15 Best Books for GMAT Preparation

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  • Best GMAT Books for Integrated Reasoning Subject
  • Best GMAT Books for Quantitative Subject
  • Best GMAT Books for Verbal section Subject

There’s no single doubt that most people out there believe that the gateway to the prestigious MBA journey starts with the GMAT exam. But, students must know that acing the GMAT exam is not a small feat to achieve.

This is the reason why aspiring candidates need the perfect balance of resource materials for studying, which is the reason why we are here to help with the same. 

It should be realized that there are multiple resources available in the market when it comes to GMAT preparation.

But, the challenging task would be to find the competent one that will help the student bring an inch closer to his or her goal. Before students proceed to buy books for the GMAT exam, he or she must understand that having an updated resource material is crucial.

Furthermore, the textbook should be concise and in-line with the GMAT syllabus. With that out of the way, let’s get down to the list of books that students appearing for the GMAT exam should purchase.

Best GMAT Books for Analytical Writing Assessment

Best GMAT Books for Analytical Writing Assessment

GMAT Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Argument Topics By Vibrant Publishers

About Book

This GMAT Analytical Writing study resource from Vibrant Publishers helps the student evaluate the strengths & weaknesses of the overall argument. Students will also be able to determine the kind of additional information that makes an argument stronger, while also the ability to create plausible, alternative explanations for the argument claims.

 Features Of The Book

  • Scoring guides for the students.
  • 60 solved argument questions that should be used as a benchmark by the student himself/herself.
  • Simplified and expert strategies to offer focused responses. 

Manhattan Review GMAT Analytical Writing Guide

About Book

This GMAT Analytical Writing Guide differs in a lot of aspects from standard modules that students can find in the market nowadays. First of all, the book is highly comprehensive as it includes detailed theory portions. The book also provides an explanation of various ideas along with a four-step procedure to complete the analytical writing assessment within 30 minutes in the GMAT exam.

Features Of The Book

  • Helps the student to learn about the cost-effectiveness of having time efficiency.
  • Created for busy professionals helping the students to teach you preparation methods within the least amount of time.
  • Offers detailed and high-quality instructions, so that every student reaches his or her goals.

Best GMAT Books for Integrated Reasoning Subject

GMAT Integrated Reasoning And Essay (Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides) By Manhattan Prep

About Book

This book adapts very well to the ever-changing course of the GMAT exam as it helps in bringing the latest exam approaches to the table for students so that they can turn out to be successful. The book will help the student to aim for the top percentiles in the exam as the book helps in demystifying the integrated reasoning area for the GMAT exam.

It will help in laying down the foundation for the exam strategy guide – demanding a blend of verbal & mathematical proficiency. With the help of this book, a student will come to know about the effective ways through which the essay portion of the GMAT exam can be approached. The book offers focused & deep coverage of the essay portion of the exam.

Features Of The Book

  • Offers comprehensive coverage.
  • Offers a clear explanation of all the fundamental principles in a step-by-step manner.
  • Helps in learning important exam techniques.
  • Practice problems along with detailed answers.

McGraw-Hill Education 500 GMAT Math and Integrated Reasoning Questions to Know

About Book

In this book, the authors Sandra Luna McCune along Carolyn Wheater offers a total compilation of 500 questions altogether – especially when it comes to integrated reasoning and mathematics.

The book promises to help the student to study in a much more effective procedure – utilizing their study time well-enough and therefore score better in the GMAT exam as well. The questions that are provided in the book are indeed quite similar to the ones asked in the GMAT exam, which will help the students get a good insight regarding what they’re about to face. Each of the questions is provided with a correct as well as a complete answer.

This will help the students not only know the actual answer to the question but also enhance the overall clarity of the concepts inside the minds of the student. With the help of this book, students can expect their subject knowledge to improve, while also building confidence and sharpening their thinking skills.

Features Of The Book

  • Meant for all the students who are preparing for GMAT exams.
  • Offers up to 500 sets of questions. 
  • Provides 10 wholesome chapters to learn about integrated reasoning as well as mathematics.
  • Separate study resources for both math and integrated reasoning.
  • Last-minute revision tactics.

