Best Books for CA Final Exam Preparation

Chartered Accountant is one of the finest degrees that one can have in life. With the torture of more than 50 subjects, it is never easy to become a CA.

 Although, the final year seems to be tough as compared to others. The books are generally referred for the final year only.

Even, the subjects are divided into furthermore subjects which increases the workload on the student. The preparation must be tight and bound with the best books only.

best reference books for ca final new course

CA makes the man perfect when all the exams are passed brightly. The final income of CAs goes to Lakhs which is very worth.

The main situation arises for the studies which matter a lot while clearing the exam. One should look for the best books and do hard work for finally making through the CA Final year.

Top Reference Book For CA Final Examination.

  1. Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting covers the most happening subjects for CA. The importance lies when one becomes a CA. The subject includes all the financial and money related topics.

It is one of the best subjects to be known for better CA Classes. One should consider some of the best books available for the same:

Mr. MP Vijay Kumar is himself a fellow CA and Associate Management Accountant. This book is published by Snow White Publications Pvt. Ltd.

This book is available for all the CA Final year students who wish to establish a better future. One can avail it from all online and offline stores with Cash on Delivery also.

The combination of both the experts makes the book for CA Final students. Yes, they release the varied mixture of guide on Financial Reporting. It also contains all the previously held question papers on Financial Reporting. Overall, it is a better option for the ones who are looking for a complete syllabus in the same subject.

The books written by Sir DS Rawat are very popular among CA students. These books are good to be bought in online stores only.

So, these were some of the best books available for Financial Reporting. One can look for such new books in the store.

best self study books for ca final new syllabus

  1. Strategic Financial Management

The financial subject plays an important role while designing for a good CA Post in the future. The different books available for SFM are:-

The lessons of SFM are generally by the book written by these top writers. Most of the syllabus topic wise is covered in the book which seems to be the best option for CA Final students. It can be easily bought on the online stores.

The book was written by A N Sridhar which comes for the preparation for the 2nd paper. The latest edition is now available on all relevant stores.

The verified solutions of the last year exams are also present in the same. So, it is the best option for syllabus completion in less time.

It is generally considered as Pocket Revisionary Book for the CA final students. Now, this pocketbook is very useful for the last time preparers.

The complete set of 4 modules are provided within the package. One can also look for this book online only. 

The books referred above are top books for CA Final students and must be taken into reference.

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  1. Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics

The matter of Professional Ethics is very important in the phenomena of CA. Yes, it enhances the personality and the lifestyle of a person. The top referred books for the same are:

The book is written by CA Pankaj Garg. It is good for the preparation of the theory exam for the subject of Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics.

These theory papers may be a good scoring material and so should be focused with more relevance. These books are available at all the books stores.

The book was written by ma’am Surbhi Bansal summarizes the subject in a very attractive manner. It becomes easy for the students who are not confined to the language English.

Hence, it becomes a better option for the types of students. Easy availability is also enhanced now for the book. 

Oswal’s books are very popular for all the relevant subjects. One can choose this book too for better preparation in a confined way. It doesn’t cost much and now easily available at all online stores.

The combination of these three books makes it a good choice for all CA Final students.

best self study books for ca final new syllabus

  1. Corporate and Economic Law

In India, the subject of economical law is very important for the Indian Constitution. Hence, it is first to be studied by CAs. The general and important books for this subject are written by:

Sir Munish Bhandari is known as one of the best economists of India. And his book is excelling in the market.

The CA Final year students generally chose this book for complete reference and guide. This book is recommended by most of the CA experts.

The book written by Sir A K S Krishnan deals with the applied corporate laws.

There are more than 100 laws defined in this book which marks the suitability for the students. It is the best option to be chosen for the subject of Corporate Law.

It gains its popularity by CA Final year students only.

The book ‘Corporate and Economic Law’ is also mastered by Vijay Raja. It is a small book which covers most of the referred syllabus. Moreover, one can consider it has a full-time guide for the CA Final students.

The book written by ‘Munish Bhandari’ is recommended for this subject. One can also go through other books too.

  1. Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation

best self study books for ca final new syllabus

The subject generally deals with the management part and performance check. It can be considered as the analytic portion of the CA syllabus. The best books for the same are written by:

The book written by B Saravana Prasath is considered as top-class because of influential writings. It contains all the relevant topics as per the new syllabus for CA Final year exams.

