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I know most of the students who just enter into the cs executive level by passing cs foundation or just by direct admission after graduation searching for the best and very useful CS Executive Books.
Available for them. When I was in cs executive level most of my friends tended to ask for, which is the best book and after reading which book I will shoot cs executive quickly.Today I want to tell you the best and useful book by which you can pass cs executive fast.

So just proceed to point friends, which is the most important book for cs executive exam? Of course, this is a very complicated question because nearly all writer claims to have my book is best, and every book has its characteristic.

There are total seven subjects in cs executive level.Most are searching for module 1 books and others for module 2 book.

You can see below I have listed very useful books all the seven seven subjects for cs executive.i have listed the book in order of preference or importance, so books which are listed in the first position denotes the 1st choice and so on.


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Company Law
Company law is the very vital and yours cs carriers base of have to study company law in very detail if you want to be a successful company secretary so I think you have to GO for firstly study material provided by icsi ..if you want to go for book which has very understandable and easy language then for Sangeet Kedia sir’s book.
1.Study Module provided by CS Institute.
2.Company law by Sangeet Kedia(cs executive)⇒ (Buy Online)

3.CS executive company law by N.S Zad ⇒ (Buy Online)


Tax Law and Practice

1.Sangeet Kedia’s – TAX LAWS AND PRACTICE – CS Executive Programme (Based on MCQ Pattern of Examinations) (As per New Syllabus of ICSI) (Including Examination Questions & Answers).⇒ (Buy Online)

2.Study Material for taxation provided by ICSI.



Cost and Management Accounting.

1.Cost and Management Accounting (Theory and Problem-based MCQs) (CS Executive) (AS PER OMR BASED) by N.S ZAD.⇒(Buy Online)
2.ICSI study module.
Economics & Commercial Laws.

1. Economic and Commercial Laws (CS-Executive) by Tejpal Seth.⇒ (Buy Online)
2. Sangeet Kedia’s – ECONOMIC AND COMMERCIAL LAWS – CS Executive Programme.⇒(Buy Online)
3. Economic and Commercial Laws (Problems and Solutions) (For CS – Executive) by N.S. Zad.⇒(Buy Online)

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Company Accounts & Auditing Practices.



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Capital Markets & Securities Laws.

1.Sangeet Kedia’s – CAPITAL MARKET AND SECURITIES LAWS – CS Executive Programme (Including Examination Questions & Answers) (As per New Syllabus of ICSI).⇒(Buy ONline)
2.CAPITAL MARKETS and SECURITIES LAWS (CS Executive Module – II Paper – VI) BY CS AMIT VOHRA.⇒(Buy Online)


Industrial, Labour & General Laws.
1.Industrial Labour & General Laws (Theory and MCQ,s) (CS Executive) (As Per OMR Based Examination). ByTejpal Sheth, Jigisha Thakkar.⇒(Buy Online)
2.Sangeet Kedia’s – INDUSTRIAL, LABOUR AND GENERAL LAWS – CS Executive Programme (Based on MCQ Pattern of Examinations) (Including Examination Questions & Answers).⇒(Buy Online)
3.Industrial Labour & General Laws (CS-Executive)
BY- N.S. Zad, Nilamkumar Bhandari.⇒(Buy Online)

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Your primary and main source for studying should be the Modules provided by the Institute. It has my experience that most of the questions and model answers are sourced from the Modules, and importantly it is provided by the Institute; it has more credibility.

For a better understanding of the question paper and practice you can read Scanner but heavily relying on the scanner might be a big mistake.

Modules should remain the primary source is what I recommend. At least one reading of the modules (and one later during revision) will place you comfortably for exams.

As you know, three subjects in executive level are of the objective type I think it’s better to refer ICSI study material books for those three objective type papers.


if you want to Buy Above Books Online, Then you can buy HereBUY CS EXECUTIVE BOOKS ONLINE.


That’s all I am wrapping up friends.this is complete and best book for cs executive exam.If I have forgotten to list any book or you have any feedback, suggestion, or query, please let know via COMMENT . its heartily welcome friends!

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