B.Pharmacy Course Admission, Fees, Eligibility, Salary Career 2022

A Bachelors in Pharmacy degree is very popular among science students who look to make lasting contributions to the medical and healthcare sector.

It is also one of those streams which have a huge scope for growth and opportunities in both private and public sectors.

With quality healthcare slowly becoming more global in nature, and many people receiving and requiring quality healthcare, B.Pharm graduates are in high demand.

A new disease breaks out across the world. It’s a strain of a virus that no one has seen before. Scientists are clueless and cannot decide how to tackle this disease. The world is in danger!

Just when things look bleak for all of humanity, a bunch of superheroes rise to the occasion. They call themselves the Pharmacists. With their special concoction of medications and drugs, they save the day!

B. Pharm is the short form of the degree of Bachelors of Pharmacy. As is with almost all highly specialized courses, a Bachelors degree in Pharmacy is required in order to make a successful career in the world of healthcare in this sector.

It is an undergraduate academic course which needs to be completed successfully before registering for practice as a pharmacist.

A pharmacist’s job entails understanding the impact of each medicine and counselling patients on the usage of medicinal drugs.

What is B-Pharma?

b pharmacy eligibility

Bachelor of pharmacy is a stream of science for aspiring pharmacists. Students study a wide range of subjects ranging from anatomy, biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacology, disease state management, pharmacy management, pharmacy law, physiology.

Bachelor’s in pharmacy is an undergraduate academic degree in the pharmacy field. It is a 4-year undergraduate program.

The advent of pharmacy started while striving to treat diseases.

The action of the drug on the target area is pharmacokinetics. The effect of the drug in the body determines the efficiency of the drug.

The medicine has certain chemical components acting in a certain way to treat particular diseases.

This paves the way for treating diseases which were once thought incurable by many physicians.

The skill set that bachelor of pharmacy demands from students are

  • Curiosity and consistency skills

  • Therapeutic and technical skills

  • Medical ethics

  • Medicinal and scientific knowledge

  • Communication and coordination ability

  • Scientific and business skills

B-pharma thus educates students to master themselves in the medical and healthcare industry.

In future, there will be a great demand for the skilled pharmacist to eradicate diseases which seem impossible to cure today.

This four year’s program wants the full dedication of a student as it covers very complex lessons and complex compounds.

B-pharma Best job profiles

 b pharmacy salary

  • Pharmaceutical scientist: Discover new ways to use drugs to cure diseases. Analyse the workings of the body process and how it reacts towards a particular drug. Investigating the overall functioning of a drug during treatment and seeks the prevention of side effects and its treatment procedure. They ensure the quality of drugs and manufacturing process.

  • Quality controller: They checks the quality of medicine when it is manufactured and when it goes into the market. A quality controller ensures that the manufacturing of a drug should ensure accordance with the medicinal laws, and there should not be any side effects on a person after treatment.

Top Universities in India are providing the best curriculum in bachelor of pharmacy.

Some of them have their own entrance examination and proper admission procedure for deserving students.

Popular specialisations the field of Pharmacy are: Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy practice, Ayurveda, Pharmacognosy.

B.Pharm Course Eligibility

b pharmacy admission

To apply for a B.Pharm course in India, a candidate should possess the following minimum requirements in order to be eligible for applying for this course.

1. For admission to the Pharmacy courses, the student must have passed class 12th with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics/Biology.

2. Students have to secure a minimum of 50% marks in the qualifying examination.

Students, those pass the three-year Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm) are also eligible.

 B.Pharma Admission procedure

To get admission into the Pharmacy course, candidates have to complete their 10+2 education & apply for national level or state level Pharmacy entrance exams.

The national level entrance exam is the Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT 2019).

Candidates can also apply for the state level exams such as TS EAMCET 2019, AP EAMCET 2019 BCECE 2019, WBJEE 2019, etc. as per the eligibility criteria of the exams.


B. Pharm Course Subjects

B. Pharm Subjects

B pharm in India is a 4-year course with both annual and semester schemes. Different colleges may have different subjects according to their preference and also have different credit system, but overall, along the road, the students do end up learning the same concepts.

