ACCA Course-Admission,Syllabus, Fees, Salary, Eligibility

What is ACCA Course?

ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants which sets to be a global and professional degree/course for mastering Accounts and Finance.

It is generally an institute which was formed in 1904 as the global reach to the different destination of the world. The prime aim of the institute is to provide students with a professional course which has much relevance in the future.

This was only possible through some very confined course and then ACCA Course came into existence.

It is the most applied course in recent years. ACCA Course is determined through extra privilege for the student.

Most of the students want to excel in the field of accounts and finance and so they choose ACCA Course.

acca course in india

Although the course is mostly acquired by management students, it also requires the need for eligibility criteria.

From different sections of management course, ACCA Course is truly a very respectful course which can be marked from IIM perspective. There are many opportunities after clearing such a great exam globally.

The examination pass rate reaches up to 40%. Also, students pursuing ACCA can:

  • Look for a Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business and win ACCA membership.
  • Look for BSc. (Hons) in Applied Accounting provided by Oxford University. 
  • Look for MSc in professional Accounting by the University of London.

ACCA is globally recognized in over 80 markets and also have 80 Accountancy International Body.

acca course in india eligibility

The same course is having immigrations status in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, and Canada.

Also, ACCA is deploying the student at senior management level for a long-term career. So, a well-designed curriculum is developing the industry with relevant knowledge.

ACCA looks to provide credibility as the proficiency is tested over 15 exams. This will make the resume look more attractive. It is better to choose ACCA course if anyone wishes to excel in the field of finance and accounting.

Even, the packages go high for certified students. So, one must surely look deep into the ACCA course and get excellent in Accounts and Finance. 

Eligibility Criteria for ACCA Course

Let us now talk about the major eligibility criteria decided by the board of ACCA, UK,

  1. First of all, the candidate must match with the important criteria that are 16 years of age. This minimum age is generally required by almost for colleges and institute for admissions.
  2. There are 3 main subjects to be considered in class 12th. They are English, Accountancy, and Mathematics. Also, one should pass them with at least 60% marks. There should not be any red mark in the result. 
  3. A student is also eligible for ACCA Course if he/she has completed the Foundation of Accountancy (FIA). This aspect is newly added by the board of UK as eligibility. 
  4. Students must pursue graduation in BBA. BCOM, BMS, BA/BSc from a recognized university of the country.

It is very important to maintain the standard of ACCA. This is because it is an International board exam conducted all over the world.

If anyone wishes to sit for the exam then he/she must have qualified with the mentioned eligibility criteria.

How to Get admission in ACCA Course?

acca course structure and fees in india

The admission procedure is never a big deal for any college. ACCA is offered and recognized in many countries of the world. It is mostly recognized by the US and UK.

The different colleges for the same have different criteria set for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. This certification course is to be provided in some colleges only and all of these colleges are chosen by the government only.

Well, we can say that the prime admission procedure is initiated after filling up the application form of the college/institute.

The admission procedure is the same for all types of colleges in the world. It is also to be noted that one must fill-up the minimum eligibility criteria which will be discussed later.

After knowing all the credentials, just submit up to the application form either online or offline.

The admissions for the ACCA course are easy and don’t need much effort. The most important documents should be collected before the counseling process of the college.

The diploma or graduate’s degree (if done) is to be considered for eligibility criteria. This is done after filling up the application form online. Preferred date is given by the college for counseling or interview. If it is an interview then kindly prepare it with a professional look and talks.

The majority of the colleges are admitting students based on merit or interviews. A better resume has to deal with many things but if it is possible then chances of admission remain positive.

Now, the major part is held under the college. There can be different rounds of counseling which will also include an interview. Most of the time, the college will also look for the resume.

A better resume will surely have a good chance of winning the game. In the format of limited seats, only some of the top students selected for ACCA.

In the first phase of counseling, the majority of the students are selected based on the merit list of graduation.

Some of the seats are filled in the first round while others are meant for the final rounds. This loop continues and finally, all the seats of the institute are filled. A minimum number of 60 seats can be kept for an institute.

