Top 30 Best Books for English Grammar

 What is the best book to learn English?

Ever since speaking English has become a primary need of the society, everyone is getting more and more inclined towards learning and getting a better grip of this language.

in This Post, I am Trying to Answer Various Question:-

  • Which is the best English grammar book for self-study?
  • Which one is the best book for English grammar and writing skills?
  • Which book is better for improving English grammar?
  • Which is the best English grammar book for the competition exam?
  • Which is the Best English grammar book for UPSC?
  • Which is the Best English grammar book for SSC?

From general interaction, books, newspapers to even social media, everything is accessible and available predominantly in English.

The youth of our country is indulged in social media from head to toe, and even though social media can be a pool of knowledge to seek from, it has its own drawbacks.

Most people especially parents complain that their children indulge in tweeting and snapping way more than they should, they somehow skip the biggest problematic habit that their young ones are learning from social media and that is ‘typing lingo’.

Be it because of using the keyboards faster than it’s meant to or just to look cool, youth indulge in butchering the actual essence of writing and speaking English.

Which book is better for improving English grammar?

As for spoken English, people speak the newly formed language of this very century, ‘Hinglish’ which is a combination of Hindi and English language.

No matter how cool people think it sounds, it’s highly incorrect and should stop.

When talking to someone, proper use of English grammar can give the individual those brownie points and makes him/her more understandable and likable.

With the rising opportunities and sectors of jobs, people are getting interested in polishing their English skills and the most common way to do that is joining English speaking courses.

While these do contribute to your knowledge, it’s usually believed that wisdom is within. When a person starts to learn and explore things by himself, there’s nothing like the knowledge gained.

It’s high on point and stays with the person lifelong. One way to start developing your personality is being fluent in English speaking and writing proficiency.

One can buy and study good quality English grammar books to enhance their English speaking and writing skills.

English grammar book for competitive exams

Perfect Competitive English by VK Sinha

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Almost all the competitive exams irrespective of government or private exams need the candidate to be fluent in English and English Grammar.

For students who have done their schooling from Hindi medium, appearing in bank exams can be extremely challenging. Every bank exam, e.g., Bank clerk, Bank PO, IBPS, SBI etc., have an English proficiency section in their question paper.

For students of Hindi medium preparing for bank exams, “Perfect Competitive English” by VK Sinha is a game turner.

This book is packed with everything you need to boost your chances of excelling your exam. One thing that every competitive exam aspirant thrives for is previous year question papers and the pattern a particular exam follows.

This book has a section of model question paper that specifically emphasizes the English grammar section and helps the reader master it.

The key feature of this book is, it understands the need of the buyer and reader and hence confines to that arena. On point description and illustrative examples make this book a big hit amongst students preparing for bank exams.

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Arun Sharma

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What are the best English grammar books for an absolute beginner?

The second book that is very famous amongst students preparing for CAT, Bank PO, SBI PO, is “Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension” By Arun Sharma. Very well written and assembled, this book is a huge hit amongst student preparing for competitive exams.

This is book has minimal to no errors and consists of targeted questions and sample papers helping students to do a focused study.

How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Arun Sharma is a must read as the author is acknowledged CAT trainers.

The book pays attention to how to tackle the RC and VA section of the competitive exams with ease. It gives clear guidance on how to attempt several types of questions along with the tricks and tips that help in saving a lot of time.

This book is a must-have for all the aspiring students who are planning to appear for any and all MBA entrance examinations. It also involves the latest pattern of questions that are asked in the competitive.

From plinth to Paramount

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 Which is best English grammar book for competition exam?

The students who are preparing for prestigious exams such as SSC, CGL, CSHL etc., also face an English vocabulary section in their question paper and can have trouble doing the same.

To make English grammar easier for the students, Neetu Singh has come up with an excellent book namely “From plinth to Paramount”. This book targets SSC exam and its pattern but is also preferred by individuals seeking a job in the banking sector.

