Top 11 Best SSC CGL Test Series – Free and Paid

SSC or Staff Selection Commission was first framed in 1975. The main aim of the examination was the enrollment of various kinds of staff in multiple government services & offices out there. This is the reason why it is one of the most sought after public service examinations in India. By bypassing the SSC exam, candidates will not only obtain a stable career option but also a very long-lasting one as well. 

Students should keep in perspective that passing the SSC exam has always been a matter of pride for the Indians, which is why the exam has gained a lot of reputation over the years. As a result, over the last couple of years, the SSC exam has become fiercely competitive.

best SSC CGL Test Series

This means that a student will have very slim chances of passing if he or she doesn’t obtain the required guidance for the same. Moreover, only taking guidance will not help because students also need a competent test series to be able to judge their overall preparation.

Keeping the same in intention, we are sharing some of the top test series for SSC – both free as well as paid. Using the following notable test series options, students will be able to choose from either free or paid options, as per their requirements.

Best SSC CGL Test Series

best SSC CGL Test Series

The following list of SSC CGL test series is ideal for any aspiring candidate out there who wants to score good marks in the examination. Use these test series, students can know their overall grasp of the exam subjects in detail so that better preparation can be taken thereafter.

Test series by GradeUp (Free)


Built specifically for the SSC Tier 1 examinations, the GradeUp test is carried out in both English as well as Hindi languages. Therefore, if any student wants either of the two available language options, there should be no problem at all. The test series has been analyzed and created by learning the trend of the past SSC exams. It should be realized that each test series comes with questions that cover all of the important topics that a student should be learning about.

Features of the test series

  • Free to use.
  • Expertly created by looking at previous year trends.
  • Ideal for students who want to appear for the SSC Tier 1 exam.
  • Covers questions from all of the important topics at hand.
  • Both English as well as the Hindi language is available for the students.

Test series by Testbook (Free)


Students who are planning to sit for this test series created by Testbook should know that the pattern of the questions has been set following the latest trend of SSC exams. Such a move helps the student to create a strong success strategy before the exams.

Students won’t have to worry about their examination speed & accuracy because through this test, they will be able to know the same. Moreover, candidates will also get the option to check and even correct their mistakes if they want. As a result, students can work on their weaker sections and thereby make those sections much stronger. 

Features of the test series

  • The test series has been created by experts who have been in this field for a long time.
  • Previous year exam questions are analyzed before setting the test series pattern questions.
  • The test spans across 43 different chapters.
  • Free of cost.

Test series by Byju’s (Free)


It should be perceived that the test series created by Byju’s is a bit different than the other institutions in the market. When it comes to Byju’s test series, students are given direct download links where they can download the mock test papers and practice the questions all by themselves.

Three mock test papers will be provided for the students and the questions will come with their solutions as well. Therefore, students don’t have to waste their time looking for solutions. The questions are set keeping in mind with the earlier year trends, which is indeed a boon for all the contesting candidates. 

Features of the test series

  • Questions come with solutions.
  • Three mock test papers are provided.
  • The latest exam trends are followed.

Test series by Career Power (Paid)


In case students are planning to revise their entire syllabus in one go, there’s no better way to do the same than going for this paid test series held by Career Power. It should be realized that this test series will be covering all the questions of the previous year’s exams as well as the current exam pattern. The test series is also inclusive regarding the type of questions that are asked in the exam, which helps the candidate to prepare better.  

Features of the test series

  • Affordable prices.
  • Different test series for different exam tiers.
  • Test series have been revised according to the latest exam pattern.
  • Previous year questions are also included. 

Test series by Adda247 (Paid)


There’s nothing better than appearing for a variety of mock tests before the SSC exams and that’s what Adda247 is bringing to the students. In case students are looking to pass the SSC CGL prelims as well as the mains exam, then the best thing to do would be to practice a lot of questions for the same.

It should be realized that each test series pack has its validity period. The validity period ranges between three months and twelve months. More than 1500 questions are provided to the students and each question comes with its detailed analysis & solutions. 

Features of the test series

  • Available for all tiers of exams.
  • More than 1500 questions are covered in the test series.
  • Each test series has its validity period.
  • Answers are well-explained & detailed.
  • Prices are highly affordable.

Test series by Oliveboard (Free & Paid)


Oliveboard has been a household name when it comes to public service examination preparations and if students want to appear for their mock test, they can easily do it just by registering on their main website. After registration, students will only be provided with one mock test to practice.

However, if the student remains satisfied with their services, he or she can opt for the paid tier test series. The paid tier test series starts at 699 INR and includes 30 SSC CGL Tier 1 mock tests & 20 SSC CGL Tier 2 mock tests. Moreover, the 699 INR paid tier also include more 100 topic as well as sectional tests for student’s practice. 

Features of the test series

  • Paid as well as free tier.
  • An analysis is provided after each mock test.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Comparison with other similar students. 

Test series by Toprankers/SureShot (Free)


If students are looking for mock tests that have been created by industry experts as per the latest exam patterns, then this test series by Sure Shot can be very useful. The test series has been created in such a manner that it will not only enhance the speed of the student answering the questions but also the student’s accuracy.

Moreover, it will also boost the student’s overall confidence before the exams. The exam will be provided in English as well as in Hindi languages. Students will also obtain previous year’s questions in the test series. There’s also a paid plan for those who are willing to appear for more mock tests.