It is observed that around 1, 00,000 apply for different admissions in the course and only 30% of students are eligible for admissions.

It is always better to apply for the course as soon as the application form is released.

This will help you get admitted on first come first serve basis in some of the institutes.

Detail Syllabus of ACCA Course

ACCA Syllabus is never going to be explained in brief as it is detailed in itself. The syllabus of ACCA consists of 14 major examinations.

This will include 9 examinations of fundamental level. It is also mandatory to complete 5 exams for a professional level.

The professionalism will be marked with P1, P2, P3 as compulsory exams and any 2 out of 4 optional papers.

Well, ACCA is now providing with computer-based examinations. Let’s start with some basic level of the syllabus:

Knowledge Level

Paper 1: Accountant in Business

It will include a complete introduction to the foundations of management which is effective.

The contemporary business environment will be well understood under the exam. The main aspects of the exam are:

  1. Management and Organization structure. 
  2. Constraints on accounting and business and key environmental influence
  3. Role of accounting and history of business
  4. Internal financial and functions of accounting
  5. Managing individuals and leading teams
  6. Developing employees and recruiting

Paper 2: Management Accounting

It will help to prepare basic quantitative information and supporting management. Also, a decision-making process will be evolved from this. The main aspects of the exam are: 

  1. Purpose of managing accounting and cost
  2. Cost behavior and classification
  3. Computer spreadsheets and business mathematics
  4. Accounting cost techniques
  5. Standard costing and budgeting
  6. Decision-making techniques

Paper 3: Financial Accounting 

The underlying concepts of financial accounting along with core principles will be learned.

It will help to acquire to gain technical proficiency in double-entry. Also, one will know about basic financial statements. The main aspects of the exam are:

  1. Context and financial reporting
  2. Fundamental bases of accounting and qualitative characteristics
  3. Double-entry accounting and system
  4. Events and recording transactions
  5. Trial balance
  6. Financial statements

Skill Level

Paper 4: Corporate and Business Law 

The wider legal and introduction to business framework is undertaken this exam.

Some of the legal issues are also included to identify different situations. The main aspects of the exam are:

  1. Elements of the legal system
  2. Obligations law
  3. Law of Employment
  4. Constitution of business organizations and their formulation
  5. Financing of companies
  6. Regulation of companies
  7. Legal implications in difficulty
  8. Ethical issues and governance

Paper 5: Performance management

It is necessary to develop skills in management accounting and different related techniques.

This exam is going to help you get all the relevant knowledge for performance management.

It is a very good exam to be known. The main aspects of the exam are:

  1. Accounting and cost techniques
  2. Decision-making properties
  3. Forecasting and budgeting
  4. Variance analysis and standard costing
  5. Measurement of performance 

Paper 6: Taxation

It is also important to know about business tax law and requirements. The taxation system is to be known for individual, company, or organization. The main aspects of the exam are:

  1. Trading profits
  2. Allowances to capitals
  3. Income of employee
  4. Business profits
  5. Income on investment
  6. Personal taxes
  7. Value-added tax
  8. Tax of corporation
  9. Self-assessment

Paper 7: Financial Reporting

In financial reporting and status, the accounting standard is known. Also, some of the theoretical principles for the creation of financial statements are focused.

The main aspects of the subject are:

  1. Conceptual framework
  2. Financial statements
  3. Regulatory framework
  4. Interpreting and analyzing
  5. Combinations of business

Paper 8: Audit and Assurance

The competencies used by some of the financial managers are known through this exam.

It is good to develop in the areas of investment and decision-making. The main aspects of the subject are:

  1. Financial function and management
  2. Working with capital management
  3. Business finance
  4. Appraisal investment
  5. Valuation in business
  6. Risk management
  7. Cost of capital

Essential level

Paper 1: Governance, Ethics, and Risk

Here, the knowledge and skills of professionalism are taught. It varies according to risk and ethics.