The illustrative examples and explanatory language are what makes this book very unique and reader-friendly. From plinth to Paramount is a comprehensive book for those students who prepare for several competitive examinations.

The book includes chapters on adverbs, adjectives, pronoun, passive voice, tense, verb and many more. In addition to that, the book also contains various practice exercise for final practice and thorough revision.

The book is a must for the student preparing for various competitive exams. English for General Competitions From plinth to Paramount is a valuable guide for students preparing for entrance examinations.

English has become an important part of all entrance, and competitive exams conducted these days. The book also contains practice exercise sessions for revision.

Objective General English

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For students who are preparing for Bank PO and SBI PO/Clerk exams, if you need a book to give you the ‘last minute grip’ on your preparation of the exam, you must see S.P.Bakshi’s “Objective General English”.

With what’s called a ‘cutting edge’ information about previous papers, this book has examples that are written under ‘tentative questions’ section and will give the student, the idea about the paper pattern as well as what sections he/she should be focusing more on.

This book explains the fact that grammar is best learned only through practical experiences. One must know every ground rules of a language before learning it and mastering it.

It’s also important to score well in English language part of several examinations.

The present edition of Objective General English offers advantages to the aspirants who are planning to take various competitive exams and entrance exams in identifying their level of preparation.

A unique approach has been adopted to offer exhaustive overage on crucial topics of Verbal Ability and Writing Ability with a big amount of Practice and Revision Exercises.

All the updated pattern of questions on Words and Expressions, Latest Sentences, English Language and more appeared in different recent exams have been duly incorporated to provide a look into the questions they will face in the exam.

Careful study of the English language from a handy resource and a comprehensively represented n most lucid, systematic and innovative style will offer students with enormous confidence to achieve their goals.

A mirror of common errors

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What are some good books on English grammar?

Individuals preparing for UPSC, MCA and Hotel management exams usually prefer a book by Dr Ashok Kumar Singh “A mirror of common errors”.

This book is brilliantly written and assembled. The key feature of this book is its pointwise description of every rule and explanation using a lot of examples especially on the basis of daily life activities.

Due to the explaining the vocabulary and rules using daily life situations, it’s easier to understand as well as remember things written in this book.

A mirror of common errors is an attempt to provide the students with an insight into the issues related to common errors, in particular, and into fact on which several types of issues are raised in various competitive examinations, almost all the topics that make up the most of the questions in all the competitive exams.

It also presents an analytical and exhaustive description of all the important facts and hints the way a problem is usually given.

Questions and other exercises have been given to familiarize the students with the recent updates patterns of the questions at the end of each topic.

The questions pattern may become easily noticeable even with any sort of variation because of the easy answers and explanations.

Various set of questions based on commonly asked problems from many competitive exams have been included with detailed illustrations and explanations.

Moreover, a minute study of the book makes sure to guide the students in solving the problems based on different concepts.

Practical English Usage

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 Which one is the best book for English grammar and writing skills?

Michael Swan’s “Practical English Usage” is a book which takes English to a slightly higher notch.

Students who are willing to join universities abroad, have to go through an English language proficiency test such as, Cambridge English Language Assessment, Test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL), Test of International English Competency, The European Language Certificates (TELC), Test of English proficiency (South Korea), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), International English Language Competency Assessment (IELCA) and Test of Spoken English (TSE).

This book stands satisfactorily in all the above-mentioned exams and many more.

The examples in this book are explained in the form of short stories which makes it easier for the reader to grasp.

In spite of being of international quality and very popular, this book by Michael Swan is extremely cost-efficient.

The book is completely updated and revised to show the changes in language usage. It is the best book for any student who is looking for the answers to questions about the English language.

There are two parts available for the whole content where Part 1 entirely a practical learner’s grammar with a total of 28 sections.

It covers all the structural points that cause issues for learners. Part 2 contains problems regarding vocabulary covering an A to Z guide of more than 250 work problems, a survey of high priority areas of vocabulary, rules for spelling and word formation.

