CS New Modified Training Structure and Stipend

Present There is Two types of Training Structure Available for CS student to impart Articleship Training.

1.Earlier Training structure and.
2.Modified Training Structure.

Earlier or Existing old training Structure is applicable to students registered to Intermediate or Executive Programme on or before 31st
March 2014.You are already familiar with the old training structure of ICSI.A student can opt for or can shift to old to Modified training structure.
if You Have any doubt about this shifting Then You can ask through Comment section Beloe Of this article.

Here I only give detail about new modified training structure which is announced in 2014.
Modified training structure is implemented with effect from 1st
April 2014.

The modified training structure shall be applicable to:-
(i)a student registered to the Executive Programme on or after 1st April 2014 ; and
(ii)a student registered to the Executive Programme on or before 31st March 2014,if he opts for the modified training structure in lieu of the earlier structure.
Training applicable to the students undergoing training under modified training
(i) Management Training / Apprenticeship Training (1 year/2 years/3 years)
(ii) Management Skills Orientation Programme (MSOP) (For 15 days)

Duration of Training:
(i) two years after passing the Executive Programme examination; or
(ii) one year after passing the Professional Programme examination.
Students are free to undergo training wholly or partly with a Company Secretary in Practice or a
Company or any other entity registered for imparting training with the Institute.
Management Skills Orientation Programme (MSOP) – Duration is 15 days after passing
Professional Programme (Final Exams) covering mainly the following:-

TOPICS Covered under 15 Days MSOP:
1. Leadership skills, Innovation, latest trends in management thoughts.
2. Business strategy, Corporate restructuring through Mergers & Amalgamations, Take
Over, Valuation, Competition Law, Consumer Protection.
3. Cross-border transactions, global business scenario.
4. Major tax laws, Double Taxation Treaty Agreements, Service Tax.
5. Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, Sustainability.
6. Meetings, Secretarial Standards, Important provisions of Company Law.
7. Capital Market related topics, Regulatory insight, Exchange related issues.
8. Projects covering diverse areas including corporate laws.
9. Intellectual Property Rights.
10. Arbitration, Conciliation, Alternate Dispute Redressal Mechanism.
11. Corporate Compliance Management.
12. Areas of Practice –Existing & Emerging.
13. Understanding Financial Statements.
14. Art of Advocacy, Court craft, Pleadings.
15. Board Room behaviour, Drafting of Chairmen’s Speech, Directors’ Report.
16. Networking skills and business behaviour.
17. About ICSI and Code of Conduct.
18. Any other Topic of Topical interest.

As far as practicable, the mechanism for MSOP should be through Case Studies, Story Telling,
Group Discussions, Role Playing, simulation exercises and the like so as to provide a real-life
practical exposure.

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How to Switch over from old Training Structure to New modified Training Structure.?

Procedure for switching over to modified training structure:
(i) Any student registered in Executive programme on or before 31st March 2014, is
eligible for undergoing training as per earlier training structure. But if he/she wishes,
he/she has the option to switch over to modified training structure also.

(ii) No fee is payable for applying for the switchover.

(iii)the student must attach the copy of confirmation letter issued by the
company / or Practising Company Secretary/or other organisation confirming to take
him/her as a trainee.

(iv)Firstly, the student is to decide whether he/she wishes to start Management Training/
apprenticeship training immediately after taking registration in CS Executive
Programme/or after passing CS Executive Programme/or after passing CS Professional

(v)After that he/she should contact the company / PCS where he/she wishes to undergo
training. He/she should appear in interview & pass the same. When concerned company
or PCS has given him/her letter of confirmation, then along with a copy of that
confirmation letter the student concerned is to apply to the institute for issuing of
sponsorship letter. This letter is also required to be attached with the switch-over form.

(vi)Student opting for switchover from earlier training structure to modified training structure
will not get any credit or exemption for any period of training already undergone by them
under the earlier training structure, an i.e. student will not get any exemption for that
duration under the modified training structure. In such cases the training under the
modified training structure will start afresh.

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Stipend to CS Students under New Modified Training Structure.

Minimum Stipend to the students are paid according to the following Below  Chart.

FireShot Capture 3 - - https___www.icsi.edu_webmodules_Student_Impact of Modified Training

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