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The importance of education in a child’s life is beyond the concept of just attaining knowledge; it extends to society and the nation by all means. Education gives a child the opportunity to evolve and schooling is that basic foundation on the path of a child’s growth.

No matter how much a child learns from his parents, school is one such place that showcases holistic development. A school is an ultimate institution that creates an environment around the child that helps him or her attain their purpose in life. 

It’s the duty of parents to introduce the best kind of school to their children. Following are some best of the schools in Bangalore:

These are the Best Schools in Bangalore

Delhi Public International School Bangalore

Delhi Public International School located in Hessargatta Road is one of the best schools in Bangalore as far as academic excellence is concerned. The faculty of teachers is highly skilled and is motivated to work as a team when it comes to imparting knowledge to their students. 

The school emphasizes value-added and qualitative education that would build up a strong learning base for each child. They take immense care of children who are growing teens so that the transition is smooth and the child is dedicated to growing up into a holistic being.

The school has various divisions and accordingly they prepare the students. Primary schooling is solely dedicated to the foundation building of a child. Apart from this, students of various age groups are made to participate in sports, extra curriculum activities, social camps, debates, quizzes, community projects, etc. The school is also strict with the nutrition of the students and does not include any sugary snacks or junk foods in their menu. 

All and all the school are a great option for your kid to complete their entire schooling.

Contact details of the school:

Address: 84/5, mallasandra Hebbogodi Srinivasa Reddy layout Near sarojamma mahal Behind silver spring apartment, Hesarghatta Main Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560057

Phone: 099457 48441


Sanford Wings International Preschool

Sanford Wings is one of the best Preschools in Bangalore having a day-care facility for children. The school is working with the motivation of providing a very unique approach to learning to little kids that would help them have a stronger foundation of education. 

The school has a complete child care environment and facilities that help in creating a student-friendly environment throughout. The faculty of teachers is strongly bent on creating a positive environment and making learning a fun journey for little kids. The teachers also take care of the emotional attributes of the children and provide them with daily activities in order to encourage them to learn better. 

The daycare provides strict student safety and the campus is well protected; the children are kept under strict watch. The school also provides healthy meals full of nutrients to its students.

The Sanford Wings kindergarten strongly emphasizes providing a home-like environment for the children and the parents can be sure that their children are in safe hands.

Contact details of the school:

Address: #2289, 14th Main Rd, above HDFC Bank, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Phone: 078998 02367


HEAD SMART Preschool

Headsmart preschool was founded with the motive of helping children find their potential to the fullest. The preschool emphasizes end-to-end learning that includes the traditional learning approach as well as the modern technological approach.

The faculty of teachers encourage little kids towards their interests and talents and provides their personal care to every student. The curriculum includes a holistic educational program that makes each kid learn values, skills, affection, and morals. They believe that a child must learn from the very start as it will make him or her a better human being in near future. 

The school also encourages physical activities, discovery, creative ideas, indoor and outdoor team plays which will provide extensive foster learning to each student. The preschool maintains a home-like friendly environment and ensures a warm upbringing of the kids under the supervision of trained and experienced teachers. 

Contact details of the school: 

Address: 72, 4th Main Rd, Laxminarayana Layout, Thubarahalli, Munnekollal, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

Phone: 096862 54563

Kids Castle Preschool

Kids Castle Preschool

Kids Castle is yet another pre-school that has one of the best day-school facilities for kids who are just stepping their way into the path of schooling. Their curriculum programs are closely knitted to fit the quality of education required for today’s generation of kids.

The school’s motive is to promote the brain development of their students from the early stages of growth. This is the reason why the school is strict about its learning procedures.  

Having more than 18 years of history, the school is well versed in its teaching techniques. The school is accommodated with the best of the modern facilities and a very student-friendly campus that gives ample amount of opportunity for a kid to develop and catch the social discipline very soon.

The preschool has a cognitive way of teaching that can prepare a child for formal schooling in a beautiful way.