English Grammar books for beginners

Which is the best English grammar book for self-study?

People who have recently come across the importance of English Language and learning English grammar have absolutely nothing to worry about.

There are a bunch of books available for beginners which are written keeping the beginner’s point of view in mind.

These books if read carefully, can be a milestone in their professional career as well as in personal development.

English Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin

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We all have read or at least heard of the classic book “English Grammar and Composition” by Wren and Martin.

Although it is meant to be for the high school students, there is absolutely no harm in reading it afterward as well.

This book really works on your basic understanding of the language and expands your horizons of English grammar.

There are a lot of examples that enable a better understanding of any given concept and vocabulary.

Wren and Martin’s English Grammar and Composition is one of the most famous and widely used reference books based on English Grammar.

It also gives a piece of detailed information about the language along with helping the student to use the language.

English Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin provides sufficient guidance and practice in composition, comprehension, current usage, sentence building, and several other rallied areas so as to equip the students with the ability to communicate in the English language effectively and get familiar with it.

The regular edition is available now in a bigger format which makes it more attractive and user-friendly.

The self-practice book is specially designed to cater to the need of the users. Writing space is also provided to work out the solutions in an organized manner.

English is easy by Chetanand Singh

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Which one is the best book for English grammar and writing skills?

As it is said, old is gold and so is the book by Chetanand Singh “English is easy”.

As the name of the book, the writing and explanation in this book make English seem really easy.

Illustrative examples and intriguing content will make you want actually to look forward to learning English grammar. Extremely cost efficient and popular, this book will surely help you master the English language with the greatest of ease.

This book helps the students in understanding the correct usage of various portions of a sentence to give clarity and to avoid the error along with increasing the reader’s comprehension skills and vocabulary.

The book includes crisp details of English grammar and tells why each rule is important, shows the correct usage of the same and also reference the examples by using different rules of a sentence for a better explanation.

The book covers topics like idioms and phrases, antonyms, synonyms, vowels, tenses, adverbs. Verbs adjectives. Pronouns. Nuns and more.

It tests the readers’ knowledge with short exercises at the end of each topic.

To build a strong vocabulary in the English language, one has no choice but to be familiar with the most frequently used words and their meanings.

In addition to this, the book also contains some of the foreign words that are used in the English language. The book is divided into three sections for proper segregation of the important facets.

The first section focuses only on the grammar, the second focuses on the vocabulary, and the third part focuses on the comprehension.

The book enables the reader to have a proper in-depth understanding of the language by addressing each part of the language in detail.

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Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

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 What are some good books for learning advanced English grammar?

The first step to learning any language is getting command over its vocabulary and learning English grammar is no different.

If you have a grip on English vocabulary, learning English grammar will be much easier for you.

“Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis is one such book which focuses on the formation of words and learning of the meaning of the word by breaking it down.

The reasoning and logical approach towards the formation of a word and usage of it in a sentence is very well described in this book. Written in a reader-friendly language, this book is easily understandable, and things are written are pretty easy to remember as well.

This book is one of the most effective English language vocabulary builder book available.

It helps people in achieving mastery over the English language and improve their communication skills in the classroom, business and in life in general.

Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis offers an easy, step by step method for improving knowledge and get ahold on the language.

The book is written in a humorous, lively and accessible style while being arranged in thematic sections containing everything from how to talk concisely about medicine and science to how to insult enemies to how to flatter friends and family.

The book presents a method and ideas of brooding your knowledge as a crucial part of the vocabulary building process.

The author delves deep into the etymology to provide phonetic pronunciations, offer useful sections on which old-fashioned, fussy grammar rules are valid, and the ones that are misguided and outdated can be ignored safely, give tips on missing common spelling errors, arm the reader to decode the unfamiliar words.

The book is loaded with quizzes, progress checks and helpful reviews throughout the read to reinforce the material.

Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis is a book that everyone must read once if they are at all interested in growing their English language knowledge.