The book is good for Paper-5 which covers this as the main subject.

The name of the book is ‘Pooja Law Publishing Advanced Management Accounting Problems & Solution for CA Final Year’. It is referred by Sanjay Agrawal who is himself a well-known CA.

So, it is a book good for final year students who love to study about analytics and cost management.

The pocket dictionary or guide is made available by the writer. It is written in different languages and formats. Most of the students go for this book for last-minute preparation as it is a small guide for them. This book is also now in online stores.

  1. Information System Control and Audit

The Information system is a major need for many courses nowadays. It is becoming necessary to learn about it and explore in the same field.

This subject adds many opportunities in the future. The books preferred for it are,

To recognize the value of Information system control then Sir Dinesh Madan is written such an outstanding book.

This book commends all the relevant topics of the subject which is necessary for the final exams. It is quite costly and available at all stores.

Sir Sudeep Mangla’s book on Information System Control and Audit for Paper 6 had reached miles downloads as an e-book on the Internet. He had explained all the chapters with pleasing nature and understanding. Hence, it is also one of the best books for the subject.

The book written by Mr. Manish is more a guide for all students. if anyone wants to revise in a confined way then this book is treated as best. It is quite obvious that it is easy to learn from the guide itself. So, it is beneficial for the revision purpose.

These are some of the top books known for Information System Control and Audit. One can refer to the guide written by Manish Valecha for a useful purpose.

  1. Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation

Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation are the most important subject for CA Final year students. This subject deals with the laws for direct taxation implemented on a common person.

This adds to the major sequence for passing CA exams. The best books are written by:

The best book written by him is Vinod Gupta’s Direct taxes Modules for CA Final. Moreover, the books are published by VG Learning Destination Pvt. Ltd.

He had implemented a beginner level module for direct taxation. It helps the students to learn and explore in the same field.

  • Dr. Vinod K Singhania & Dr. Kapil Singhania (Buy online)

The combination of two Singhania’s has made a perfect choice in terms of books. They both have published several books on Taxes and International Approaches.

The best solutions for the previous year exams are also provided in the same. It is something more than a module when it comes to studying.

Sir T N Manoharan has done great research for direct taxes and International taxes. His work is to be seen in his written module. It provides complete relaxation for the students who can understand the book because of the use of easy language. So, it a better option for last time preparations.

These books are written by the best writers only. One can refer to anyone of them according to the choice.

  1. Indirect Tax Laws 

Now, here comes the approach for indirect tax laws. This subject is also important as Direct Law is but most of the part of this subject is also covered in the Direct and International Taxes.

The books to be referred for this subject are:

The combination of Bangar’s has reached miles in the history of CAs. They have made the best approach for the CA Final year students. The book ‘Indirect Tax Laws for CA Final’ is always on-trend and treated as the best book for CA students. Hence, one should surely go for it.

  • Uttam Prakash Agrawal and CA Mahesh Gour (Buy online)

The Uttam Prakash Publications has also published a book in collaboration with CA Mahesh Gour which completes all the needed topics with unique.

The theory part is covered less while there is a high number of solutions. If anyone is looking for the same solutions then go for this book.

V S Datey releases a module on the subject of Indirect Tax Laws. This book is considered good because of the feedback it had received from the students.

They love to study this book as it is a complete guide or reference for them. 

All of these books are written in easy languages and available on both online and offline stores.

Quick Advice to students while preparing for CA Final year exams?

While every book is advice for all students but there are some points where a student must focus:

  1. Make sure that you study for at least 6 hours a day.

  2. The books are written in an easy language only and can be connected with a guide.

  3. Always look for the best book in the market for each subject. These books will provide you with all the relevant topics for the final year exam.

  4. No student should go into depression while preparing for the exam. It will make lose your temperament.

  5. The guide written by some top writers is very helpful for the last time revision.

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Chartered Accountant is one of the most influencing courses. It is also on trending and most of the students go for it. However, only a few are getting over it.

All of the relevant problems come under the level of study persuade by the student. They have to work hard for finally clearing all the exams with brightness.

If anyone fails in the exam, it becomes a black mark.

There are many books available for the students for every subject. Some of the best are already provided above and so look for the best among them.

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