How to Study 10 Hours a Day for CS Exam

How to study 10 hours a day, Is the big most difficult question among CS student. Some say it is impossible to study 10 hours a day.  Someone say it is possible but difficult to study 10 hrs a day for CS Exam.10 hours day study doesn’t mean that you keep disturbed by WhatsApp, Facebook or friends phone during these hours, I lonely said full and 100% productive 10 hours study.

Remember to consider. First, you have to understand that study is your duty. You must study for a long now, to be successful in later life. Don’t take study as a pressure just take it promptly.

On average, a human can fully concentrate for 15-25 minutes. Take advantage of this and your need to get your blood flowing & body moving, by doing some form of movement every 20 minutes.

Why do You need to study 8-10 hours a day for CS Exam?

1.for Getting Rank in CS exam.

2.if you have not enough time say 2 or 3 months, and you are attending all group of CS executive or CS professional at the only attempt, then you must need to study 10 hours a day with full flow.

3.third and last reason if you are not taking coaching classes and doing self-study for CS exam and giving all groups paper for cs professional or cs executive.
The first step is to take the situation under command. Control what are your past bad habit and must get rid of them.if you can’t be able to leave your previous sticky habit you can’t be able to fit into your new routine.

Below I have listed strategy or some important to consider by which you keep remembering during study 8-10 hours a day for cs exam.

Exercise and meditation

 Every day morning or evening which time suits you get your blood flowing. A healthy body means the healthy mind. 20 minutes a day is good enough to keep your mind healthy.

Go for a walk in the morning or join a gym whatever is comfortable for you.keep hearing about something that motivates you.

This is vital. Exercise has some benefits, including improved blood flow to the body and brain.Commence your day with the workout and nutritious breakfast.


Relax Every Day

Relaxation is critical. You have to switch off your mind at the end of the day for your clear-mindedness. Rest time is necessary because that is the time where your mind combines all the information you filled it during the day.

Protect ‘You Time’ and give yourself at minimum 2 hours to relax.

Go to see friends, talk with your family, watch a movie, read a book, Get up, walk around, grab a glass of water, do twenty jumping jacks. Sitting for prolonged periods of time allows blood to pool in the body, so move around to help your body, Do whatever you need to do to feel well again.

Enough Sleeping

Sleep as much as you require and when you miss it.There is completely no point in studying for 10 hours a day if you don’t retain half of what you learned the next day. This is what will happen without adequate sleep.

Your head is a part of the sensitive system, you stress it out when you study, you require to pause it to recover.

Pick up a hobby

Spend half an hour to an hour a day doing something that you actually enjoy.
Do not I repeat DO NOT have your phone in your study area? Put it on silent and turn off vibration. You do not need your phone there when you’re reading.


You can monitor it during your breaks.
Don’t read the similarly subject in regular major study session (5-hour block or half your days, however, you divided it).

study in the same place

Study at a same and regular place is again small but important things. This Habit encourages your brain to kick into study-mode.
Organize all the subject into order 1 to 7,8 whatever the number of the topic may be, number 1 being your favorite.

Take mental breaks at scheduled additions of time

This is essential! You reasonably can’t perform your best if you’re focused on a single topic for hours toward the end. If yourself studying for an hour, take a fifteen-minute break. Two, thirty — or at whatever additions you prefer.
You have 10 hours per day, but you shouldn’t even attempt studying for 10 hours. You require to take a short pause say every time to refresh yourself – say 10 minutes. That will take up 1.5 hours leaving you to real 8.5 hours for studying.
It doesn’t mean how many hours you have studied.
At the close of the day, it is understood that how much you learned.

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Study Strategy

Decide to wake up early in the morning and start your study by 04:00 AM or 05:00 AM from the morning and stretch that up to 06:00 AM. So two hours study.

Quickly after that take some breakfast and immediately start your another session by 07:00 and proceed to study for two more hours.

Whatever I am suggesting 4 hours in the early morning session is, you can have a pure mind. So that you can learn the concepts very quickly.
Never be frightened if you don’t understand a particular topic.Otherwise, you won’t be capable of studying for long hours.Keep composure and be cool. You will learn it gradually.

Always remember to study long you must take meals in time, and also you should sleep timely.

Never divert your brain from the study when you are feeling tired in the study. if you are feeling bored in the study later just change your topic or subject of study or explore some interesting things like magazine or story book.

After some minutes come after to your real study. Don’t go outside for rest. Then your brain will not come to the study again.donot stay without food for long hours.

Always try to study in chair and table. Study lying on the bed does not persist for a long.

In Your Last Month

since your exam provisionally gives up your hobby and fashion, I know it is hard to give up or leave Whatsapp, facebook or any communication medium, But you have exams in a month.
Stop hanging out with your friends common or going out once a week. That will give several hours possibly give you an extra 2- 3 hours a day, 17 – 20 hours a week. That is an additional four study sessions!


Always remember, do not GIVE UP YOUR SLEEP even during your exams. You would score better having slept properly than if you consumed all midnight studying and did your exam at 70% mental capacity. If you kept to your timetable, you are set.

Good luck! And master it- your health is ever greater than Score or Rank or degrees.

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