 Contact details of the school:


Address: No.42, Behind Indian Oil Petrol Station Indraprastha Layout, opposite lane to Malnad Furnishers, Ramamurthy Nagar, Pappama Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560016

Phone: 098453 67163

Orchids The International School Vivekananda – Sahakar Nagar

Orchids The International School Vivekananda – SahakarNagar

Founded in 2002, Orchids The International School is a well-renowned school having its branches in more than five metropolitan cities. The school has more than 30,000 students in its curriculum and is among the top international schools in India. 

The school has had a benchmark of excellence record, trying its best to push its students on the path of success. 

Apart from imparting the best kind of education to their students, the school also takes care of the personality developments. The students here are motivated to indoctrinate moral values, responsibility, and empathy. The school has a vision of creating dynamic personalities and a generation that is able to bring revolutions in near future. 

The school has the best kind of faculty of teachers and students get full opportunity to try their hands-on different fields of art like music, theatre, dance, public speaking, sports, etc. 

The teachers here are extremely skilled and help their students with entrance exams like JEE, NEET, etc. as well as the school curriculum. The school also gives an opportunity to track their ward’s performance throughout the academic sessions.

Contact details of the school: 

Address: NTI Layout, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Off Bangalore International Airport Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092

Phone: 095139 22803

Poorna Vikasa Vidyalaya (PVV) School

Poorna Vikasa Vidyalaya (PVV) School

Poorna Vikasa Vidyalaya is a school that nurtures the motive of learning with love. The school has a curriculum that extends from Montessori to the eighth standard. The school has a unique way of approach when it comes to educating its students to grow them as responsible citizens of the country.

The school imparts traditional value to its students that is in blend with the modern world. They believe that no matter what a student should be rooted in their core values and proceed with the global requirements. The school ensures the overall development of the children and grooms them with their deep learning programs. 

Apart from academic education, the school offers extensive meditation programs, yoga classes, and regular mindfulness classes. Extra curriculum programs are given great importance like music, painting, dancing, sports, crafts, etc. 

The classrooms are well equipped with all the modern ammunitions like smart classrooms labs and comprehensive learning systems.

Their visions include:

  • Making students independent seekers of knowledge with a strong philosophical mind and a stronger personality. 
  • To equip their students with all the visions of life and skills to grow into a better human being.
  • To be morally and socially aware of their environment and society. 

Contact details of the school: 

Address: #72/1, Vadrapalya, 2nd Block, 8th Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083

Phone: 070904 79047

Candor International School Bangalore 

Candor International School Bangalore

Candor International School Bangalore was founded with the vision that each student is unique and has a different way of absorbing newer things. Every student has a certain level of potential and it is the duty of the educational institute to treat each student accordingly.

Candor is one such school that inspires young students and nurtures them in a way that they have a positive outlook to attaining knowledge. The students here are taught about all the aspects of society, from protecting the environment to preserving ethical values in humankind.

The school has a vision of educating its students about: 

  • Being concerned about the community they live in.
  • Have an open mind when it comes to pertaining knowledge at its best.
  • Love for learning newer things.
  • Integrity of thoughts, actions and mindfulness.

Candor International School Bangalore aims in nurturing young learners into responsible citizens. The track record of the school has been commendable as well. The students have performed brilliantly in all the board exams by far and also in competitive exams as well.  

Contact details of the school: 

Address: Koppa-harapanhalli Road, Hullahalli, Off, Bannerghatta Main Rd, near Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560105

Affiliation: International Baccalaureate

Phone: 094832 99999

Treamis World School

Treamis world school was founded with the view of helping younger children perceive education and foster sharp-minded citizens of the country. The school offers an international curriculum of IB and Cambridge (IGCSE, International A-Level); a CBSE degree. 

Students from the very start of their schooling are taught the values of teamwork, responsibility, respect, empathy, etiquette, ethics, and morals. Students are made to think independently and focus on the creative aspects of life.

The curriculum is closely knit to suit children of different age groups and the faculty of teachers provides an immense amount of personal care. The teaching methodology is child-centric which involves the skill development of every child from the earlier stages.

The teachers and mentors encourage students towards internationalism and the learning covers fields like sports, art, music surrounded by life lessons. 