Features of the test series

  • The exam can be taken in both Hindi as well as English exams.
  • Questions are according to the latest exam pattern.
  • Improves the speed & accuracy of the student.
  • Enhances the student’s confidence. 
  • Optional paid tier. 

Test series by Ixambee (Free)


Since the SSC CGL exam is already very competitive, without proper preparation, no student will be able to pass the exam with flying colors. That’s why it’s vital to beat the competition by practicing lots of mock test papers.

With the free mock test series provided by iXambee, students will be able to get themselves prepared before the actual exams. This test series will add another edge to the overall preparation level. The mock tests are held in both English and Hindi languages. Questions are based on the latest exam pattern and students are learned to manage time efficiently.

Features of the test series

  • Available in both Hindi and English languages.
  • Helps the student to be efficient when answering the questions.
  • Follows the latest exam pattern.
  • 20 free mock test papers are provided. 

Test series by Cracku (Free & Paid)


Mock tests are indeed a great way to perform much-needed practice before the exams and that’s what Cracku is doing here. Students when register on their platform will only get one mock test free of cost. In case the student wants to appear for more mock tests, then they need to be bought because they fall in the paid tier.

Each mock test should be bought separately as there is no sort of test series package available on the platform. The total cost for the 125 mock test will be around 199 INR. The price is highly affordable and students will also get a detailed analysis of the exams they appear for on the platform. Percentile scores will also be provided.

Features of the test series

  • Paid as well as free tiers.
  • Affordable for the students.
  • 125 mock tests are offered in the 199 INR price category.
  • A detailed after-exam analysis provided along with percentile scores.

Test series by SSC Tube (Free & Paid)


Students will be happy to know that there is not only a free tier mock test exam on this platform but also paid tiers – and that too at affordable rates. Students are provided with a single mock test for free containing 100 questions.

In case the candidate wants to take more mock tests, then the packages are rated at 199 INR (10 mock tests) and 299 INR (20 mock tests). Performance analysis is provided after the test has been taken.

Features of the test series

  • The test can be taken on the Android App.
  • Affordable paid tier mock tests.
  • Performance analysis is provided.
  • Follows the latest exam pattern & trend.

Test series by Smart Keeda (Free & Paid)


Smart Keeda is doing a fantastic job for the students as they are providing both free as well as paid tier mock tests so that the student can choose from as per their requirements. The free tier consists of only one mock test, while the paid tiers are priced at 199 INR (20 mock tests) and 349 INR (36 mock tests).

Each paid tier mock test series has its validity period, within which the student needs to practice the tests – otherwise they be expired. Questions are based on the current syllabus as well as exam pattern. Moreover, performance analysis is also provided after taking the exams. 

Features of the test series

  • Free as well as paid tiers.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Performance analysis is offered after taking the exams.
  • Questions are according to the latest syllabus and exam pattern.

How to select the best SSC CGL test series?

best SSC CGL Test Series

The following factors must be looked into before choosing the best SSC CGL test series in the current market:


Cost is one of the major factors that can ultimately make the final decision for most students out there. Students who are looking to opt for the SSC CGL test series should first evaluate whether the platform they are opting for has a free or paid tier.

If the student is not willing to pay any money or doesn’t have the budget to do so, then going for the free tier mock test platform makes sense. On the other hand, if the student has the budget to pay for the paid tier mock test platforms, then going for the better service is always recommended.

Performance Analysis

There are some mock test platforms out there that provide a performance analysis of each student after every test taken. This is indeed a very helpful feature because it assists the student to know his or her strengths and weaknesses.

As a result, the respected student will be able to work harder for the next test and thereby score better. Therefore, it’s always suggested that students should look for this specific feature when choosing between SSC CGL test series platforms. Not all mock test series will have this feature and therefore students should decide whether such a feature will be helpful.

Current Exam Pattern

It should be realized that the exam pattern of the SSC CGL exam changes on a per-year basis. Therefore, what might be relevant previous year might not do so in the current year. Thus, it’s important to judge whether the mock test series or platform is in-line with the current updated syllabus as well as exam pattern.

This is because if the mock tests are not taken according to the latest exam pattern, then the student will face a problem when appearing for the actual exam later onwards. Students should always get acquainted with the way the actual SSC CGL exams are undertaken.

Previous Year Questions

The mock test series platform that students will be choosing should not only include practice questions but also previous year SSC CGL exam questions as well. Solving only the practice mock questions will not do because sometimes the real exam questions appear different.

Therefore, the student should get enough exposure to previous year’s questions and that is how he or she will know about the question difficulty level. Having previous year exam questions is a must in any mock test series.


Students must remember that some mock test series come with their respective validity. The validity may range from three months to even one year. The validity denotes the amount of time the student will be able to access his or her mock test series.

Once the validity expires, the student will have to buy the package again. Therefore, it’s essential to always opt for the highest validity package because students will never know when they might need that mock test series for practice before exams or after exams (repeat year).


Ultimately, the choice of choosing the ideal mock test series or platform is dependant on the student himself or herself. The student should decide which would be the best option for him or her. Each mock test series platform has its advantages & disadvantages. While some might provide more features at a certain price, others are providing services free of cost.  

But, whatever the mock series a student plans to choose, the thing that will matter the most will be the hard work mentality and commitment that the student can provide to pass the SSC CGL exam with flying colors. Passing such a competitive exam is no slouch and a student should try everything he or she can to perform the same. Practicing mock tests diligently on a per-day basis will make the student ready for success because, without practice, no one can be perfect. 

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