GMAT Integrated Reasoning Practice Questions By Vibrant Publishers

About Book

This Integrated Reasoning resource material by Vibrant Publishers offers essential practice questions as well as enticing concepts for students to learn more about this subject.

The book deals with two-part analysis, graphical interpretation, multi-source reasoning, and table analysis. It should be realized that the contents of this book have been thoroughly updated to the latest GMAT syllabus so that students will feel right at home when studying the subject matters.

With the help of this book, students will be able to test their skills for integrated reasoning, with the help of various question types. Students must remember that the questions are formed mainly based on real-world data – just as used in the GMAT exam answers.

There will be a detailed concept explanation for every problem and practice questions are also provided with the book. With the help of these explanations, aspirants will be able to identify the mistakes that they are making and therefore try to develop the overall strategic thinking which is necessary to get good marks in this subject in the GMAT exam.

Features of The Book

  • Helps in providing essential practice for the newly introduced section in the GMAT exam, i.e. integrated reasoning. 
  • Helps the students to cover most of the required question types for the exams.
  • In-depth explanations as well as answers are also provided for the same. 
  • The questions are generally based on real-world data, which means that students will be ready to face corporate life easily.

Best GMAT Books for Quantitative Subject

Best GMAT Books for Quantitative Subject

GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review 2021

About Book

If students want to thoroughly prepare for the GMAT exams, there’s no better way to do the same than studying this comprehensive and precise book for the quantitative review subject. This is the 2021 edition for the resource material, which integrates all the recent developments in the GMAT course – thereby forming a complete guide for the reader.

The book includes around 370 selected questions for the related GMAT subject along with questions from previous year exams as well. Each question is not only provided with just a solution but also a well-detailed & explained answer. This book also gives the reader online access to various sets of practice questions, that are all based on the 370 questions explained inside the book.

Readers will also be exposed to videos from real test takers along with multiple GMAT staff who will share tips & insights on how to crack the GMAT exam. The experts will also share a suggestion on completing the exam preparation. Apart from that, students will also get access to a dedicated mobile application through which practice tests can be taken along with quiz sessions.

Sync metrics and review functions will also be present inside the app. Moreover, the appl will let you study even when you’re in offline mode (not connected to the internet).

Features Of The Book

  • Offers a set up to 370 questions.
  • Precise and comprehensive book.
  • Offers online support for practice questions.
  • Gives access to a smartphone application, which also works in offline mode.
  • Preparation and GMAT cracking tips by experts. 

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations By R S Aggarwal

About Book

Ever since quantitative aptitude was introduced in the year 1989, the subject has gained a special place in the competitive exams realm. However, even after the passage of almost 30 years, the core concepts of the subject remain the same and therefore is important to learn 7 understand for clearing the GMAT exams. T

his book is considered to be highly comprehensive when it comes to the quantitative aptitude subject as it covers almost 5,500 questions.

All the questions provided are highly subjective along with relevant solutions for the same as well. Each of the given chapters starts with a theory that is highly easy to grasp and can easily be complemented with the help of solved examples and formulas. There’s also a wide range of questions given for practice.

The book also incorporates previous year exam questions – thereby helping the students to get acquainted with the latest examination patterns. The book has been segregated into different sections for different chapters, where section one deals with the student’s arithmetic ability while the latter deals with data interpretation chapters. Students can not only use this book for GMAT exams but also other types of competitive exams as well, such as banking, UPSC, Railway exams, and so on.

Features Of The Book

  • The book has separate sections for its arithmetic and data interpretation chapters so that students can develop an easy understanding.
  • More than 5500 questions are provided along with in-depth solutions.
  • Easy to learn concepts and theories.
  • Previous year questions from various competitive examinations. 

The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review

About Book

In case GMAT aspirants are looking for an official guide, then this book will be worth the money he or she would be spending. The book has been specifically made by GMAT creators (as it is the official guide) and contains around 300 questions for the Quantitative Review subject for GMAT exams.