The campus was vividly built to create a student-friendly environment with unique facilities to instill value-based learning in students. The school tries to make the students grab into the practicality of everything they learn through their customized academic curriculum. 

Parents can also take a tour of the campus. 

Contact details of the school:

Address: Near Electronics City, Hulimangala, Post, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560105

Phone: 099723 99047

Affiliations: Central Board of Secondary Education, Cambridge Assessment International Education

School of India– Bangalore

The School of India is among the top international schools in India and has been in the line of education for years. The school has certain strong motives which revolve around the concept of democratizing the best quality of education among students that instills in them the sense of being globally aware. 

The school has the aim to stand as a role model for all other schools with their robust teaching methods. The school is on the line of creating an autonomous board and having a PAN INDIA footmark across the nation in various districts, states, etc.

The school ensures that it builds such a strong educational foundation among students that they grow up to be active thought leaders in the near future. The teachers help to design a comfortable education space for the students that creates a balanced environment that is not only child friendly but it also inspires the student to excel in all fields. 

The School of India has had a legacy of contributing a lot to the well-being of the nation’s quality of education.  Their teaching has inspired a lot of schools to maintain a certain way of teaching that suits the best with the students and is in harmony with the nature and environment. 

Contact details of the school:

Address: Gollahalli, Anekal Road, Bannerghatta Road, SH 87, Bannerughatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083

Phone: 072040 51947

Jyothy Kendriya Vidyalaya

Jyothy Kendriya Vidyalaya

Jyothy Kendriya Vidyalaya is run only a charitable trust and was founded in the year 1989 and is a non-profitable institution under the guidance of Dr B.N.V. Subrahmanya, who is the managing trustee and also the founder president of the school.

With a holistic belief of providing unlimited opportunities to students to help them understand their full potential, the school brings forth all the essential needs of every child on the path of education. A student who carves his own path towards excellence is also bringing forth a better citizen within himself for the future nation.

The school is strict towards its commitment to helping students the kind of education that can mold a child into an individual who is knowledgeable, progressive, responsible, and contributing to society’s needs and harmony.  

The school’s campus is spacious and student-friendly, with well-equipped laboratory indoor auditoriums, sports complexes, seminar halls, swimming pools, and a stocked complex for indoor games as well. The school provides successive yoga and meditation classes and also NCC, Bharat scouts, Bulbuls, and Clubs training. 

The school also has a great number of achievements in CBSE board examinations with a 100% result score too. And the faculty of teachers also provide practice learnings for competitive exams like JEE, NEEt, etc. 

Contact details of the school:

Address: Kanakapura Road, Yelachenahally, behind Kanakapura Metro Station, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

Principal: Suma Jagadeesh

President: Late BNV Subrahmanya

Phone: 080 2632 1237

Bangalore International School

Bangalore International School

Bangalore international school is a globally affiliated institution that seamlessly blends high-quality education to their students to provide them all the life skills and creative freedom.

Through the constant endeavor of the teaching faculty, the students are nurtured and motivated to become responsible and globally aware digital citizens.

The school provides an inclusive campus environment to its students so as to help them explore their individuality and they get an exposure that is beyond the limitation of the textbooks.

The sole motto of the school is to: 

  • Make students feel affectionate towards each other and other human beings.
  • To build the capacity of students to communicate and connect with each other and focus on life learning skills and pursue the challenges of life along with deep social awareness. 
  • To make the students feel like family and be tolerant towards different perspectives of different individuals around them.
  • To improve the quality of education through a unique practice system and navigate new challenges that comes along the path of a student during his or her school years.

Contact details of the school:

Address: Hennur Bagalur Road, Kothanur Post, Geddalahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560077

Phone: 080 2846 5060

Founded: 1969

Affiliations: International Baccalaureate, Cambridge Assessment International Education

Canadian International School, Bangalore

Canadian International School, Banaglore

Canadian International School is one of the finest international schools and quite renowned in the field of education in East Asia. The school has a motive of transforming each child into responsible beings with discipline and compassion.