For a professional career, ethics are very important. The main aspects of the exam are:

  1. Responsibility and governance
  2. Review and internal control
  3. Controlling risk and assessing risk
  4. Values and ethics

Paper 2: corporate reporting

The evaluation of financial principles and judgments are done in this exam. It is sounding more like a professional review.

The main aspects of the subject are:

  1. Financial reporting and framework
  2. Financial statements GroupWise
  3. Specialized entries
  4. Regulation changes
  5. Current developments

Paper 3: Business analysis

The ability to formulate and make different business strategies are the prime aspect of this exam.

Also, different business judgments and organizational aspects are taken into consideration.

One can also execute different new IT and CS knowledge through this. The main aspects of the exam are:

  1. Strategic choices
  2. Process changes in business
  3. Issues of quality
  4. Project management
  5. Analysis of financial statements
  6. Actions


Paper 4: Advanced Financial Management

Here, the deep knowledge about finance and studies are grabbed with an easy process.

It can also help you become a senior financial advisor. The main aspects of the exam are:

  1. Responsibility and role towards stakeholders
  2. Investment appraisal
  3. Mergers and acquisitions
  4. Re-organization and corporate reconstruction
  5. Advanced risk techniques
  6. Economic environment
  7. Issues in finance and management

Paper 5: Advanced performance measurement 

This exam will help to develop management skills for the enhancement of performance.

The overall development can be covered under this strategy. The main aspects of the exam are:

  1. Planning and control
  2. Factors of economy
  3. System and design
  4. Evaluation of performance
  5. Current developments

ACCA Exam Pattern

As per new guidelines, the exam pattern for ACCA is as follows,

  1. The total duration of the ACCA exam is 2 hours.
  2. The total questions are not more than 50. 
  3. The total marks are not more than 100. 
  4. The passing marks for ACCA are 50%.

ACCA Applied Knowledge exams

Duration: 2 hours

Section A contains Objection type questions while Section B contains multiple type questions.

ACCA Applied Skills exams

Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes

There will be a variety of questions styled as per spreadsheets and processing tools.

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Where ACCA Exams are held?

There is no such preferred location for ACCA exam. It is a computer-based exam and can be performed at any authorized computer exam center. There are two types of ACCA exams:

  1. F1-F4: One can appear for these exams at any time at the computer center.
  2. F5-F9: There are 4 sessions for these exams: March, June, September, and December. 

Fees of ACCA Course

acca course duration after bcom

All the financial status related to the fee is acceptable only at ACCA, UK. The tuition fee for the course depends totally on the college enrolled while the registration fee remains the same.

ACCA is approved for Pakistan and all other countries as separate.

The registration fee for Pakistan country is 32 Euro while all other countries it is 79 Euro.

The fee pertains to average amount and may include some International charges.

The annual subscription fee for ACCA is 95 Euro. Now, the most important fees for paper are as follows:

  1. Fundamental Knowledge: 72 Euro per paper.
  2. Fundamental Skills: 97 Euro per paper.
  3. Professional level: 121 Euro per paper.

The above-mentioned fees are for the year 2018. It may change as per ACCA, UK guidance.

Here, Pakistanis are having a little relaxation in terms of fee. ACCA College conducts different experiments and involves teaching faculties. All of the well-known institutes only look for some profound staff for their reputation.

It is legal to charge a good amount by these institutes as the overall tuition fee. Well, the registration starts in May for all the colleges.

The final selection is to be made by the college itself. All the fees are selected by the Joint Accountant at the UK.

They manage all the beings for conducting the exam at different parts of the world.

Maybe some of the countries can have different registration charges so it can be noted down from the official website of ACCA. 

Salary after completion ACCA Course

The trending certificate from ACCA is going to offer a valued-added salary. Yes, it is true for a majority of students clearing the exam in the first attempt.

The increase in job opportunities for the same is increasing exponentially. With the growth of MNCs, the rise of jobs for ACCA accredited students is also increased. Also, it is beneficial for the industry as many students are going to click the same concept.

