CTET stands for Central Teacher Eligibility Test which is generally laid by CBSE board for the aspiring teachers to teach in government schools.

It is conducted by CBSE board every year and more than 1, 20,000 people apply for the same. The government schools are considered to be the best for teaching methodologies and high salary packages.

A government job is always secured with money and preference. The main eligibility criteria are passing of graduation or diploma degree with at least 50% marks.

The minimum age of the candidate should be 17 and not less than it. Also, the candidate can pursue diploma degree and pass with a minimum of 45% marks. 

There are two exams conducted for the same.

  • Paper 1 is for the one who would like to teach students of class I to V
  • Paper 2 for the ones who would like to teach students of class VI to VIII.

If anyone wishes to enroll for Paper 2 then he/she must pass both the exams. The minimum marks required for TET pass is 60%.

The registration forms are made available in May on the official website of CBSE. And both the exams are conducted in July itself. The results are to be declared in the first week of August.

So, it is going to be a wonderful opportunity for aspiring teachers to gain momentum in their life.

CTET Exam Preparation Books

Best Books for CTET Paper 1

Paper 1 is under the teaching staff for class I to V. This exam consists of 5 major subjects including two languages: Hindi and English.

The main focus is done on the subject of Mathematics which can also be a scoring subject. The different subjects with the best books are as follows:

Best books for Child Development and Pedagogy

  • Child Development and Pedagogy By Disha Publication (Buy Online)
Child Development & Pedagogy for CTET & STET (Paper 1 & 2) with Past Questions

Child development and Pedagogy subject are termed as one of the most important subjects for CTET.

It is the base subject where Child development skills and pedagogy skills are tested. One can also consider is the easiest subject because most of the part of this subject is theory.

The best book for the same is Child Development and Pedagogy by Disha Publications. 

This is wonderful on the subject of Child Development. Also, Disha Publication is a trusted and famous agency for books publication.

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Highlights of the book:

The book is measured with the ability of easy language and a better approach. Complete explanation guide can be compared with this book.

An average candidate can understand the book with an easy pattern and learning. Special emphasis is done on pedagogy issues and development skills.

This special type of learning will surely help the candidate to get through the exam. The book is followed by a major set of exercises. Exercise 1 consists of MCQs questions from the level of the previous year.

The second exercise is focusing on the revision or test exercise with more than 500 MCQs. This will help the candidate to get complete knowledge about the subject and also test the relevant skills over it.

The practice exercise is very beneficial for the student. 

Best books for Language 1

CTET and TETs English Language and Pedagogy Paper 1 and 2 2019

Language 1 is English which is chosen by the CBSE Board. Moreover, English is considered as the core subject for the CTET.

It is very important in day to day life because the trend for the English language is increasing.

The exam paper consists of passage questions on English grammar and various MCQ questions.

The best book chosen for Language 1 is CTET English Language published by PEARSON. The author of the book is Geeta Sahni. 

Highlights of the book:

The books published by Pearson are always the best. This book is a complete guide for the English Language.

The understanding level for the candidate is high after reading the book because Geeta Sahni has performed a wonderful task by converting hard language into easy language.

This is also going to help the average candidate who is having less knowledge about the subject. 

Moreover, 5 major exercises are provided in the book as this book is considered a common book for both the papers.

The revision exercise is having more than 200 passage questions. The last year papers with solutions are also provided in the book. So, this is going to be a complete reference book for aspiring teachers. 

Best books for Language 2

  • CTET & TETs Hindi Language by Arihant Publications. (Buy Online)
 CTET & TETs Hindi Language by Arihant Publications.

Language 2 is the common language of the country. The Hindi Language is considered as the social subject for all the aspirants.

For some people, it may be the easiest subject because they make done their graduation in the Hindi Language. But the difficulty may arise for English studying candidate.

The different principals of Hindi Language are not easy and have to learn by heart.

The best book chosen for the same is CTET & TETs Hindi Language by Arihant Publications. This book is suitable for both Papers.

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Highlights of the book:

The main focus in the book is shown for the unseen passages. The other parts are covered by poetry and grammar.

Various grammar questions are solved with their alternatives too. One can also increase his/her verbal ability in Hindi after catching up with this book.

The different parts of the books are shared by Principles of Learning, Acquisition, Four skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing), Vocabulary, Grammar, Challenges of teaching in a diverse classroom, Remedial teaching.

So, these are the main aspects of the book which is covered for the syllabus of CTET. The best thing about the book is that it can work for both the papers of CTET. 

Best books for Mathematics

  • Mathematics Exam Goal Post by Wiley Publications. (Buy Online)
 Mathematics Exam Goal Post by Wiley Publications

Mathematics seems to be tough for the majority of people. The various equations used in mathematics are complex and may turn out to be difficult.