The following are the list of subjects that are there in the course.


This course is designed to provide fundamental knowledge on the gross morphology, structure, and functions of various organs of the human body, various homeostatic mechanisms, and their imbalances.

They learn to Identify various tissues and organs of different systems of the human body. Students also Perform several experiments related to special senses and the nervous system.


In this course, the students matriculate the fundamentals of analytical chemistry, the concept behind the volumetric and chemical analysis and carry out electrochemical titration of drugs. This course also has a practical examination.


Students learn about the history of pharmacy as a profession. They study the basic pharmaceutical incompatibilities, calculations and correct dosages of different drugs.

They impart fundamental knowledge of the art and sciences behind preparatory pharmacy. Practical examinations are also conducted on the above topics.


 The students under this course are trained to identify the impurities and study the monographs of inorganic drugs along with their importance in pharmaceutical chemistry


In this course, the students review the basics of biology that they already learned in high school like, animal and plant kingdom, plant and animal physiology.


Students under this course understand the unit operation and processes of formulation behind tablets, capsules, and drugs Also, they are taught to identify the correct instrument so that the desired product can be developed.


Students study the analysis of dispensing of drugs, learn various types of dispensing products, Grasp the correct method of, labeling, dispensing and packaging of drugs. They are also taught to calculate the correct dosage of drugs for a patient


Understand the basic principle behind molecular bonding, huckle orbital theory, hybridization approach, various classes of reactions, and their intermediates, concept behind resonance in benzene, electrophilic and neutrophilic substitutions.


Students are taught the basic principle of pharmacology and the pharmacokinetics of various drugs


Students review the different drugs belonging to the category of glycosides and resins,

They also learn about many marine drugs, fibers and their application in the pharmaceutical industry, while acquiring basic knowledge on various classes of phytoconstituents.


After successful completion of this degree, the students have a better knowledge of hospital administration, organization, and formulary.

They also learn the practice of a community pharmacist as a part of the healthcare system.


In this course, the students develop expertise in the identification, cultivation, and counting of microorganisms, learn various sterilization techniques and their evaluation process.


Under this course, students review the clinical manifestations of inflammation, hypersensitivity, pain and also learn about the drugs that tackle respiratory, renal and cardiovascular disorders.


After the completion of this course, the student can perform a pharmacognostical study of alkaloidal crude drugs and also can Examine different types of adulteration and impurities in crude drugs.


After this course the students have a better knowledge about the practice and principle behind pharmacy, they develop a holistic perspective towards the profession


Students imbibe an advanced form of the biotechnology, that they learn in high school


 This course teaches the process behind the identification of key ingredients for manufacturing, production, and evaluation of dosage forms.

Understanding the technology behind the development of various dosage forms are also taught.


Students have explained the importance of functional groups present in various drugs and their relationship with the pharmacological activity. They are also taught about drug designing.


By the end of the course, a student can easily understand the significance and process of validation for various pharmaceutical operations.

They have a better knowledge of the WHO guidelines and evaluate the dissolution data and profile.

Career Opportunities in B.Pharmacy

Career Opportunities in B.Pharmacy

A B.pharm degree is a very coveted degree among science students in India. It is one of the most popular job – oriented courses in India.

Since healthcare facilities are growing day by day and the need to spread the benefits of quality medication rises, job opportunities in this field are growing too.

One of the factors that make this such a lucrative degree is the fact that there is massive scope in both the public and private sectors.

After the completion of the course, the students can work as are::

  • Chemical/Drug Technician
  • Bio-Technology Industries
  • Drug Therapist
  • Drug Inspector
  • Hospital Drug Coordinator
  • Health Inspector
  • Pharmacist
  • Pathological Lab
  • Research & Development
  • Making Prescription to Patients
  • Scientist
  • Research Officer

A B.pharm graduate can work for a pharmaceutical company or open up his own institution.

Some recruiters of B.pharm graduates worked in:-

  • Hospitals and Clinics (Government and Private)
  • State wise Drugs and Pharmaceutical Boards
  • Medical Shop chains
  • Chemist Shops
  • Cipla
  • Abbott India
  • Research bodies and labs
  • Sun Pharmaceuticals
  • Biocon
  • Glaxo Smith Kline India.