With a high rise, India is going to become the biggest global market for Course ACCA. Now, CA Professional and ACCA Certified are going to be measured based on the same salary.

ACCA qualification can provide top-class service in the financial sectors of the country.

The average package offered for such certificates is 8 Lakh Per Annum.

Also, the pay-scale can vary between 4 LPA to 15 LPA. It all depends on the skills of the employee.

The main 4 companies for ACCA Certified students are PwC, Deloitte, EY, and KPMG. Some of the companies like HSBC, Accenture, and Shalimar are offering packages up to 5 LPA.

Such packages are not expected in any other general professional course but ACCA is a global course for high-profile financial and accounting class. 

It is very good to know about the detailed structure of salary after ACCA. The overall package can range between 5 LPA to 20 LPA.

This salary is preferable for a high-class and comfortable life. The trends of new merge are also increasing for the industry.

The companies are collaborating with other companies and employees are getting a high salary.

There are very less ACCA certified talented people and finance companies are looking for such people.

So, it is the best opportunity for top-class salary after completing ACCA Course.

Career prospects after ACCA Course

Career prospects are always good after the completion of a wonderful course.

There are always big opportunities in finance and accounts department and real companies are attracting the management students. Well, ACCA is an International Finance Exam which is also opening opportunities for International companies.

At the International level, the package may range up to 50 LPA. The career options are stick to the valuable resource as achieved by ACCA.

After completion of nine papers, it is proud to go for some International work. The different reaches for organization are:

1 .Making use of diverse roles in the company. It is a holistic approach which will train you for a diverse role. Even, the new opportunities for strategic risk are also opened. A person can work while enhancing the overall development in terms of personal skills. 

2.The membership of ACCA is spread across 181 countries. And it is good to know that top Big 4 companies for ACCA are aware of it. These companies look for ACCA qualified students and hire them at a nominal package. The big 4 companies are spread all over the world with the highest number of members. So, it is a plus point for ACCA qualified people.

3.The different roles performed by top students after completing ACCA Course are:-

  • Accountant
  • Compliance 
  • Governance officer
  • Forensic accountant
  • Internal auditor
  • Management accountant
  • Group accountant
  • Chief financial officer
  • Business analyst
  • Risk manager
  • Tax accountant
  • Treasurer
  • Business advisor
  • Credit control manager
  • Funds manager
  • Insolvency practitioner
  • Financial analyst

The life after the ACCA course is changed when several opportunities start approaching.

It is just the beginning of a new world with a lot of work to do. The main career prospects are undertaken by Big 4 companies of the word. They are offering a big job with high salary packages.

Even, all the facilities are going to be provided by them. There can be nothing best than getting such a valuable life.

So, these are some of the well-known roles performed by the experts of ACCA qualified.

Even, there are an additional 50 more fields where one can perform well. The accountancy part is taken very seriously by the majority of people.


If you are an Indian Chartered Accountant (CA), who completed after May 2003, you can take the fast track route to gaining your ACCA membership.

If You are Qualified Company Secretary, You can get some exemption from the course.The simple meaning here is if you already studied the subject which is under CCA syllabus then you can get an exemption.

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Exam entry periodEarlyStandardLate
June exam session8 March9 March – 8 April9 April – 8 May
December exam session8 September9 September – 8 October9 October – 8 November
Exam entry methodonline onlyonline and paperonline only

Frequently Asked Question About ACCA Course

acca course information

What is Fees or Total Cost of ACCA Course?

The total fee for the ACCA course is divided into subparts. It all starts with the registration process where the fee charged is 79 Euro.

Now, comes the value for an annual subscription which is also mandatory for the students. The total cost for an annual subscription is 105 Euro. If anyone is looking for re-registration then the fee is again 79 Euro.

ACCA Course fees are as follows:

  • Applied knowledge (F1-F3): The exam entry period is standard and the fee is 34 Euro per exam. 
  • Applied Skills (F4): The exam entry period is standard and the fee is 40 Euro per exam. 
  • Applied Skills (F5-F9): The exam entry period is standard and the fee is 108 Euro. 
  • Strategic Professional (SBR): The exam entry period is standard and the fee is 136 Euro.
  • Fundamental Knowledge: 72 Euro per paper.
  • Fundamental Skills: 97 Euro per paper.
  • Professional level: 121 Euro per paper.