Essential English Grammar by Raymond Murphy

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“Essential English Grammar” by Raymond Murphy is considered to be one of the best-written books for learning English Grammar from the very basics.

The highlighting feature of this book is, it’s not written in the conventional, descriptive manner, rather a different, new, and interactive approach is adapted to educate the reader.

This book does not deal with the do’s and don’ts of English grammar; rather it explains the how’s and why’s of it.

Loved by many people all over India and the world, this book serves people irrespective of Hindi or English medium.

English Grammar for Dummies by Geraldine Woods

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For those who cannot stick around a book for too long because for those books are ‘too boring’ Geraldine Woods’ “English Grammar for dummies” is a must-have.

The author, Geraldine Woods, is known for her witty and humorous writings. She makes each of her books, very funny along with being knowledgeable.

The examples are life-based and interactive making it easier for the reader to learn.

The funny approach keeps the readers hooked and made them want to go back to reading the book again and again.

On Writing Well by William Zinsser’s 

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Individuals that want to learn English grammar principally for the purpose of writing in English, William Zinsser’s “On Writing Well” is a perfect book.

Although it’s really short, it contains all the necessities you need to know for writing perfect English article with correct grammar.

For individuals who want to write a book or students who want to appear for exams that require descriptive essay writing, this book is no less than a gem.

It covers all the rules one must keep in mind before writing an article or essay.

Grammar books for learning better communication skills in daily life

 Even if the individual is not preparing for any sort of exam or is not seeking a career in writing, knowing how to speak and write English, in the correct manner, goes a long way.

Being able to communicate in proper English makes the person have a good impression on the listener and also makes a long-term impact.

The individual becomes capable of reading English better whether it’s in Newspapers, books or even social media platforms.

The individual comes across as a well learned and knowledgeable person.

There are many English grammar books available that predominantly focuses on your daily life English communication skills and makes you a better speaker.

Words are Categorical series by Brian P. Cleary

It is a combination of knowledge and humor. The funny approach to learning keeps the reader intrigued and makes the information easier to retain.

Parts of speech and key rules of punctuation are extremely well explained in this book. Although available in a set of several books, it can be bought part by part for the ease of the reader.

The big book of words you should know

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What is the best book to learn English?

This was written by David Olsen, Michelle Bevilacqua and Justin cord Hayes this books is a brilliant compilation of words you need to know for better spoken English.

As the name suggests, this books consists of many words that work towards improving your English Vocabulary.

Eats, shoots, and leaves: The zero-tolerance approach to Punctuation

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It was written by Lynne Truss; this book is considered a bible for those starting to learn English grammar.

As the name of the book suggests, this book leaves with the level of absolutely no tolerance towards wrong Punctuation.

Punctuation is considered as the backbone of sentence making, writing and speaking.

It decides whether “your trouble” or “you’re trouble”. So one must have a grip on the usage of Punctuation, and this book definitely is a big help.

The elements of style by William Strunk Junior and E.B. White

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This book is a classic example of what a masterpiece English Grammar should be like.

Brilliantly written, fantastically assembled and explanatory examples make this book famous amongst the new generation.

Sentence composition and style are the predominantly explained sections of this book.

If you need a reference book of English grammar, you should definitely make this book one of them.

Cambridge advanced grammar in use

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Usually preferred by all coaching classes and institutes that teach English spoken and written proficiency, this book sets a benchmark for what an English Grammar book should be like.

This is a first class book and should be owned by everyone who’s willing to thoroughly get command on the English language.

Cambridge Collocations in Use

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This is also a book by the same publication but is in no way lesser than any other English grammar.

The logic behind the formation and usage of a particular sentence is described in this book, and the reasoning and logical approach to learning makes the information better learned and better retained for a long time.

English phrasebooks

What is a language spoken devoid of phrases? When you use catchy phrases and idioms in your sentences, you immediately become ten times more attractive to your audience, and your speech becomes much more intriguing.

This book covers almost all the idioms and phrases you’re likely to use in your daily life. Although, one should always keep in mind that overdone things turn out to be pretty ugly.