After successfully completing these exams, one has a vast array of colleges to choose from. Many colleges in India offer a quality B.Pharm degree owing to its popularity with the students and recruiters.

Some best b.pharma  colleges in india are –

1.University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chandigarh- Annual fees – Rs.13482

2.Institute of Chemical Technology [ICT], Mumbai- Annual fees- Rs. 85350

3.  Manipal University of Pharmaceutical Sciences [MCOPS], Manipal – Annual fees-Rs.241000

4.Bombay College of Pharmacy [BCOPS]-Mumbai- Annual fees- Rs.27554

5. Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra(Ranchi)- Annual fees- Rs.211000

6.Jamia Hamdard University, Delhi – Annual fees- Rs.128500 per year

7. Jadavpur University, Kolkata – Annual fees- Rs. 2400

8. Amity University, Noida – Annual fees- Rs. 180000

9. BK Mody Government Pharmacy College- Annual fees – Rs. 3150

10. Nirma University, Ahmedabad- Annual fees- Rs. 200000

More colleges and their details can be found online.

As is apparent, there are more specialised private universities than government universities. They have state of the art infrastructure and all facilities necessary to bolster one’s pharmacy career.

The range of fees is very wide. Admission to these colleges is based on either national exams or private entrance exams.

Salary After B.pharma Course

Salary After B.pharma Course

B-Pharm or bachelors in Pharmacy is an undergrad academic course in the field of pharmacy; in many countries, it is a must need to register as a pharmacist.

The students are trained to understand the composition and function of medicine. With the growing pharmaceutical market, from 934.8 billion in 2017 to an estimated 1170 billion by 2021 with a growth rate of almost 5.8%, it is a booming business.

This is one sector associated with the degree that requires a lot of justification because people think being a newly practised course this might not lead to fruitful outcomes in terms of getting a well-paid job.

Even though pharmaceutical studies are gaining major preferences in the current days, it existed long ago as well, but then it didn’t get a chance to come into the limelight.

So this is nothing new. We have been consuming medicines which are of modern components such as antibiotics and all since ages, and these are created by people who specialized in this course only.

Depending upon what one takes up in terms of profession after completing the degree, the salary will also vary.

All in all the starting amount is around 10,000 and goes up to 2 lacs even depending upon the rank and the company they are working for. 

Now we always weigh a job by how much it actually pays and can or cannot, an individual sustain in the provided salary, now with the globalization and the trade market reaching new heights,there is almost no job that wouldn’t take you to the epitome of success if done the right way with the right skills.

Nothing can be said for sure, and everything is just an evaluation, your salary depends on your education and relevant talents that is why B-Pharm which opens up to be bachelors in pharmacy, being just a graduate course in India needs a post graduation degree to increase your prospects of getting a better job.

Some example of most preferred post-graduation jobs could be :-

  • – M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
  • – Management Program in Pharmacy.
  • – Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Trial Management.
  • – Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm)

Apart from your degree and knowledge, your salary also largely depends on your personality. Traits like Skills in Patient Counseling, Hospital Education, Oral / Verbal Communication and Pharmacotherapy are highly valued and appreciated in India.

Although India does not come in the top 5 countries when we talk about the average salaries of B-Pharm graduates but it is still worth a mention.

The lowest salary is measured to be up to ₹2,03,000 and highest about ₹15,28,000 with a median salary of ₹3,11,000. While Some states pay more than the others, the highest paying state is Karnataka with a wage of about ₹99,000 to ₹2,28,000.

followed by Delhi with a range of ₹97,000 to ₹2,35,000, Kerala between ₹51,000 and ₹66,000 and Andhra Pradesh between ₹24,000 and ₹94,000.

Some of the top companies include Cipla, Apollo, DR.reddy’s and sun pharma.

After finishing your B.Pharm, you will have so many ways to do a job based on your choice of field and here is a sample salary structure.