2. Is ACCA harder than CA?

This is the most asked question for ACCA Course. Well, we can’t compare any exam in this world although both the courses are having same valuable aspect.

The content for both degrees is the same as both are related to accounts and finance. The main difference is of the syllabus where ACCA course includes big syllabus than CA.

ACCA Course is an International Certified course and its importance lies in the content of the syllabus.

The various chapters and functionalities of law and order are also mentioned in the syllabus. If we are comparing on this basis then ACCA may seem to be harder than CA.

But it is not true if you are studying from a good point. After completion of both the degrees, the same valuable aspect is presented in front of the world.

Even, both of them are having the same salary packages at International level. It will be wrong to judge the two valuable courses based on syllabus and pattern.

Both of them are equally beneficial and strong for financing department. 

3. Can ACCA be completed in 2 years?

Yes, 2 years is enough for the ACCA course. The actual development starts in the first month where most of the syllabus is covered. Student tries to grab the best out of laws and formulation.

In the first year, you can prepare for basic exams of ACCA. These basic exams are generally related to Fundamental skills.

The preparation can meet with the start of such simple subjects. The top levels of skills are going to be covered in this subject. For the second year, it is necessary to prepare for some intellectual subjects.

These subjects can help score well in the exam. The time is generally devoted to financing and accounting chapters. So, overall the time of 2 years can be managed easily for ACCA Course.

Also, in the second year, you can prepare for all the previous year question papers.

It is noted that the majority of the questions are repeated and this can be the plus point. After the final exams, one will be accredited with ACCA degree. 

4. Is ACCA Course better than an MBA?

If we figure it out based on subjects then ACCA is a far better course than an MBA. This is because ACCA includes deep and harvesting subjects related to finance and accounting.

All of them are registered in Indian law and can work globally. In MBA, one is mastered with a PG degree which may help you get some high packages in the management company.

On the other hand, ACCA is a globally recognized International certificate for finance and account. The performance of the same is measured all over the world.

Some of the people also choose MBA and ACCA course which seems to be the best combination in the world for academics. 

ACCA Course is a vast study of fundamental and professional skills. It covers almost all of the topics that are needed by big MNCs. The big 4 companies are waiting for such ACCA course recognized students and hire them at big packages. So, finally it is not bad to think about MBA only, if you want to serve as an MBA student then it is best. But if you wish to excel in the field of financing then ACCA is the best approach.

5. How Much is ACCA Salary?

The salary packages are not defined for some people only. Although, ACCA accredited employees are hired at top positions only but still we can define an average salary between 8 LPA to 50 LPA.

The simplest most ratios reach up to 10 LPA for a general employee. If you are getting placed in some top MNCs then 30 LPA is not far away.

The Big 4 companies are offering high packages only which can range between 20 LPA to 60 LPA. Apart from this, International packages are having a different story.

The salary for ACCA certified employee may range up to crores. So, this is going to be the best opportunity to get skilled in the finance department and achieve big in life.

6. Which is better CPA or CCA?

Well to know which one is better; one should look into the differences first,

  • CPA stands for Certified Public Accountants and CCA stands for Chartered Certified Accountants. 
  • CPA is a global body for accountant’s recognition in the English-speaking countries. It is the public domain which is offered by the government of the US and other 50 states.
  • CCA is a local domain for Accountancy where a certified authority is provided to the candidate.
  • The license of CPA is again for performing accounting services for the public while there is nothing like this in CCA.
  • The exam of CPA is governed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) while CCA is governed by ACCA.
  • CPA is the highest standard certificate for accountancy in the globe.
  • CPA certificate is equivalent to CCA certificate except for the fact that CCA is a globally recognized certificate. 

So, now the differences are clear and the best can also be chosen.

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