So, a regular intake of daily practice is needed by the candidate. Practice makes a man perfect.

For paper1, the best book chosen for this subject is Mathematics Exam Goal Post by Wiley Publications. 

Highlights of the book:

The numerical ability for every exam is covered under Quantitative aptitude. This book contains a lot about aptitude as per the syllabus.

The majority of the questions are solved through short-cut methods. It is a time-saving approach to the exam.

The other section contains probability questions. Also, some of the previous CTET exam papers are fully solved by the author.

It is a very classic book that is easy to understand for a beginner. A special section is also provided for the students to practice a lot of questions on various topics.

These questions are having the highest probability to be asked in the CTET exam. The solutions are generally through short methods which come out to be efficient during the exam. So, always try this book for Paper 1.

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Best books for Environmental studies

  • Environment Studies Exam Goal Post by Wiley Publications (Buy Online)
 Environment Studies Exam Goal Post by Wiley Publications.

Social studies or Environmental studies are related to all environment affairs. The environment is further related to the ecosystem and animals. So, here a complete reference study is needed for computing the subject of Social studies.

This subject includes History and Geography as the major sub-subjects. Overall, the knowledge of social studies is very important is a day to day life.

The best book for this subject is the Environment Studies Exam Goal Post by Wiley Publications. 

Highlights of the book:

The book is generally preferred for paper 1 i.e. Class I to V. It is very good for preparation for many exams as all the concepts are dully cleared here.

The book is best for all types of competitive exam as the syllabus of social studies remains the same. Also, the book by Wiley Publication is having a specific format where chapter-wise questions are provided.

This will help in enhancing the strategy for the preparation. The newly added Mock Test papers are having some productive questions on environmental studies.

It is adding some easy ways to prepare for the exam. It is important to design some strategy so that the evaluation can be done in less time. 

Best books for Paper 2

Paper 2 is generally held for the selection of teachers for Class VI to VIII. The measurement of aspiring teachers is done through the second paper only.

It is a standard exam by CBSE Board which includes almost all the main subjects as that of Paper 1.

Here, the level of difficulty is raised a little bit. The submissions for Paper 2 are done after clearing Paper 1.

One has to clear both the papers for finally becoming a central government of Class VI and above.

Best books for Child Development and Pedagogy Paper2

  • Child Development and Pedagogy by Sandeep Kumar (Buy Online)
 Child Development and Pedagogy by Sandeep Kumar

The books related to Child Development and Pedagogy is a complete reference for how to work under the environment after becoming a teacher.

The weight of this subject is given to development for the educational status of a child. It becomes the most important part of CTET when it comes to the development of children. For this purpose, CBSE is conducting a special subject in the exam.

The best book chosen for the same is A Complete Resource for CTET: Child Development and Pedagogy by Sandeep Kumar. 

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Highlights of the book:

The book is generally referred for Paper 2 where the new syllabus is also included. The extended chapters are provided with resourceful meaning. The pattern remains the same while the syllabus is extended.

The main highlights of the book lie in previous year questions and most frequent questions asked. It will help the student to develop new insight into the subject. T

he FAQs let the candidates practice all types of related questions. It is a complete reference for candidates to come up with various aspects of Child Development.

The other section of the book is covered by Mock Test papers where common questions are included from every chapter. It is the best way to strengthen and come up with a solid strategy.

Also, the book is available on both offline and online stores with discounted price. 

Best books for Language 1 Paper 2

 English Language by Geeta Sahni

The English Language is an integral part of every course. Now, it is treated as a compulsory subject for boards and competitive exams.

There should be the good command over English Language and its various aspects. For CTET, the level of English is medium.

One can collect various questions and unseen passages from the books. Paper 1 and Paper 2 are composed of the same syllabus for the English Language.

The best book chosen for the same is A Complete Resource for CTET: English Language by Geeta Sahni.

Highlights of the book:

The book is composed of a high level of English Language with various credentials. The high level of English is always required to solve some simple questions.

The command over the English Language should be mature enough to speak with confidence.

The Book by Geeta Sahni would also help candidates to enhance speaking and listening skills. The paper comprises of unseen passages, poetry, fill in the right words, word-meanings, etc.

This book is going to provide you with the best questions on the same topics. It is the best solution for the candidates to keep control over the English Language.

Also, it is recommended to practice questions on the English Language daily. It will help you to keep connected towards various meanings. So, buy this book at an easy price and start your career with the English Language. 

Best books for Language 2 Paper 2

 Hindi Language by Arihant Publications.

The second compulsory language is Hindi. Hindi seems to be the easiest language of all but this is not true for a majority of people.