Don’t overuse the phrases, idioms or even punctuations in your lines and sentence. Moderation is the key to a good build speech with on-point English grammar.

Cambridge Professional English in Use

Do you have to be at a work gathering and make a speech/toast? Spoken English is a lot different when you talk to someone informally whereas when you talk to someone in an official, formal occasion.

“Cambridge Professional English in Use” is one such book that takes you through the guidelines to be kept in mind while talking to someone or an audience, formally.

‘What comes after another’ that is, a sequential approach to teaching is the key to the success of this book.

You must own this book if you frequently attend formal and official functions and gatherings. Don’t hide away next time they ask you to make a toast!

English Conversation books

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What are some good books for learning advanced English grammar?

As the name suggests, this book is typically written in a conversational tone. It guides you through the parameter of when and where to take a stop while talking and let the other person talks too.

How to greet someone appropriately at the beginning of a conversation and many other aspects of communication are very well written and described in this book.

If you’re someone who likes to talk to people in English but fails because of poor conversational skills, you must go through this book once and see yourself changing for good.

Why buy English Grammar Books?

Which one is the best book for English grammar and writing skills?

Communication and interaction is a fundamental part the human life.

Nobody can isolate themselves and devoid themselves from human interaction. Communication is medium of expression of ideas, beliefs, and feelings.

Communication skills are not inherited; rather it’s called a learned skill. In order to express themselves well, an individual must learn how to communicate effectively.

Grammar is the backbone of any language and also acts as a matrix for an impactful communication.

Altered or bad grammar can affect the real meaning of a sentence and hamper the clarity of an intended feeling or message.

Grammar skills and communication ability comes in handy not just in educational grounds but also in case of interaction, employment opportunities, management needs and to be a great leader.

As it is said, a great leader leads from the front, his speeches and actions are followed by the rest. Imagine a leader having bad communication skills, nobody would understand him, and hence nobody will follow him.

To lead from the front, you must be understandable, and you should be at the top of your game all the time.

To obtain an effective speech technique and communication in general, people must not overlook the necessity of appropriate grammar.

Any piece, material or content, if well written and grammatically authorized, signifies the writer’s wisdom, alertness and carefulness thus making the writing more attractive to the masses.

On the other hand, frequent grammatical errors make the writer look shabby and irresponsible.

How to select the best English grammar books?

This is one common problem faced by people who are looking for grammar books.

While every individual has their own requirements, few of them are, if a person wants to study grammar for competitive exams, if a person is a beginner in English learning or if he wants to do higher levels study about the English language and its grammar.

The primary requirement is for the seeker to be absolutely aware of his/her needs and expectations.

If you’re clear in your head as to what you’re looking for, it’ll be easier for you to sort the right books for yourself.

Where to buy English grammar Books?

This should not particularly be a problem these days since everything is easily available both online and offline.

If you are an online shopper you can buy all of these books mentioned above at Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Shopclues,, Sapna online, Infibeam,, and

Parameters on which we have selected these books

We have properly scrutinized each book considering your necessity and ease of understanding.

In the above list, we have mentioned only those books that give detailed insight into your vigor to learn grammar.

The second criteria are the ease with which you can understand whatever has been mentioned in the book.

We have selected only those books that serve as your companion to open your window about grammar rather than serving as an instructor.

Some of these books seem to have images also to make your interpretation of language much easier.

The most important parameter for the selection of these books is the price so that you get the quality and detailed knowledge about grammar at a pocket-friendly price.

Once you buy these books, you’ll be self-convinced why they’re on our list, and you’ll thank us later for such elaborate choice that helped you have fun while learning grammar.

If you want to buy these books offline in Delhi, you can visit, Daryaganj, Janpath, Shankar market (Gopal Sharma and Sons), Connaught Place, Vasant Vihar, and Nai Sarak.

Whereas, if you live in Mumbai and want to avail these books offline, you can visit King’s circle, second hand at Bandra and Vile Parle.

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