10 Useful Study Tips For the CAT Examination

10 Useful Study Tips For the CATCommon Admission Test (CAT) is conducted for providing admission into an MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme in the top B-schools of India. today i will point out some good study tips for cat exam which helps you to achieve your goal.

It is necessary for the students to appear in the examination for admission into IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) and other leading management schools. On a rotation basis, the Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) regulates a national level entrance exam.

A lot of students start their CAT preparation in the first quarter of the year. It is the ideal time to start CAT preparation if it is the first time you are trying your hand at CAT or if you got less than 90 percentile in your previous attempt(s).

CAT is one of the most challenging examinations for IIM aspirants. It is a difficult exam to crack but with the correct strategy and time schedule for the examination, one can definitely crack the exam. We are going to share some preparation tips for the upcoming CAT examination here.

CAT Study Preparation Tips

study tips for cat exam

Cracking CAT is dependent on a host of parameters- hard work, conceptual clarity, time management and above all luck. But the most crucial traits that one must possess in order to prepare effectively for CAT are discipline, consistency and a never say die spirit.

Cracking this examination is not about answering questions in the examination hall for three hours but months of rigorous practice, sleepless nights and an indomitable spirit to fight it till the end.

It is a test of one’s endurance, intellect, and temperament.

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Build your Basics

self study tips for cat

In the first 2-3 months focus on the few basic concepts you need to be familiar with for taking CAT examination. Do not move on from one topic to another unless you are completely clear with the fundamentals of the topic. Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal ability require the most amount of effort when it comes to basic fundamentals.

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Time Management

tips to study for cat

It is one of the most important factors for the cat exam preparation. Students have to maintain the right schedule for cat preparation & study in order to succeed in the examination.

CAT is an aptitude test where the students need to have the conceptual clarity & must know the shortcut methods to solve the questions.

Make schedule and study plans and try to solve maximum questions in minimum time with accuracy. CAT examination comprises of various sections, students have to manage their time as per the difficulty of each section.

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Books & Study Material

best study tips for cat

Since the CAT exam has a very wide syllabus, good books, and study material matter a lot for better preparation and results. Students can also take help from the previous year question papers; this will make them familiarize with the exam pattern, type of questions and marking system.

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Solve Practice questions & Sectional Mock

10 best self study tips for cat

Even before you start preparing, solve practice questions of Mathematics and Statistics online, it will help you to know in which area you have a little command over others and in which areas you need to work harder.

The questions are available on various websites like, among others.

To crack the CAT exam, a good amount of logical thinking is required by the aspirant & it can be developed by practicing the mock test. With the help of mock test, you can also manage your time for each section.

If you find that you are weak in a particular section, then you need to take sectional mock tests and you should strictly adhere to the sectional time limits as well while solving the mocks.

If a specific topic is troublesome, they should start and study it from the basics again.

Focus on the errors that you made in the test and not on the marks you scored or the percentile that you achieved.

You need to solve the mock again without looking at the watch and check whether you are able to solve the problems you couldn’t during the mock.

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Overcome the weakness

cat exam preparation tips and tricks

One of the key preparation tips for the exam is to do away with weakness on relevant topics and improve speed and accuracy in them by attempting as many mocks as possible.

It is suggested to focus more on your strengths. First, try to attempt those types of questions during your preparation for which you could further improve your accuracy level.

Regularly read the English newspapers especially the editorial part and English magazines to improve your reading speed and vocabulary as it will help you to crack more questions in Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability questions in the CAT exam.

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Find out more than one way to solve questions

Find out more than one way to solve questions

You should search for more than one way to attempt and solve the questions with accuracy while preparing for the examination. It is a smart way of CAT preparation strategy as it makes you learn the shorter and quicker ways to crack the question.

So once you complete the study of any particular topic and plan to attempt some practice questions on the topic, you should formulate your own way to crack the questions instead of following the suggested solution.

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Prepare equally for all the three sections

Prepare equally for all the three sections

All the top business schools including the IIMs consider sectional scores as one of the key parameters to shortlist the students.

You cannot ignore either Data Interpretation or Logical Reasoning in DILR section, as both have equal weight in this section, nor you can ignore questions on Verbal Ability although Reading Comprehension plays the major role with more questions.

Quant despite being the last section in CAT exam requires a well devised strong preparation as it carries the higher risk of negative marking if more questions go wrong in this section.

Focused CAT preparation

Focused CAT preparation

Although the students are preparing hard with the sole motive of getting enrolled in the top business school for the MBA course as they not only provide a great learning experience but also an excellent career opportunity after the completion of the course.

But a lot of aspirants lack the strategy and determination to crack the exam and that is why they fail to fulfill their goals.
Success does not come by getting bogged down by very complex topics and concepts as the CAT only tests Class 10 level mathematics.

So the aspirants are advised not to study in a haphazard manner but to structure a daily or weekly schedule and follow it in a disciplined manner.

Also, try to balance the sectional scores. Focus mainly on the weaker sections or topics during the first half of the CAT preparation while during the second half aspirants should try to refine their strong subjects or topics.

Stay fit and Stress-Free

Stay fit and Stress-Free

A healthy mind and body are very important for better concentration during the exam preparations. You should take healthy diet and include fresh vegetables and more fruits in your diet and also avoid junk food or any other alcoholic consumption.

Do yoga and meditation as it will help you to concentrate better in your exam preparations.

Final Thoughts

Discipline, self-belief, and conscientiousness set the achievers apart from the crowd. In order to crack the exam, first, you need to have confidence that you can do so and then make plans for the preparation keeping in mind the time available to you.

Follow the plans seriously to achieve the results for which the plan was made. Keep your mind focused and determined on your goal. Give at least 3 to 4 hours every day towards your CAT preparation in this phase and you will succeed for sure.

if you are getting difficult to remember all tips then don’t worry we have made infographics for your help. you can download it in single images and save on your mobile or computer for future reference.

10 Useful Study Tips For the CAT

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