The school strives and looks forward to creating a community that stands on the foundation of core values and connecting thousands of students who have the capacity to construct and bring revolutions in the world. CIS helps students learn life-long skills and a core of knowledge that will help them excel wherever they go.

The core values of CIS help students to become respectful, caring, mindful and to be compassionate. It is one of the best platforms for students to obtain his or her schooling.   

Contact details of the school:

Address: 4 & 20, Manchenahalli, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064

Founded: 1996

Phone: 080675 94444

Mallya Aditi International School

The founder of the school, Ms. Aditi founded this institution with the view of bringing up children in an environment that educates them to become confident, open-minded, sensitive, and independent thinkers. 

The maintains a philosophy that a student requires continuous development from professionals. The students are helped in fields of discipline, creative arts, sports, and technology throughout with the help of modern facilities. 

The school has an overwhelming record of excellence and the students perform extremely well in their boards and competitive exams. The teaching faculty are experienced and provide personal care to each student. 

The campus of the school premise is student-friendly with open corridors, spacious designs with close proximity to nature.

The classes are mostly taken in open spaces and the campus design has won awards for architecture and has been considered one of the best buildings for an educational institute. The school’s authority believes that the students should be in close touch with the environment to foster better learning.  

Contact details of the school:

Address: Behind NIPCCD building, RWF West Colony, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560106

Phone: 080 4044 7000

Trio World Academy

Trio World Academy is one of the leading International Schools and boarding schools in Bangalore. The school focuses on core values that revolve around discipline, excellence leadership, and service.

Trio World Academy offers a curriculum that is in collaboration with Cambridge IGCSE. They have various diploma programs with a time-honored recognized international curriculum. The students here get an overview of high-quality education from renowned educators.

The school provides models for its students that are at par to train them for high adaptability and for digitalization. The curriculum is frequently revised to make the students digitally aware of everything happening on the global platform.

Not just with the academic curriculum, the school pays much attention to the extra activities where students can immerse themselves. 

Contact details of the school:

Address: 3/5, Kodigehalli Main Rd, Defence Layout, Sahakar Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092

Founded: 2007

Phone: 080 4061 1222

Motto: We Encourage Learning

Chitrakoot School -Nagarbhavi, Kengeri

Chitrakota school was founded with the view to nurturing the interests of all the people connected to the line of education, may it be students or teachers.

They believe that children today are a vision of the country’s future and it is extremely important that a child develops under the right supervision. The school’s curriculum project helps a child evolve physically, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. 

The campus of the school is extremely student-friendly where each child can express himself or herself independently in a creative manner. The school believes that education is beyond the concept of just reading and writing, it is about perseverance towards life.

The faculty members try their best to interact on an emotional level with the children and motivate them for adapting to the self-disciplined dimensions of a personality. 

Contact details of the school:

Address: Kengeri Main Rd, Mutharayana Nagar, Nagdevanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560056

Phone: 080 2848 4660

Greenwood High Bannerghatta

Greenwood High is an ICSE school that helps its students strive towards excellence and reinforce their unique skills in a logistic way. 

The school maintains a balance between the academic excellence of a student and the extracurricular needs of a child. The school campus has a facility that includes all the sports may it be indoor or outdoor.

They believe that a perfect balance can help a student achieve better grades and develop better life skills and leadership qualities. The faculty of teachers conduct communication and personality improvement classes on a regular basis which are extremely vital for any growing child.

They have a self-involving set of academic structures that follows ICSE patterns and follows international methodology curriculum. They also have a remarkable campus that would be a boon to any child’s growing process. 

Contact details of the school:

Address: Survey No. 61, Greenwood High School Road, Off, Bannerghatta Main Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083

Phone: 088844 34000

Sherwood High School-Bangalore

Sherwood High was founded with a vision of creating a universal school in order to build a community that symbolizes unity beyond any social limitations.

In order to nurture a child, it is important that a school teaches him or her the values of Indian Traditions and unity. The school has strived hard to become the ideal alma mater that impacts positively on the life of its students.