 Pharmaceutical Industries wages start from about 7K per month (fluctuates from company to company), Clinical Research and CDM – Starting a salary more than 10K Per month, Marketing as a Medical Representative – 12K (again varies based on company and its location), Healthcare RCM – Starting from 10K Per month (salary can increase or decrease slightly depending on the company), now after B. Pharmacy you are only eligible to teach Diploma students which will give you up to 10–12K Per month.

For the pharma industry, a minimum of 1–3years is required for a solid increment.

Leaving apart the private sector, the government of India also conducts many exams to get employed to the job of their choice.

Exams are conducted by state and central governments, on a yearly basis, aspirants employed in the Research and development department, get a salary of up to 10k.

B. Pharma Course Scope Outside India


The initial salary of a US-based B -Pharm graduate is about 89,441USD, and the highest salary is about 146,157 USD with a median salary of about 102,089 USD

According to a survey conducted, the salary conditions remain fairly positive, Their salary is actually hourly based where they earn about 50-60 USD PER hour

There has also been a 14.4% percent spike which is huge compared to other countries And a very important piece of information could be that the wage varies significantly on the geographical area i.e. from state to state, with a growth rate of about 5.6 % it won’t fail to satisfy you

As gender-based distinction can be observed in almost every job as we live in a patriarchal society, but here it is observed that 50 % of the pharmacists are actually females and both males and females actually earn the same.  If you take part-time jobs, you earn about 55% of the profession.


Switzerland the mountainous, central European country, pays about 86k USD as the starting salary, and the highest goes up to 161k USD, and median of up to 126k


An early career pharmacist with 1-4 year experience can earn up to 44k Canadian dollars,And people late in their career earn up to 50k Canadian dollars.

If we distinguish by provinces, Ontario, pays the most whereas Vancouver pays the least

It is safe to say that a good degree with approx six years of work experience can get up a hefty salary package


The island nation of the northern European country recently saw an 8.3 % rise in the medical market hence having a huge impact on the pharmacy market too, making them directly proportional,

An average graduate makes about 35k pounds with the lowest being 23k pounds, to highest going up to 46k pounds.

Talking about the job as a pharmacist, some the most popular employers, include Lloyds pharmacy, the boots company, and Tesco Plc.

An entry-level pharmacist can earn up to 29k pounds, an early career pharmacist with 1-4 year experience can earn up to 33k when compared to 948 salaries.


Germany has always been a leader when comes to the pharmaceutical market, a fresh graduate can easily earn up to 26k euros, with the median salary 36k and the highest being 61k euros.

The ‘Pharma Vision 2020’ is an initiative by the Government’s Department of Pharmaceuticals to make India one of the major hubs for drug discovery.

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is projected to expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15.92 by 2020. This renders pharmaceuticals as one of the booming employment industries.

According to industry reports the pharmaceutical industry in India has been growing at the rate of 13-14% every year for the last five years.

With the projected picture of 2020, there will be an increase in demand for trained professionals in the field of Pharmaceuticals.

A projection of salary trends for persons employed in the Pharmaceutical industry after B.Pharm degree is given below.

Career Scope of B.pharma Course

Gone are those days when students are opting to study science plans to take up medical sciences and engineering only as their future professions.

In current scenarios, the job aspect and working preferences of people are experiencing a major change or rather a dynamic diversification.

People are no more interested in making themselves confined to all the conventional sort of professions. The new generation is a lot more interested in experimenting and moreover indulging in doing what they enjoy, in short turning their passion into their profession.

B.pharma is one such degree which is gaining a humongous amount of preferences over other conventional degrees by students who are completing their high school degree in science.

No doubt science provides vast opportunities to choose from what one needs to pursue in their future, so why emphasize on pharmaceuticals?

Pharmaceuticals involve a deep studying in creating and composing medicines, drugs and other medical commodities.

This will require a strong and profound knowledge in chemistry and biochemistry as well. Any pupil who has interests in studying the mentioned subjects can easily build a strong career in this industry.

The pharmaceutical industry has been flourishing immensely over the time; innumerable companies are coming up to invent and compose drugs and medicines to cure ailments and hence recruitment is also enhancing, job opportunities are at its peaks in the pharmaceutical industry.

