How to choose the best online CAT preparation course

Everyone who prepares for CAT wants the best possible guidance. While traditionally the best coaching institutions for CAT have functioned offline, online preparation for CAT has become a far more popular option in the recent past due to offline classes being put on hold by various state governments.

And so, in such a scenario, it is natural that everyone wants to select the best CAT preparation online classes to ensure one’s success. 

Advantages of Online Coaching For CAT

Besides there are other advantages of choosing online preparation for CAT, most notable ones being:

  • Online coaching for CAT saves time as you do not need to travel to and from coaching and can utilize that time for your preparation instead
  • CAT online coaching classes also give the additional flexibility of early morning/late evening classes
  • Access to best online course for CAT from the comfort of your home is an additional advantage
  • Online coaching for CAT is generally available at 10-20% lower fee because even the cost for institutions reduces – they do not need to rent extra rooms, can admit students from different geographies and so on

Things to Consider Before Joining CAT Online Coaching

There are various factors that one needs to consider while searching for the best online CAT preparation course. The 3 most important ones are:

1. Past track record of the CAT Coaching:

Since online coaching for CAT is a relatively new area, one may feel that it is tough to find a long track record. One must keep in mind that although online coaching was earlier the domain of some small or niche institutes, most bigger CAT coaching institutes have now adopted it.

Since the factors that go into coaching – faculty, material, methodology, testing, and guiding – remain the same for offline as well as online CAT coaching, the track record of these reputable coaching institutes remains valid in your search for the best online CAT coaching as well.

2. Online Reviews of CAT Online Coaching Classes:

When one goes to join a CAT coaching or evaluates it, one can get a sense of the quality and pedagogy by speaking to the students who are studying there or have studied there in the past.

This is one research factor that can be done even from the comfort of your home but needs to be done carefully.

An excellent way of getting comfortable with the past track record of not only successful but all kinds of students is to see closely the online reviews on various platforms such as Google reviews, Quora, Justdial, and reputable educational expert sites such as among others.

While considering something like Google reviews to find the best coaching for CAT, one must keep in mind the following factors: 

a) Higher the rating, the better it is, but beyond a rating of 4.6, it does not matter too much and one has to evaluate the probability for individual needs being met or a specific preference being better met at a particular CAT exam online coaching course.

b) Higher the number of reviews, better the indication of higher quality of experience as anyone can get a small number of good reviews posted. For all reputable CAT online coaching classes, you can look for a number upwards of 1500-2000.

c) Period over which these reviews have come – while new reviews have the importance of recency, some organizations engage external agencies to push up their ratings via artificial reviews.

These are usually short-term contracts and most reviews happen in spurts and not gradually over a long period of time. You can also detect this with some effort by checking other reviews of by clicking the profile of the reviewer.

If many of the reviewers have reviewed the same or a similar set of businesses, chances are that they are not genuine and are being done by some organization for that set of businesses.

d) The language or reviews can also give an insight into whether the reviews are genuine or not.

The reviews of some of the top online CAT coaching institutes have been summarized below. You can of course do more homework on the same to identify the best online CAT coaching for yourself.

Online CAT Coaching InstituteGoogle Reviews at flagship locationJust DialReviews for flagship locationRank as per reviews from Google and Just Dial as per above factors
1T.I.M.E.4.4 rating (2362 reviews)4.0 rating (2085 reviews)2
2MBAGuru4.8 rating (2502 reviews)4.9 rating(2086 reviews)1
3Career Launcher4.3 rating (504 reviews)4.0 rating(2278 reviews)3
4IMS4.7 rating (131 reviews)4.0 rating(572 reviews)4

*Updated on 10 June, 2021

3. Faculty for CAT online coaching classes:

The faculty at any academic institution plays a big role when it comes to deciding the quality of education there.

Since many CAT exam coaching class brands are spread across India, and many of them have several franchisees, one cannot expect the same quality of teaching in two different cities or at even two different locations in a city, as the faculty will be different at these places.

Remember, it is not the name of the institution that will finally work for your success, but the quality of faculty that you get.

Apart from the quality and experience of the faculty team, you need to be sure they would be available to guide you when you need them. This can be found out from the existing students of that CAT coaching.

While IIT coaching institutes display their faculty prominently, most CAT coaching institutes somehow seem reluctant to share the same in a transparent manner.

Our team found some exceptions like MBAGuru online CAT coaching ( where the faculty was clearly displayed on the website along with the credentials. We also found faculty team displayed on the IMS website but without the credentials.

Most other CAT preparation online classes do not seem to clearly reveal their faculty team, although it may be good.

You may still take an assurance from the sales team of the CAT coaching you join about which faculty will teach the batch in which you intend to join and take prior feedback about them.

While there are several other factors such as past results, the size of batches, fees, number of centers across India that may influence your choice of the best online CAT preparation course, in our view the above 3 factors are most important ones to be considered. 

All the best for your CAT preparation.

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