course without taking any tuition classes, it should be noted that taking CA coaching in Bhopal will help the students improve their chances of passing.

There are many CA coaching classes located in the city of Bhopal and being able to know that which one is better will always be a greater advantage for the students as well. So, without further ado, let’s jump onto the following list of top coaching centers for CA in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

List of Best CA Coaching in Bhopal


The Aldine facility, which is one of the centers for top CA coaching in Bhopal, provides teaching classes for the entire CA course with its band of experienced individuals.

The center also has almost more than 100 centers all over India. The center is best known for its CA IPCC and Final coaching classes, due to veteran teachers teaching the students, such as Praveen Sharma for accounts and Raj Kumar for taxation.

The center also provides printed study materials to its students as well combined with online lectures, test series and so on. The fees
mainly start from around 8000 INR and hover up to almost 18,000 INR per student.

Address: 2nd Floor, Plot no.07, Quality Parikrama, Opposite MY FM Office, Zone-1, M.P. Nagar, Bhopal, 462011
Phone number: 9993922202, 9893149012, 0755-4202202

Swapnil Patni Classes

This coaching center not only provides support for the CA course but also for the Company Secretary courses, B.Com, and 10+2 courses as well. The institute has over 70 centers all over India and the center is best known for the students’ rank in the CA IPCC course.

For providing better education to its students, the center also provides distance learning programs, printed study materials, doubt clearing classes the likes.

The fees of the center start at just a mere 1800 INR and go up to over 20,000 INR – depending upon the course that the student selects.

Address: D-Fortune classes, Plot no .167, F 1/A, ZONE 2, MP NAGAR, Bhopal, 462011
Email id: [email protected]
Phone number: 9981489567

Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute

SSEI provides the best CA coaching in Bhopal for both CA and CS courses. The specialty of SSEI is its coaching classes in financial management for the CA course and law when it comes to the CS course.

The institute has its presence in over 33 cities all over India and fees mainly start from 1500 INR and go up to 18,000 INR per student.

The institute is currently ranked almost number four all over India due to the quality of education that is provided and also the helpful faculty too.

Address: 4 N, Commerce Classes, G-6 Quality Parikrama Zone – 1, M P Nagar, Opp My FM office, Bhopal – 462011
Email id: [email protected]
Phone number: 9685445735

Career Launcher

Career Launches is a household name for the institute when it comes to educational coaching classes provided by the center, in Bhopal. The reason is that the center not only provides coaching classes for CA students but also a host of other courses as well, such as GMAT and SSC.

The institute has over 98 centers all over India and is very well known for its coaching in the CAT and CA course. The fees of the center start at around 1000 INR and go over 20,000 INR according to the requirements of the students’.

Address: 128, First Floor (Above SBI Bank), Zone-II, M.P. Nagar, Bhopal, 462023 Phone number: 9977504065, 0755-4093447

Kautilya Academy

The center has achieved massive milestones when it comes to imparting education and guidance to the CA students. The institute stresses on quality preparation and scientific training as well.

The center is almost synonymous with success in the city of Bhopal. The center has started mainly to teach the CA CPT students and is slowly improving and expanding their curriculum as well.

If the student is living in a remote area where transportation is not strong then the students could avail support from the correspondence. The institute also has a library as well, allowing students to study and ready books.

Address: 139, Near Vikramaditya College, M.P. Nagar Zone-II, Bhopal, 462011
Phone number: 7024105231, 7024105232

Superior Commerce Classes

This center is very popular among the students of Bhopal, mainly because of its support that is extended towards not only the CA students but also the B.Com students and 10+2 commerce students as well.

The center is also ranked at number two for teaching commerce students in the city of Bhopal. The course fees mainly range from around 3500 INR to almost 12,000 INR, which is indeed very much affordable for the students who want to take coaching classes.
Currently, the center only teaches CA CPT students only.

Address: C-12, Parijat Complex, Above Priyadarshini Super Bazaar, Bittan Market, Bhopal, 462038
Email id: 9826334872, 9826585046
Phone number: [email protected]

AIMA Academy

AIMA is one of the most prestigious coaching centers in Bhopal, generally teaching students from the CA and CS fraternity. The center also teaches B.Com and 10+2 students from the commerce stream as well.

The center is currently ranked at fifth place for providing IPCC coaching classes in the city of Bhopal. It is responsible for not only providing top-class coaching facilities to the students but also ensures the students also receive good quality study materials as well. Furthermore, each student is also provided with the mock test series for self-evaluation.

Address: Plot no. 212, Behind Sargam Cinema Opposite Arya Bhavan, Zone-II, Maharana Pratap Nagar, Bhopal, 462011
Phone number: 7869158899

AICE Commerce Academy

The AICE institute has made a name for itself by teaching students from not only the CA and CS course, but also students from the commerce background.

The center excels in teaching numerous subjects required for the CA course, such as accounts, law, taxation, IT and Strategic Management.