So, in this case, one who is pursuing a career in this sector need not to worry about their future career conditions.

What are the degrees one can opt for if interested in pursuing a career in Pharmacy?

  • Diploma in Pharmacy.

  • Bachelor degree in Pharmacy.

  • Master degree in Pharmacy.

What are the professions one can take up after completing their B.pharma degree?

  • Health inspector.

  • Scientist.

  • Researcher.

  • Lab assistant in medical centers.

  • Medicinal or drug therapist.

  • Drug technician.

  • Work in pathological laboratories.

  • Research officer.

  • Pharmacist.

  • Work in the biotechnological labs or industry.

  • Work in chemical laboratories.


What needs to done to get a degree in B. pharma?

Since the degree course is lately seeing so much success from people, innumerable institutions are coming up with a curriculum to get enrolled in to get B. pharma degree.

First of all, one needs to sit for the entrance exam conducted by their respective states and according to the rank procured, one will get enrolled in the institutions.

There are numerous exams conducted in All India basis as well apart from the individual examinations conducted by the states and the entrance exams of certain colleges and universities as well.

What are the best companies to apply for after completing the degree?

With the advancement in the field of medicines and increment of people’s preferences over taking up Pharmaceutical degrees as a study option many companies are coming up, old brands are getting inspired to enhance their business qualities and hence increasing the number of jobs as well.

Like mentioned earlier, depending upon where one gets enrolled in order to work and earn, their salary will vary also depending upon the rank they will work for.

Some of the top rated companies in the industry are the following-

  1. Cipla.

  2. Glaxo Smith Kline India.

  3. Abbott India.

  4. Sun Pharmaceuticals.

  5. Glenmark.

  6. Laurus Labs

  7. Wanbury

  8. Gennex labs.

  9. Lupin.

  10. Cadila health.

  11. Ipca Labs.

  12. Sanofi India.

  13. Piramal Enter.

  14. Divis Labs.

  15. Alembic Pharma.

  16. Jubilant Life.

  17. Dr Reddys Labs.

Among the well known international companies are-

  1. Johnson and Johnson.

  2. MERCK

  3. GSK

  4. Novartis

And a lot more.

Options to look up after completing a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical studies.

Apart from the job mentioned above profiles, one might wish to go for higher studying options.

In such cases, a Master’s degree in pharmaceutical studies can act as another addition to their achievement list.

Doing a master’s degree enhances one’s opportunities of working with better companies, grab better opportunities, work for better ranks, earn a greater amount of money and get an opportunity to work with numerous international pharmaceutical companies as well.

Apart from this, one can also opt for doing an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management. If one plans to enter the field of medical representative work, then this degree can be of great help.

Pursuing a degree in Pharmaceutical management one can easily get a job of Production Manager or even Area manager, which is again one of the most well-paid job profiles in the industry.

Keeping in mind the vast number of job profiles and the pride of being a part of a medicinal innovation which is surely going to change lives and be a great help to humankind pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry is a great choice.

Knowing about the job profiles and the amount one can earn by stepping into this industry, taking up pharmacy as a profession is never going to be a wrong decision as long as one works with dedication and passion.

FAQ’S About Course

Why is B.pharm pacing up in India as an ideal choice for a career?

Rhetoric aside, Pharmacy is quickly picking up the pace in students’ choice of career paths.

This is primarily because of better communication, the better quality of medications and health care and ever-expanding areas. Pharmacists are an integral part of diagnosing diseases and setting treatment methods for medicine.

Pharmacy is a very important branch of the healthcare industry and is responsible for much of its growth.

The research for developing new medicinal drugs, development, manufacture and supply of medicinal drugs are all facets of Pharmacy.

What is the role of a pharmacist?

A practitioner of Pharmacy or a Pharmacist is one who is well acquainted with medicines. He/she helps in research and development of medicine.

He also gives quick solutions in case of medical emergencies where medications need to be altered.

Not only this, a pharmacist helps in quality control and keep medications in accordance with the Pharmacy Council.

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