Some of the aspiring teachers have come up with the English language throughout their career. And learning Hindi at this stage becomes hectic.

It is great news that CTET syllabus for Language 2 is not so hard and can be converted into easy ways.

Generally, both the papers are having a common book: CTET & TETs Hindi Language by Arihant Publications.

Highlights of the book:

The book for the Hindi Language is globally published best by Arihant Publications only.

The main highlights of the book include previous year solved questions, frequently asked questions, chapter-wise solutions, etc.

Here, all the chapters needed for paper 2 are covered with complete reference. Even, the contact information of the author is provided so that the candidate can contact for any query.

This is the best way from the author to connect to different readers and solve their query. Even, the readers can claim for some corrections in the book. 

The Language 2 section comprises of unseen passages, poetry, and word-meanings. There will be 30 questions that are MCQs and each question carry one mark each.

The pattern for all the sections of the paper remains the same and there are 150 questions in total. The other part of the book is generally designed for practice purpose which includes several mock test papers.

So, the Hindi language is not going to be tuff until you are not having this book. One can buy it at all offline stores at a discounted price. 

Best books for Mathematics and Science

  • Success Master Paper 2 Teacher Selection for Class VI-VIII Maths & Science by Arihant Experts. (Buy Onlne)
 Success Master Paper 2 Teacher Selection for Class VI-VIII Maths & Science by Arihant Experts.

The combination of Mathematics and Science comes from the technological aspect.

It is one of the major subjects for teachers and that’s why included for teachers. Mathematics involves a lot of practice for different sums. The logic can be decided and applied for the right answered.

But for the logic, there is a requirement of daily practice. Even, science is taking a new step in collaboration with Mathematics.

There several books for the same but the best one is still CTET Success Master Paper 2 Teacher Selection for Class VI-VIII Maths & Science by Arihant Experts.

Highlights of the book:

The book for the same is considered as best by many CTET experts. The combination of mathematics and science is deeply narrated in the book.

The various chapters of mathematics are provided with short-cut methods to save time in the exam. A well-written strategy is planned by the author for the subject.

A detailed introduction of science can be seen in the book which explains the collaboration with mathematics. The selection of teacher is based on these core subjects where real intellectual is measured. 

Moreover, the different sections of the book come up with MCQs and FAQs. The real aspects of math problems are covered in these chapters.

The exercise provided is also having brief solutions and answers. The second section of the book is covered by previous year questions with the solutions and the third section is covered by regular mock tests for the preparation.

So, this book alone is going to clear all the doubts and prepare you for CTET. 

Best books for Social Studies/Social Science

  • Success Master Science Social/Studies Paper 2 for Class VI-VIII by Arihant Experts (Buy Online)
 Success Master Science Social/Studies Paper 2 for Class VI-VIII by Arihant Experts

Some of the people are confused about Social science. It is the subject which is covering all the social aspects of the surroundings. It includes both geography and history.

The same subject is replaced by Environmental studies in Paper 1. Social science is similarly like social studies but in social science, the involvement of scientific questions is more.

Social studies’ is the subject which is also taught from Class III itself and most of the candidates are having good knowledge about it.

But if you think you’re weak in it then choose CTET Success Master Science Social/Studies Paper 2 for Class VI-VIII by Arihant Experts.

Highlights of the book:

The majority of the questions are asked from social studies’ group and the book is focusing more on it. In a real aspect, the book is a complete reference for several chapters included in the syllabus.

Here, some of the parts are also covered by general knowledge. The basis chapters are covered first and related questions are also asked at the same time.

The other part of the book deals with some tuff chapters and related questions.

The best part of the book is related to 50 practice papers for the learner. They can focus on all types of questions and design an algorithm to learn some tuff concepts. So, this book is in demand and one must buy it. 

The registration process and Exam Pattern for CTET 

The exam pattern defines everything. CTET is all India examination for Central teacher government job.

It is conducted all over India at different allocated places. The exam is conducted through offline mode.

First of all, the registrations are made open on the official website. The online forms can be easily filled by the candidate with signature.

The admit cards are made ready before 10 days of the exam. All the related information is also available on the official website.

The candidate has to enroll for Paper 1 in the beginning and after completely passing the exam (60% marks) one can also enroll for Paper 2. 

Paper 1 Pattern 

Paper 1 comprises of 5 subjects:

  • Language 1,
  • Language 2,
  • Mathematics,
  • Child Development and pedagogy,
  • and Environmental Studies.

The total questions asked from each subject is 30 and the total number of questions is 150. Each question carries 1 mark and total marks are 150. 

Paper 2 Pattern

Paper 2 comprises of 5 subjects:

  • Child development and pedagogy,
  • Language 1,
  • Language 2,
  • Mathematics and Science,
  • Social Studies/Social Science.

