10 Things to Consider Before Quitting CA Exam

Quitting CA Exam

CA or Chartered Accountant is a professional course where the challenge is not getting into the course, it is passing out. This course commands a respect both in the society as well as the corporate world.

They pride themselves in the core portions of accounting, audit and taxation. Along with it, they have an in depth knowledge of the accounting standards, legal regulations as per their profession, securities markets and corporate finance.

Any person with a strong ground in finance and accounting can pursue this course. With hard work and determination, one can pass it with flying colors.

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But the competition for the course is very high as lakhs of students opt for this course and examination every year but in contrast to the number of competitors, the passing percentage here is very low.

With the overall passing percent ranges from 15% to 20% (20% being a very good result), failing happens to a lot of people.

So considering the level of competition, CA exam demands months of preparation and even a single mistake can cost aspirants a lot.

No proper planning and strategy lead the students to confusion and self-doubt. It can lead to lack of focus in the preparation and thus lower the chances of success.

Many candidates start to think about quitting the exam due to the stress and low confidence. But it should not be an option as it will make all the efforts put in the preparation to that point useless.

o we are going to discuss some points to consider before deciding to give up on the examination:

What are you heartbroken about

Quitting CA Exam

Are you getting stressed and confused about your preparation due to other areas of your life? Things like relationship issues or other challenges that can cause extra stress.

You might be complaining about your study hours or your mindless hard work, but perhaps those are only excuses about what is bothering you.

When you joined CA you already knew before that it is not an easy job to pass any professional exam in the world. So it is not a good thing to think that you can pass any professional exam in the world by non-serious attitude.

It’s better to resolve the issues that are happening outside your study schedule and plans instead of quitting the examination.

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2.How big is your Backup area?

Quitting CA Exam

Have you thought properly about your backup plan after quitting CA exam?

Is your backup plan bigger than CA? Are you ready to leave any kinds of study for your career and want to continue your business or anything, whatever that may be.

Do not leave CA suddenly without any proper backup plan.

First think about everything you can do after leaving the course, let it be business, job or anything else, and make a list.

Make proper enquiry about everything you have listed down and compare the pros and cons of your listed things and the CA course that you want to quit. Is your backup more fruitful than CA?

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.

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3.Doubt/ regret

No matter how sure you may feel in your decision to step away from the preparation, it is difficult to meet a person who has not faced feelings of doubt or regret.

Doubtful moments will come, whether from idle time, poor mood, or loss of friendships.

The creeping questions of, “wait – did I make the right decision?” are virtually unavoidable and discouraging. Before quitting, really consider the most important reasons as to why you started it in the first place.

You must learn to let go of these elements.

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 4.Always take your time to quit

Always take your time to quit

Always take a time to quite CA or any other course or dream. Never make a decision to quit in a hurry or in a frustrating condition.

Always think by your own mind and not others because this is your decision, not others, and whatever is the profit or loss you have to bear it not others.

You have to accept the fact that passing percentage of these exams cannot be 100%. The regulating bodies cannot declare everyone as passed.

But, they never fail anyone. It’s only that they give you another chance to try again.

They give you another chance to buckle-up and try again the next time. If they had to fail you, they would never give you another chance to try again.

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5. Talk to as many people who’ve quitted

The only way to know something without having experienced it yourself, is by asking someone else who has experienced what you plan on going through.

Someone who had quit his/ her preparation in the middle will give you proper guideline as to whether it is a beneficial and right step or not.

Ask the related person whoever he/ she may be either your elder, knowledgeable person, etc.

The people who have quit the examination and went after something else after quitting CA, will give you practical advices about whether it is a good idea or not and also about what you can do if you do want to give up on the course for sure.

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 6.Quitting is the Most Easy Way Out

Quitting is the Most Easy Way Out

Quitting is the easiest job that you can do. But you need to think of every possible parameter or options.

Suppose if you are not able succeed in later life, and you want to re-join CA, then what will be your situation at that time? So many people stop chasing dreams.

They end up looking back on missed opportunities with a sense of regret. When you decided to go for the CA course, it was your dream career.

And if you have a dream that won’t go away, maybe you owe it to yourself – and the world around you – to pursue it.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

 7.Is your decision based on emotion or necessity?

 Always make proper thinking about whether the decisions that you are going to take are based on your emotions or feelings, or you just want to leave CA.

If your decisions are based only on emotions or anger or any other pressure, think twice before dropping the CA course.

Never make any serious decisions that might affect your future when you are sad, angry or anxious because you will not be in a condition to make proper decisions as your decisive ability will not be that clear and focused at that time.

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It is very tempting to want to bail from something when it is tough – but don’t.

Your performance at the end is counted and not at the beginning. Ending a role with mediocre to poor performance may haunt you throughout your career.

If you improve your performance and keep working on it continuously, it will increase your confidence in yourself.

Never judge your potential on the basis of your current performance as there is always a chance to improve and make your mark. It’s never late to work hard and make it count.

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 9.Time invested

You planned to take the examination, so you must also have invested your time in acquiring knowledge about the examination, colleges, course, coaching, etc.

You must have made plans to be followed for the preparation, and once you start to think about quitting the examination you are wasting all the time invested till now.

Time is very precious and you can never recover the time once it is gone, so if you worked to this point and invested this much time and energy from your side the big examination there is not point of benefit in quitting it now.

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10.Try to energize it and take it to the next level

Try to energize it and take it to the next level

Sometimes we get bored. When you know the questions you are practicing currently like the back of your hand, it gets boring and then eventually you start to lose interest in the preparation at whole.

At this point, instead of quitting the exam you just need to get hold of higher difficulty level of questions to practice.

It will make your base stronger and will also improve your speed and analyzing capability.

You must also have invested a lot of energy and money in your preparations as well. Coaching classes, study material, etc. requires investment and once money spent cannot be recovered.

When you have spent this much for the CA examination, then make the most out of it. Once you invest in something that might take your life positively and get involved in it, never back down.

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And if you are planning to quit the preparation at present just to postpone it for the coming year, it will just be wasting your time and also you will be delayed in your preparations.

Once you stop practicing what is taught, you will not be that good at it anymore.

And in case you are feeling like things are getting a little out of control or you are just feeling burned out, all you need to do is to look for assistance, tools, and resources so you can take more control over your studies and preparations instead of quitting it.

If there is even the slightest chance that you can clear the exams, go ahead and write them. You can always have that second chance – but why miss out on this one?

Stop wasting time just because of other interesting things other are doing or because you are stressed, and focus on your studies.

Concentrate on your aim and work hard. Remember, we do not get unlimited chances to have the things we want.

Nothing good is earned without giving it your wholehearted preparation, hard work and focus. And nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed our lives. So just have confidence, work hard and go for it.

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