The school ranks among the top schools of Bangalore and has had a remarkable year of achievement in the board examinations. Learning at Sherwood would not only help a child to culminate in-depth intelligence but it will help them reach the full potential of their capacity.

The school has a well-dedicated set of teachers and a beautiful campus that is well equipped and has the capacity to provide all sorts of opportunities to a child.  

Contact details of the school:

Address: #01, Basavanpura, Near NICE Road Junction, Bannerghatta Main Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083

Phone: 098867 11111

Chrysalis High Bannerghatta Road

Chrysalis High school has had a vision of giving a protective space of nurturing children in a protective environment.

They believe that school life is a journey where a child explores the most and the role of the school is no doubt a very important one. A child should have the freedom to attain its full potential under the supervision of highly trained teachers.  

Chrysalis High school has a vision of making the entire learning procedure fun and interesting to the students. The belief is that learning is a two-way process and it is important that the child channelize his or her energy in the right direction. 

Contact details of the school:

Address: 36-37, SH 87, Gottigere, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083

Phone: 097426 80093

Ryan International School

Ryan International School is a premium institute providing a global platform for its students for decades. Their quality of education is a blend of the traditional ways of teaching and modern technology. The school is a co-ed institute having a futuristic belief of culminating digital citizens.

Ryan international group has more than 125 campuses all across the world and is has been putting immense efforts into expanding its community with high quality of educational image.

They nurture their students with the knowledge, skills, mindfulness, resourcefulness, and spiritual well-being.

The campus is huge and spacious and incorporates all kinds of extra-curriculum activities as well to help students become individual decision takers. 

 Contact details of the school: 

Address: Survey No.13, Opp. Confident Cascade, Bannerghatta Main Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083

Phone: 080 2782 8213

Sarala Birla Academy

Sarala Birla Academy

Sarala Birla Academy is one of the leading international schools of Bangalore having a holistic approach towards providing the best quality of education to growing children. 

The school is strongly dedicated to internationalism and instilling leadership qualities in its students for making them, strong independent individuals. The teaching faculty is dedicated to providing unique skills of learning that would make the students curious to learn more. 

The campus is also very beautiful and spacious, equipped with modern technologies having a set of medical professionals 24*7. The school being an international school does not lag behind in instilling traditional Indian values to their children, empowering them to become better individuals in near future. 

Contact details of the school: 

Address: Bannerghatta Main Rd, Opp. school of India, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083

Chairperson: Kumar Mangalam Birla

Founded: 2004

Phone: 080 4134 8203

Motto: “Respect all fear none.”

How to choose the best school in Bangalore for your kid

How to choose the best school for your kid

It’s really a tough task on a parents’ part to select the best school for their ward. Sending your ward to a school does not just limit to the academic studies, but it also includes the extra curriculum wing of the school.

  • Faculty: the faculty of the school is how a school’s quality of education depends. A well aware school will always have an experienced set of faculties who are extremely knowledgeable in their field of subjects. A teacher plays a very important role in a child’s life. So, parents should always check the reviews of the respective school they are interested in.
  • Infrastructure: parents should always pay a thorough visit to the school campus before they enroll the admission forms. A well accommodated school will be well equipped with laboratories, playgrounds, well spacious corridors, smart classrooms, libraries and sports complexes. A child requires all these facilities to grow up learning the most from a school. 
  • Healthy and safe environment: a school should be well equipped with all kinds of first aid-facilities and a set of medical professionals in the campus. The campus should be in a place that is away from the main roads and in quiet surroundings amidst greenery. 
  • Technologically equipped: the school campus should be digitally providing the students all the modern facilities for better academic learning. Availability of smart classes, computer laboratory, seminar halls, etc is extremely important in a child’s development in today’s world. 


best school in bangalore

It is a child’s right to an education that he or she gets the best schooling. It’s the duty of the parents to enroll their kids into the best of schools that will not only strengthen the academic foundation of a child but it will also help the child follow the right path in life.

A school plays the most important role in a child’s upbringing, hence selecting a school that is strict in its discipline, academics, and extra curriculum is by far the most essential role of any guardian. 

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