The questions also come with detailed solutions, so that students will be able to learn from the best of the best. The questions are based on real GMAT tests from past years, so students should not have any second thoughts about their genuineness.

The chapters that are covered are general arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data sufficiency, and problem-solving. Moreover, students will be happy to know that the questions and solutions are provided in increasing order of difficulty – making the entire preparation a worthwhile experience. Such a move will also help in saving time for the students as well, which can then be spent towards studying other subjects.

Features Of The Book

  • The book features around 300 questions along with answers that are handpicked by the creators of the GMAT exam.
  • The questions are provided in increasing order of difficulty.
  • Helps in saving time for the students especially when going from one concept to another. 
  • Covers all of the chapters relevant under the GMAT exams and are included in the quantitative review subject. 
  • Also include questions from past GMAT tests. 

Best GMAT Books for Verbal section Subject

Best GMAT Books for Verbal section Subject

GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review 2021: Book + Online Question Bank

About Book

Students who want to improve their verbal ability can do so with the help of this book. This is the updated 2021 guide for the verbal section subject for the GMAT exam. The book comes with almost 370 questions related to that specific subject, along with additional questions and in-depth answers to satisfy the students.

The book also comes with the facility for online access especially if students want to do online practice tests. The online practice set questions will be based on the already taught book questions. Moreover, GMAT aspirants will get access to tips & tricks videos from real people who have already appeared for the GMAT exams.

There will also be additional videos where GMAT staff will be offering preparation tips for the students so that students can know the ins and outs of such a challenging examination. The professional insights will help the students obtain higher percentile numbers in the actual exam. Apart from that, students will also get access to a competent smartphone application through which they can appear for practice tests, quiz sessions, and other examination resources. Furthermore, students will also have the option to study directly from the app when they are not connected to the internet.

Features Of The Book

  • Offers around 370 questions for the students to study, along with solutions.
  • Additional practice tests can be taken online as well as through the dedicated smartphone application.
  • A smartphone application can be used even in offline mode.
  • Offers developmental quiz sessions for the students. 

GMAT Foundations of Verbal (Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides) 

About Book

There’s no denying that students have to always adapt to the ever-changing methodology and exam pattern of the GMAT exam. Therefore, with the help of this book, students can expect to improve their overall verbal scores, especially in the GMAT exam. The book covers all the fundamental concepts related to this subject, such as foundational grammar, structuring of speech & sentence, reading comprehension, and finally logical reasoning.

The book will be providing an up-to-date curriculum when it comes to the GMAT syllabus and the provided explanations & examples are quite easy to follow for any GMAT aspirant out there. The book is highly invaluable for those students who are trying to establish a strong foundation in the verbal ability subject so that he or she can appear for all types of competitive exams and not just GMAT.

When students will be purchasing this book, he or she will also get access to the online practice test modules, so that extra problem solving could be carried out before the exams.

Features Of The Book

  • A clear explanation of the subject’s fundamental concepts with enough examples.
  • Option for students to appear for online practice tests before the exams at free of cost.
  • Helps in creating a strong foundation for the subject that can be later used in any other competitive exam.
  • Concise, precise, and updated with the latest syllabus.

GMAT All the Verbal: The definitive guide to the verbal section of the GMAT (Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides)

About Book

This resource material is an updated as well as the expanded version of the earlier ‘GMAT Verbal Strategy Guide Set (3 Books)’ – which was the 6th edition one. The publisher has taken all three books and therefore has consolidated all of them into a single one.

Such a move helped in expanding the overall coverage of the subject that is taught – with more strategies and content to combat the increasing difficulty of GMAT questions & answers every year. Apart from that, students are provided with online bonus study materials, such as an exclusive e-book combined with additional practice problems and practice tests.

The book covers all the relevant chapters including sentence correction, critical reasoning, and reading comprehension. It’s also one of the most top-selling books for GMAT preparation.   

Features Of The Book

  • A concise as well as a comprehensive book containing not only content but strategies related to improving the verbal ability in students for competitive exams. 
  • Offers additional study materials and practice tests online.
  • Study lessons are created by GMAT experts who have obtained almost 99th percentile in the exam itself. 

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