The total questions asked in the exam are 150. All of them are MCQs with a total of 150 marks. There will be no negative marking in both the papers. 

Moreover, the total time for both the exams is 2.5 hours. So, one can follow the registration process and have a look at the advanced exam pattern. 

Things to remember while buying or choosing CTET Books

Well, all the good books are already mentioned above but still, some relevant points must be considered before actually buying the books,
CTET books are considered the best only when they are following the latest syllabus.

The syllabus is generally changed after every 2 or 3 years and it becomes difficult to cope up with the old books.

If you are buying the latest edition then it is the best choice. Every book is having a series of the edition which changes with the change in syllabus. It is advised not to look for any old series just for a matter of less money.

The latest book is going to involve all the latest features. Now after the latest edition is chosen, the choice for the best book is still unknown.

The best book should be chosen based on expert and their recommendations. These recommendations are available online and one can Google it. This is because the experts are having good knowledge of the author and publisher and so they can guide you for a better solution.

Choose the best book with the latest edition only. The choice for an online or offline store becomes a condition. If anyone is choosing an online platform for books then they must worry about the speed of delivery.

The person who is looking for offline stores for books then he/she must worry about the price of the book. Generally, online stores are offering student discounts on books which are a very good solution from the online aspect.

While on the other hand, offline books can be taken at any time of the day. Here, the choice becomes difficult and one must choose which suits the most. 

Most of the books remain in limited stock only. These are special books published by the Publisher and so it is necessary to have an eye on these books.

Generally, the specialty about these books is that they cover the latest mock test papers and the probability of getting questions from it is 40%.

It is one of the best books published at the last time. The only misfortune is that they are for limited stock and sold at first come first serve basis.

The information for that is available online since these books are also available in online stores.

One can buy at the book at very less price whenever it is in stock. So, it is good to remember the timings and live status of such books. 

The main thing to remember while buying an old book is the condition. The condition of the book is very necessary to be known before finally getting it. If the book is missing with some of the major pages or it is scratch with a pen then it is in the worst condition and not suitable to be bought.

A fine condition or old looks of the book doesn’t matter at all but the worst condition will make you confuse with some concepts or questions. So, try to invest money in things which are worth to be used. 

5 Quick CTET Exam Preparation Tips

The preparation tips for all the exams are almost the same. It all depends on a pre-defined strategy and time management schemes. Some of the best exam preparation tips for CTET are:-

Proper Knowledge of Syllabus: 

Really a piece of proper knowledge about the syllabus is very necessary and important before actually starting to prepare.

The CTET syllabus is made live on the website of CBSE. There are some minor changes in the syllabus every year and so it becomes necessary to involve the latest syllabus and pattern.

You can buy books and mark the topics as mentioned in the syllabus. This will help you to focus on important topics and avoid unnecessary ones.

So, it is advised to keep proper knowledge of the syllabus by the aspiring teachers. 

A pre-defined strategy:

A pre-defined strategy plays a major role in deciding the result or outcome. This strategy is based on oneself only i.e. one has to analyze what are the weak points and strong points.

So, after analyzing the weak points, it is good to focus on these topics more. This strategy is going to differentiate virtually between confidence and over-confidence.

One can relax over the strong points and practice their questions too. It helps to build firm confidence over the strong section of the subjects. It is best for students who are preparing for competitive exams. 

Time management skills:

These skills are important as without time there is nothing. The limited time of 3 hours is going to decide everything in the examination hall.

Time is managed through proper time-table. While preparing, try to create a suitable time-table for every day.

A separate room for the study is going to be the best solution for all problems. The time-table can be prepared for each subject mentioning time for each one. The perfect time is only possible between 10 AM to 7 PM.

Try to design your time-table within these hours. The time-table can also be prepared by the senior who is having a good experience in it. So, if you are doing so then some positive results are to be seen.

Practice and win:

Practice makes a man perfect, not only man but women too. The only solutions for getting through all the questions in CTET exam is practicing a lot. 

Here, practice means to try the question of every topic. It should not be like you’re only focusing on the important topics.

The weightage for all topics is equal and must be practiced with the best solutions. The other way is to learn short-cut methods.

These methods are going to be very beneficial in limited hours exams. It is advised to take on all the related mock tests for better preparation. To be perfect in anything, one should practice a lot. 

Last time deal:

At last, it becomes necessary to revise what all you have studied. One way is to prepare short notes and get it revised one day before the exam.

This is a hard-working choice by the students. The second way is to buy a guide which contains all your relevant notes.

This is the best solution to revise all your lessons well. It will help you to focus on strong points especially. This is called a Day before Strategy. 

Thanks for reading such a long post friends. Comment below if you have anything to say.

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