The teachers make sure each student understands the course in a relatively easy manner so that it becomes quicker for the teachers to implement various mock test series and discussions for further understanding.

The center is currently ranked at number four in terms of overall teaching imparted to the students in the city of Bhopal.

Address: 145, 3RD FLOOR, Hotel Sudarshan Palace Road, Aside CA Chapter Office, Near Sargam Talkies, MP Nagar Zone II, Bhopal, 462023
Phone number: 8871234511

Pandey’s Tutorial

Pandey’s Tutorial is responsible for providing coaching classes for all kinds of courses including the CA course, right from the CPT or Foundation to the CA Final exams.

The center was mainly known for its JEE Advanced education, but now, it’s all about the CA course taught by talented teachers residing in the facility.

The students should be very happy to know that the center also provides exclusive discounts and scholarships as well, which means that students from low-finance backgrounds can also partake in the CA course and its coaching classes as well.

Apart from that, the center also indulges in providing the best facilities to its students, in terms of
exam preparation.

Address: 7, Ravidas Nagar, (Behind Indrapuri), Piplani BHEL, Bhopal, 462021
Phone number: 9827261503, 9893053603

RMJ Educational Services

RMJ Educational Services is not only reputed but also very experienced in providing the best available resources for the CA course to its students. The center is currently ranked within the top 10 out of all the coaching centers located in Bhopal providing CA course assistance.

Before being admitted into the institute, students should first decide on the type, of course, they want to pursue – whether it will be classroom-based or online from home.

It’d be in the best interest of the student if he or she can personally attend classroom teachings because if any doubt arises, then the respected teacher will be right in front of them to answer the question.

Address: Plot No. 174, Zone 2, M.P. Nagar, Bhopal, 462011
Phone number: 9826063189, 0755-4009501

Average fees of CA coaching or college in Bhopal

Even though, it can be difficult to finally focus on the accuracy of the average fees charged by the coaching centers because the centers provide a lot of options to the students when it comes to different courses.

There will be students who will only choose video classes, which will come at a lower cost than live classes held by the respective teachers.

And there will be students who would want to opt for Pendrive classes because of difficulty in regular transportation to the coaching center and therefore they want to study from his/her home only.

However, students can expect the average fees of the CA coaching centers to be somewhere around the 15,000 INR to 18,000 INR mark.

How we have selected CA coaching in Bhopal?

The following are some of the main factors that have been kept in mind while selecting the list of CA coaching in Bhopal:

  • Feedback

Before selection of the coaching centers in our list, we have asked around numerous ex-students who have not only studied at these institutes but also have passed the course with flying colors as well.

We have asked about the quality of teaching that is imparted to these students including the overall facilities too. We have also taken into account of various online reviews and opinions on the internet from numerous reputable websites that helped us towards our goal.

  • Track record

When we select a coaching center in our recommendation list, we make sure that we have checked the previous track record of the coaching institute. This record includes the number of

students that have passed the course from that respective institute and the overall pass percentage as well. It should be remembered by the students that higher pass-percentage means that the institute is more preferable. Thereby, we’ve included the data on our list as well.

  • Staff

A good coaching center should have reputable and professional teachers, who will allow students to not only learn the subjects in the best way possible but also help them in clearing their doubts and queries as well.

We have ascertained the overall teaching procedures and methodologies by keeping in contact with the ex-students and thereby obtained feedback from them.

  • Study Materials

The teachers of a coaching institute are just as important as the study materials provided by them, to the students as well. A good coaching center always provides sophisticated study materials for its students, which are not only comprehensive but also easy to understand for the
student in question as well.

FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

●What is the best time to join CA coaching in Bhopal?

Since the CA exams are mainly held in two terms – both in May & June and November & December, therefore, the best option for the students would be to join either after the May/June exams or after the November/December exams.

●What is an average fee of CA coaching in Bhopal?

As per our current research and reports, the CA coaching in Bhopal fees per student is around 15,000 INR to 18,000 INR.

●Does CA Coaching in Bhopal are sufficient to crack the CA exam?

Even though taking CA coaching classes are recommended to make the journey less painful for the students, it’s still all up to the student to decide whether he or she will study diligently. There’s nothing better than doing the self-study because these coaching centers will only help the students with the relevant guidance, but it’s up to the student to complete the journey.

●Does CA Coaching in Bhopal Provide Online Classes?

Yes. Multiple CA coaching classes in Bhopal provide online classes, such as Sanjay Saraf Educational Institute located in Bhopal. Students can either opt for classroom options or online coaching classes.


Even though the coaching classes provided by each of these institutes will be comprehensive and helpful, it should be noted that the effort of the student is where the main result counts. On the other hand, it should also be remembered by the students that better coaching classes will lead to better results as well.

Each student has his or her requirements, so it’s recommended to only choose the best option that the student deems fit for his or her CA course – based on the faculty strength, reputation, and the likes. The students should detect their strengths and work on perfecting their weaknesses as well.

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