Believing These 4 Myths About CS Course Stop You to Become CS

I didn’t Call Them Myths.Rather Than I call Them Beliefs of Failed Company Secretary Student.Yes.Failure Will Produce Various Doubts on You,Even If You Are Right .Any Body Can Fail  In CS Exam.

And Yes There is No Single Factor For Failing in CS Exam.There May is Case Where You Are Understanding The Overall Concept of Company Secretary and You Are Doing Extreme Hard Work To Pass CS Exam.

failing in CS Exam is not a Big Concern.The concern is What is Your Attitude after You Failed in Exam.Many Student Start Doubting Ourself,Many Try to Blame ICSI and Few of Them Start to Study More Hardly in Positive Way.

cs profession myths

Everything is Depends on How You Approach Exam.Be Just Relax and Be Positive With Hard work and Leave on ICSI.

You Can not Control ICSI But You Can Control Yourself,Your Study,Your Attitude,Your Time Management.So Wark Hard on What is in Your Control.

Today I am Trying to Crack Top Myths About Company Secretary Which I have been Seen Over The Years.

Myths#1.   CS Doesn’t Get Job.

cs profession myths

Full over Facebook,Whatsapp, and Other Social Media Platform You will be Definitely Annoyed by Post That claiming CS Doesn’t Get Job.Yes.Even Student Who are Foundation Course Tended to Say CS Is Not Getting Good Salary.CS is Not Prestigious Course.Blah..Blah…

Think How Can Those Student Clear CS Exam.I Think He Never.?


Because How Can You Able to Give Your 100% to The Things Which Are Not Love to do so.

Even I Can show You Only 7% Qualified Engineer are Getting Job Here.That Doesn’t Mean Doing Engineering is Waste of Time or Not Getting Job.


Don’t Believe in Rumours and Misguided Things.Rather Than Focus on to Being More and More Knowledgeable.

If You are Very Much Knowledgeable I Think No one Can Beat You.You will be demanded Everywhere.

 There May Be a Point Where New and Fresher CS Can Be Facing Little bit difficulty in Getting Job and It depends on upon various Factor .His/Her Interview skill,Presentation Skill,Communication Skill and Many More Reasons.

There is No Scarcity of Job For Company Secretary Fresher too.But You must Have  Sound Skill in Your Sector.


Just Be Positive and Love What Are You Doing Rather Than Doubting Own Profession.

As  Zig Ziglar Said

                   “You don’t have to be Great to Start, But You so Have to Start to be Great.”


 Myths#2.  CS Doesn’t Get Good Salary.  

cs profession myths

Fresher CS is Working on 15000 or 14000 is not a Bad Thing.i have Seen Many Fresher CA’s are Working on 18000 or 19000.Yes,You can’t Expect too Much Salary in Starting.

Salary is Totally Depends on Upon The Experience, Knowledge, and Communication Skill.


As Albert Einstein Said,


The only source of knowledge is experience. 

Myths#3.CS is Easy Than CA

Myths#3.CS is Easy Than CA.

This May Be True for Some Student and May be Wrong for Some Students. Easy and Tough Totally Depends on upon Person to Person.

Few Likes Practical Part a Lot and Few Likes Theoretical parts doesn’t Mean That CS is Easier Than CA.

Both Courses have its own Structure and Pattern. Dheeraj Vaidya Has Compared CA vs CS Very Fairly. in Terms of Result and Pass % in 2015 CA Pass % Was 5.75% and CS Pass %  Was 3.61%.


Not a Single Yes Not a Single Professional course is Easy,So Never Think  so and Give CS a Deservedly Respect.

Myths#4. CS Means Corporate Lawyer.  

Many Believes That CS Means Mainly a Corporate Lawyer or A Professional Mainly Dealing With Company Law.

That’s not the Case Friends CS is Far More Broader Than Company Law.

CS Can act as strategic Manager,Chief Advisor,Executive of the Company and Much More.

CS Can act as an Advisor on the Following Laws.
⇒ SEBI Act, SCRA and rules, and regulations made thereunder
⇒ Foreign Exchange Management Act
 Consumer Protection Act
 Depositories Act
 Environment and Pollution Control Laws
⇒ Labour and Industrial Laws
⇒ Co-operative Societies Act
⇒ Mergers and amalgamation and Strategic Alliances
⇒ Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures
⇒ Setting up subsidiaries abroad
⇒ Competition Policy and Anti-Competitive Practices

Further CS Have also Very Vast Opportunity under Share Market and Banking Sector So Never Limit CS’s Boundary Near Company Law.

So Don’t be Confused About Whether I will Get Job or Salary.First Do Your Work Honestly, You will Get Everything You have Expected in Your Life.

Be Focused.Be Positive,Be Hard worker.

Best Of Luck!

Thanks. if You Have Any Suggestion or Advise Always Feel free to Comment.
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